Smart BRO Prepaid USB Broadband Kit Price

Smart BRO Prepaid USB Broadband Kit Price: We’ve already shared with you the price and some of the features of Globe Tattoo broadband kit, so it’s only fair to post a similar product from its fiercest competitor, the Smart Bro USB Prepaid Kit. If I’m not mistaken, it was Smart who started the USB broadband prepaid kit revolution here in our country.

The Smart BRO Prepaid kit offers almost the same features as Globe Tattoo. They both support Mac and PC via bundled software, and their speed are almost the same and are dependent on network coverage. With Smart BRO Prepaid kit, you also get around 5 hours of Internet usage for your 100-peso worth of load. One of their differences is the size of the USB stick. Smart BRO Prepaid is considerably smaller than Globe Tattoo USB. But since both companies have already released several versions of broadband kits, I may be wrong with regards to size.

Smart BRO Prepaid USB Broadband Kit Price: Php 1,495.00 (with 120 hours of free internet surfing and 1,000 on-net SMS).

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