iPhone 4 Price in Philippine Peso

iPhone 4 Price: The iPhone 4G or simply the iPhone 4 has been unleashed and priced, and will be available for consumers in the United States this July. We can expect that it will arrive here in the Philippines not later than October, 2010.

The iPhone 4 has been dubbed by Steve Jobs as the world’s thinnest smartphone measuring just 0.37 inch (9.3 mm) in depth in an all new sleek and solid design. Although its multi-touch display still measures 3.5-inch, it now has an amazing resolution of 960-by-640-pixel at 326 ppi. The “Retina Display”, as Mr. Jobs calls it, is the sharpest and the highest-resolution phone screen ever, which offers four times the pixel number of previous iPhone models.

The iPhone 4 will run the latest iPhone OS that is now called the iOS4. The iOS4 will give this new iPhone the full multitasking capabilities without sacrificing performance. You can now quickly switch between applications (even third-party apps) without having to close any app, which means you can now play games, write notes, or do other stuff from the phone all at the same time. Of course, multitasking is just one of the many exciting new features that iOS4 will bring. Right now, I would consider the iPhone 4 as the smartest smartphone ever, and it truly changes everything.

Other important features of the iPhone 4:

* Video chat or call is now possible because of the front-facing camera and its new FaceTime technology
* The 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash is capable of recording HD videos (720p) of up to 30 frames per second with audio
* Faster A4 processor
* Improved and bigger battery that allows up to 7 hours talk time on (3G), up to 10 hours Internet usage on W-Fi, video playback of up to 10 hours, and audio playback of up to 40 hours.
* 16GB or 3G flash drive storage capacity
* Sensors: Three-axis gyro; Accelerometer; Proximity sensor; Ambient light sensor
* Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and back
* Comes in black and white colors.

iPhone 4 Price in Philippine Peso:

At the moment, we have the prices of the iPhone 4 in the US under AT&T with 2-year contract. We will be updating this post and bring you the exact price of iPhone 4 in the Philippines:

iPhone 4 (16GB): $199
iPhone 4 (32GB): $299

UPDATE: Globe Telecom will finally release the Apple iPhone 4 here in the Philippines on September 26, 2010. Here is the official price list:
iPhone 4 16GB – Php 37,499 (free on Plan 3799)
iPhone 4 32GB – Php 43,699 (free on Plan 5000)


  1. rhythm_bureau says:

    I have a dealer selling @ 45K for the 16GB.. MACAddict

  2. where did i can buy this this kind of phone u have posted..?

  3. Lupet I phone 4

  4. Anonymous says:

    iPhone 4 (16GB): $199
    how can we get this?

  5. Anonymous says:

    When you order it from U.S with shipment fee you will only pay about Php 35,000 for 16gig

  6. Anonymous says:

    lol its $199 to convert in peso its around 8.7k pesos hmm and the shipment is free according to apple.. hmmmm so why the hell its gone up to php 35,000 and the exchange rate for peso to U.S. is around php 43???

  7. Anonymous says:

    cant u get it? iPhone 4 in the US under AT&T with 2-year contract! which means $199 multiplied by 24 months…

  8. Anonymous says:

    ur so stupid guys. in US u can get iphone 4 for only 199 but u need to pay monthly payment for like 60 – 80bucks for 2 years so 60 x 24 + 199$ stupidos

  9. Anonymous says:

    i have a dealer selling i phone 4 for 10 k and its original newly bought

  10. Anonymous says:

    ..heres an advice to all who want the phone but trying to waste all their hard earned money for a piece of device that does the smae thing which we all do..text text..text and a few calls… just get an affordable phone and be happy… 30,000 to 40,000 pesos is a lot. use your brains people

  11. Anonymous says:

    anyone interested to buy an iphone 45k including shipping. iPhone will be ready to use with globe or any gsm carrier. Please email me @ halfstepdropd@yahoo.com

  12. Anonymous says:

    A friendly advice when buying Iphone or Android pnones in the Phils. Since there’s not much free Wi-fi service in the Phils., its not worth buying the phone as you will not be able to fully utilize all the functions and features. With it’s hefty price, it’s better to buy a mid range and cheaper phone unless you have too much money to spend.

  13. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!!!that’s all i can said. my nose is bleeding because of the price. so expensive. i can’t afford to buy. =(

  14. Anonymous says:

    :( I said to my mom to buy it for me for christmas , but when I saw the price :O

  15. I would like to have one.. if the price is 30k.. hahahaha anyone who sells? i like the video call and chat.. i guess its useful for me.. because i travel a lot.. no need to bring laptop.. huh.. thanks..

  16. Anonymous says:

    friendly reminder why do we need to buy expensive phone if their is a china phone…

  17. Anonymous says:

    yes why dont we try those chinese phones.. they can even make those ipad too and very much cheaper… let us know after you get one…

  18. i have chosen this phone because it’s free.. my friend asked me what phone i would like to have and i asked her to buy this one for me… lol :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    your imaginary friend….

  20. Anonymous says:

    i saw a post dated oct 15 saying that he/she has a dealer seling an iphone for only 10k is it true?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Buying iPhone 4 in Malaysia or Singapore is cheaper by about 5,000+, however I don’t know if international warranty is covered in the Phi,lippines?

  22. Anonymous says:

    if you want you can contact me at my facebook account kaye_rivas@yahoo.com or at my boyfriend’s facebook account johnhenry_francisco@yahoo.com . I’m selling IPhone4 Brand New 16 Gig for only 30,000.00 . Rush Sale.

  23. i would rather buy a laptop with that amount.so i can fully utilize the wireless features,browse internet in wider screen, type faster,install more apps,write and compile codes.and experience real gaming experience.

  24. Yah!..that would be practical..

  25. i want iphone 4 pls let me know pls contact me at 09281634182 cheapest price pls tenk

  26. Hi I’m selling Brand New Apple Iphone4 16GB & 32GB Factory Unlocked.

    Unit Can be used with any network simcard.

    Sealed Unit. With one year Apple Warranty and Service Warranty.

    Apple iPhone4 16Gb at Php 40,000.
    Apple iPhone4 32Gb at Php 46,000.

    meet up, metro manila area. Preferably at Malls and Banks.

    I can cut your simcard too for free.

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  27. ang mahal nmn…….:)

  28. i phone 4 (32 gb) for 40k including shipment.
    still have 8 units available for sale

    call us at 09284005060

  29. Hi, I am selling iPhone4 unlocked and ready to use from the states since I just got home I bought some extra iPhones. And here’s the price, it’s very cheap since I will not add the shipping fee just the tax. P.S. I bought like a couple of each GB so it’s first come and first serve basis. :) Thank you.

    iPhone 4 16GB 30,000PHP
    iPhone 4 32GB 35,000PHP

    you may email me at casandrazaoldyeck@yahoo.com

    my eadd is so complicated, you can just copy paste it. Thanks.

  30. fellas..
    iPhone 4..here in the philippines???

    you really wanna die early dont you???

    think trice pinoys!

  31. ibili mo nalng ng totoong kailangan mo kapatid! hirap ng pera… bibili mo lang ng laruan!!! You can call and text naman with your current phone! Yabangan lang yan!!!

  32. Planning to get one but $65 to $75 monthly charge is a lot, buying it without the plan is a waste. You’ll never enjoy the other features of the phone, buti kung tulad dito na kahit saan libre ang wifi btw, Im in Canada. So better yet get it in your phone network if you really want it or be satisfied what you have now, sayang kung pang Porma lang…

  33. hello napakaganda naman hahaha pero mabait din at masayahin

  34. ..pwede po ba jan ang talk n text o smart na sim??

  35. I’d rather buy the ipod touch 4g rather than this. I’d save a lot of money since it’s similar to the iPhone 4 but without the call and messaging features. =)

  36. Anonymous says:

    havin an iphone 4 is so cool. :)) i can access what i want anytime i want to. :) its like havin everythin you need in just one phone. :)) simple click and thr you have it :))

  37. i wonder why people buy expensive gadgets when half of them only do it for popularity, being in and stuff…they don’t even know how to use some of the features, and they can’t really appreciate the wonders of the phone because all that’s in their minds is to flash the phone around so people can see how rich they are…not! advice, just get a cheaper phone, all we need is to text and call…tsk tsk

  38. hi is your iphone4 16gb still available? can you please p.m me at jobyloue@yahoo.com thanks

  39. hi,,, im here in philippines plan to buy iphone 4
    16gb or 32 gb,, herez my email address..below..
    need cheaper price,,,


  40. guys super mahal nga tlaga ng unit na yan……. pahinge nlang nyahahahaha

  41. wanna have 1, but i don’t need it so i won’t buy..kkkkk..i just buy what i need not what i want..

  42. kung meron kayong friend sa US, pabili kayo walng linya sa AT&T, 500$ kaya lang pagdating dito mag babayada pa kayo para makuha ang package… grabe dito….

  43. wicked_evildoers says:

    micro sim yan diba? so may micro sim din sa globe? magkano nmn ung micro sim sa globe? meron kasi ako nyan tapos kina cut ko lang ung sim ko, hndi kasi kami bumili dito sa pinas…

    for more information… pwede po kayong mag make ng free account sa app store, kung wala kayong credit card, especially high school student kayo kagaya ko…

    email me kung gusto mung malaman…
    im using it right now


  44. IPHONE 5 is now available at ILIGAN CITY PHILIPPINES.

  45. how to get free ihone

  46. dont buy it, il give it to u free. hahaha

  47. KUng May FRiend Kau sa US Plan nila 100-200 US dollars. tapos report na nawala. 12k peso kasama na shipment 32gb na un Iphone 4. whats up

  48. Anonymoys says:

    I knew that phone is only $199, but I’ve been converted into peso this price would be Php 8,682.607… I can’t understand wheat is the real price of that iPhone 4… I wish that I buy that one, this year or I would have Plan 3799 to have a free iPhone 4… I wish so…

    Message from a Filipino Person…

  49. Anonymous says:

    Wala me ma say sa iphone 4 super gsling…

  50. Anonymous says:

    its 199 and 299 plan 16g and 32g but there is a monthly fee of i think 90$ per month for 2 yrs…

  51. Anonymous says:

    hahhaha! daming ignorante :D

  52. Anonymous says:

    In Singapore….Sgd38 (PhP1,300)/month for 2 years contract for an IPhone4 32GB plus cash-out of Sgd500 (PhP16,500)…It is only normal here seeing people using this kind of phone halos hindi pinapansin

  53. Anonymous says:

    hayaan niyo nalang. dyan sila masaya eh. walang pkiaelamanan :)) hahah

  54. wag na kayo mag iphone dito sa pinas unang una hindi mo maeenjoy yung ibang features pangalawa masagwa kung malaman nilang iphone nga gamit mo wala ka naman load or nakaunli 20 ka lang hahaha. pangatlo mitsa pa yan ng buhay mo pag nandito ka sa pinas. pero bahala ka kung san ka masaya goodluck.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I have this phone, and it is awesome. Buy one if you want :)

  56. Anonymous says:

    sobrang mahal naman grabe

  57. Anonymous says:

    oo nga elove it kn yan iphone 4.sbi ng cousin ko mura lng sa malaysia 20k 32gb
    unlike hir sobra taas ng price…….

  58. im a 9-10 year old child and im saving more than 5 or 4 thousand pesos i asked my mom and dad if they get me the iphone 4 witch cost P43.699 thousand! they said yes!…in february 7 my b~day :P im sure i will buy it… if you want an iphone 4 save! becuase any of you people could be lucky to have a iphone! :D

    P.S im a girl and dont get jealos

  59. why buy an iphone4 kung mag text at call ka lang?

    esep esep muna.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Mura nga sa malaysia!!fake nmn!! Useless din.. Mahl nga sa pinas ang iPhone atleast quality sya!! Oh!! Diba bongga!! Kya LNG ako nag react kc I’m using iPhone 4 hr in sf ca.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I buy another iPhone 4.. Para sa bf ko sa pinas!!!! iPhone nlng paslubong ko sa knya!! Para nmn maging happy bf ko!!

  62. Actually some people think that the main reason most people buy the iphone is because we want to text with a phone that has got good graphics but because we also want to play games and that the system is also eating up the 3ds and the psp because of its amazingly cheap yet fun games and also because of its nice apps which are mostly free like ootunes, some cool games include angry birds, tap tap revenge and (for me) the creeps defence.

  63. Anonymous says:

    its a big no no for us if we talk about the price… i guarantee you guys this really awesome… buy this phone… great application,features and everything in just one gadget… what a total package huh… set aside for the price… if you’re a newbie of this phone try to explore, and sooner you gonna love it so much… anyhow, you can buy it now less 30k for 32 gig… :D

  64. Anonymous says:

    simple lang solution jan. if you have enough money there’s no problem of buying iphone4. pro kung ang budget mo 10 to 15k just try samsung galaxy 5 andriod phone. it’s awesome too. just like iphone.. U

  65. Here in the ph all mobile phones are overpriced… Can you imagine $299 converted to peso. If you have the right supplier and information about iphones you wouldn’t get an iPhone from carriers. It is much cheaper

  66. i have iphone4 bought in LONDON.. its unwanted gift to me.. im not using it coz i have my newest blackberry also from London.. im selling my iphone4 black 16gb for only 35k negotiable.. 0926 239 6363 is my no

  67. selling iphone4 black BRAND NEW. bought here in the phil. 35k negotiable. here’s my number 09264666439

  68. Anonymous says:

    Sa mga babaeng naghahanap ng Iphone 4 na mura, may binebenta ako 25K each 3units. Napanalunan ko lang sa raffle dito sa Saudi. Sabihin lang kung cnu may gusto brand new and complete set may libre pang kiss. thanks

  69. Anonymous says:

    waste of money…

  70. Anonymous says:

    scam alert,
    beware of this website (www.telecommson line.weebly.com) and this email address (kathlenegomez@yahoo.com),(monique.medoza1@yahoo.com). they are scammers. if you inquire from them and chat with you,they will do everything to convince you so you can buy from them and ask for downpayment through western union. dont do that coz wester union is were this scammers use for transaction. they will make fake tracking # for shipping and they will make trouble of your items shipped and ask more money from you until you will loose all of it. i have a friend that was a victime from them. beware from online ordering. please pass this so our fellow bro and sis will be aware. Be Careful guys……..

  71. Meron a ako nian ehihi ganda ng mga feautures….

  72. Anonymous says:

    ano ba talaga latest price? ung real haaa,, :D


  73. Anonymous says:

    ur number is out of coverage area im trying to call u now

  74. Anonymous says:

    piso my kasamang lobo..hahahaha

  75. i would like the ipad more than the iphone because it only cost P23990 and if wifi+3g it cost P30990 :)

  76. well im gonna buy the ipad anyways >:P

  77. super mahal!!! i’d rather buy a laptop na lang… i won’t waste my money on expensive phones. yabang mode lang naman ang iba! super mahal ng phone pero commute lang naman. hahaha! ooopppsss! madame na ko na-meet mga bigtime businessmen… but they are just using basic phones. call & text lang naman. haaayyyy! madame kase social climbers! be contented with what you have!

  78. Anonymous says:

    sa bangkita

  79. Anonymous says:

    ang mahal sh*t! hahahahah. I WANT!! waaaaaaaaaaa

  80. Anonymous says:

    beware of MARK ROCO REYES. He is a scammer.

  81. Anonymous says:


  82. Anonymous says:
    February 5, 2011 6:53 PM Reply

    super mahal!!! i’d rather buy a laptop na lang… i won’t waste my money on expensive phones. yabang mode lang naman ang iba! super mahal ng phone pero commute lang naman. hahaha! ooopppsss! madame na ko na-meet mga bigtime businessmen… but they are just using basic phones. call & text lang naman. haaayyyy! madame kase social climbers! be contented with what you have!

    — kung wala kang pera wag ka nang mag comment. wala ka naman din yatang pambili ng laptop eh, who’s the social climber now :D

  83. we have the prices of the iPhone 4 in the US under AT&T with 2-year contract. We will be updating this post and bring you the exact price of iPhone 4 in the Philippines:

    2-year contract $199 $299(per month) depends on the GB
    analyze it 1st before you make a comments okay!

  84. Anonymous says:


  85. Anonymous says:

    shut up!

  86. Anonymous says:

    bumili ung my pera pag ala china phone nlang un lang un ho ho ho ho

  87. ted failon says:

    meron akong dalawa, isang globe tska smart. ok ba?

    o eh ano mayaman ako e, pamigay ko yung isa.

    wag ka na humirit na parang nayayabangan saken.

    inggit ka lang kase ulam mo tuyo, ako chicken!

  88. i phone4 for sale 16g 20k and 32g 25k
    brandnew complete set
    09272060063 txt me if anyone interested….tnx

  89. I am a OFW and I want to asked if it is for international usage…just send me a reply on my e-mail( smallville1211@yahoo.com )…

  90. Ung mga galing sa US na iphones are all bulls&$ts!!! Wala namng unlock dito sa pinas sa latest baseband eh. Meron akong iphone 4 na galing america at ito, nakatiwangwang lang kasi hindi naman nagagamit kasi hindi unlocked. Its better to buy yourself a factory unlocked one,

  91. pwede b swap jan

  92. eto dami haha

    lahat na yata ng tao dito sa singapore yan ang telepono haha pati basurero naka iphone 4 d2 sa spore wahaha…. 3gs nalang kayo wala pa signal issue

  93. pag jailbreak nyo ng iphone 4 dun na lalabas daming defect most likely hang n bumabagal.

  94. because china phones can be broken easily and an apple phone last longer than you expected. It is useful to businessmen and students who goes to establishments with free wifi. plus their applications can minimize ur budget when it comes to free call and text to US, chats by using wifi and so much more. Use your brain, you’ll be investing in an excellent gadget.

  95. if I buy iphone 4 in US and bring it over here in the Phils. it would be useless? wala ba sa gh na pang unlock ng iphone?

  96. I just bought my 32 gb iphone yesterday from globe..it’s really expensive..

  97. if only iphone4 will be offered here in the Philippines for $199 with a two-year contract I’ll gonna get one now. Kaso harang dito. Globe lang ang nag-ooffer and mahal pa cash out mo with a 24-month plan.

  98. how much is the current price of iphone4?

  99. where can i buy iphone 16gb

  100. hi!
    im selling a brand new iphone 4 8/16/32 gb. mga pre ordered palang poh. upon confirmation of buyers shifting po will be on mar 12, 2011. for any inquiries contact me. 09158770991. for sure buyers only. no bogus!

  101. is there really an 8gb iphone 4?

  102. how much??

  103. i bought my iphone4 last august
    here in the philippines..i have no
    idea how much is the real price til
    i found out that it cost 35k something
    only, but the one i bought cost 60k.. :(

  104. Anonymous says:

    thats not true i have i phone from us and im using overhere, in p.i.dah.

  105. Anonymous says:

    lol. people read first before commenting. it doesnt cost $199. naka tie up sya with at&t. plus, there’s nothing with buying expensive things as long as you have the money. people work hard so they could buy things that they need and want. but if your income is not even enough to support your needs, then don’t buy it. No one is forcing you to buy these things some people are bitter because deep inside them they want it but they can’t have it. that’s why they’re saying “might as well buy blah blah”. Just because everybody has it doesn’t mean you gotta have it. having iphones or whatever does not say anything about your state in life but most people “assumed” it. :) so buy i if you want and can. but dont if you dont want or you can’t. :D

  106. iampaulski says:

    kung gsto nyu mura bili kau 2nd hand na iphone..pabili kau sa kakilala nyu na nasa states…madami nagbebenta dun nasa $500 lang..meron complete..meron unit lng…hhnap lang kau ng maayos pa at makinis…nakabili ako $460 lng complete package with otterbox,case and bumper…at super kinis pa..tpos dun na din ipa unlock…nasa $30…

  107. Anonymous says:

    you call people stupid it is more expensive from the computation you are mentioning. You should think before you call people names.

  108. Anonymous says:

    i’m selling my iphone4 16GB complete set with box and different bumper on it…for those who are interested text me on my mobile 09277748903…thanks!

  109. Anonymous says:

    haha china phones are FAKE and its cheap its not durable buying cellphone is an investment

  110. Anonymous says:

    I want to buy an iphone4 pls txt me 09074902757 sure buyer po ako thanks. Im here in lipa city batangas

  111. Anonymous says:

    my china phone is great.. you rather buy one 2,,, iphone is stupid! its expensive! haha.. peace!

  112. Anonymous says:

    china phone sucks,that’s the real wasting.ive got my iphone 4,and i have to say,its priceless with all the things you can do with it..

  113. Anonymous says:

    im selling my iphone4 32g, BOUGHT from GLOBE. 40k only. still sealed. 09157567544

  114. Anonymous says:

    I’m selling my iphone4 32g for 40k. Purchased from globe only 2nd week of february 2011. seal intact. 09175882645

  115. Anonymous says:

    i agree…

  116. Anonymous says:

    kung gusto nyo ng murang iphone 4 wait till iphone 5 is released hehehe just like ipad..now that ipad2 is announced less 4k nalng ang ipad…

  117. Anonymous says:

    murang iphone4 pag na annouce na iphone5 heheh kaya kung gusto nyo iphone 4 wait wait mode nalang kau …just like ipad, less 4k na sya ngaun since the announcement of ipad2

  118. Anonymous says:

    i want this, but im not xure f i can have it…im still waiting 4 my father 2 buy it 4 me…

  119. Anonymous says:

    i want to by iphone, any kind of iphone range from 10k to 15k.. or give me a negotiable price instead.

  120. Anonymous says:

    how can i order this through online?

  121. Anonymous says:

    mahal sya oo…

    maganda syang investment oo…

    lalo na dun sa mga bussnessman na lagi gagamit ng mga cool na features nito..

    i would say buy this phone if it will help you a lot..

    pero kung text at tawag lang eh.. pwede na ang mga ibang phones…

    although magandang invesment itong iPhone4 na ito lalo na doon sa mga handang gastusan ito..

  122. Benedick says:


  123. Anonymous says:

    I’m a developer wanting to program in iOS. so an iPhone is an investment.

  124. Anonymous says:

    I would rather buy an ipod touch 4..Almost the same features with iphone except for the things you can do with a simcard,(i already have a nokia phone anyway) .. That would only cost about 13k for a 32gb.. That’s a lot of savings don’t you think?

  125. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha…tama…:) ipod touch may foursquare ba?hehehe

  126. Anonymous says:

    just be yourself..if iphone fits your lifestyle go ahead!phone in general is somewhat need but mostly want. I have my iphone 4g 32gb for a couple of months now and it is very helpful for me both for my work and personal stuff, especially chatting my family in the philippines while on the way home or in the office; very comfy and convenient but I’m in different country wherein data packages is so great you can use the data service 24/7. IPHONE is a DATA PHONE most of all the apps and features are depending on the internet/wifi/data service. I have no idea how to use Iphone in the philippines yet, I believe there’s a package also for data especially for Iphone, but I dont think it will fit your budget. hehehe iphone is really such a nice phone, I have no objection at all, but you need to consider also the things that make this phone a great phone for you :) hope I helped you guys just a little talk about this matter :)

  127. Anonymous says:

    Try this one http://jackstoys.multiply.com/ kiphone hehehehehehe

  128. Anonymous says:

    laptop nlng ako ako at series 60 na phone. magpapakapiling mayaman ka tapos utang nmn pla …. hahahahah

  129. Anonymous says:

    seller ako iphone 4 unlocked…brandnew…(2years waranty from apple) meet up sa mga my gusto… only for 31,259PHP… text me sa mga my gusto… you can call me…

    NOTE: 7days shipping…. pero ang bayad sa met up lang.. 09236161177

  130. Anonymous says:

    selling my iphone 4 unlocked 16GB for 30k, paranaque area, slightly used, no scratches, with box and accessories pa. just bought last february, kaliwaan ang trading, tex me at 09064506427

  131. Anonymous says:

    haha naalala ko yung tropa ko merong iphone nag yayabang samin ang ganda nga naman kaso yun maagang pumanaw sa sobrang porma na snatch at na sagasaan ang sya dahil sa pag habol nya sa snatcher malas hehe kaya mga pinoy ingat kayu try nyo china phone kahit ma snatch hinde ka manginginayang hahaha

  132. Anonymous says:

    itouch 4 is waay cheaper than the iphone, plus its wifi enabled so you can still download apps from the itunes store. you cant really enjoy the features of an iphone if you dont have any data plans from the local carriers. so why splurge into an expensive gadget like this. this is a smart phone and there are numerous android phones in the market that are also cheaper than this one. for me,i’d rather keep my current phone and buy an itouch4. rather than iphone4 kung dito sa pilipinas. =)

  133. Anonymous says:

    ingat lang guys sa mga nag-ooffer ng low-priced units lalo na as meet-up’s..dami holdupper at rapist ngayun. dala na pera nyu tangay pa pati puri nyo..huhuhu!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    baka naman hipon5 hindi iphone5..? ha ha ha

  135. Anonymous says:

    Android Phones are Better…

  136. Anonymous says:

    how much po ang Iphone4 16gb dito sa Philippines pag hindi pa unlocked?
    and san pwede ipa unlock?

  137. Anonymous says:

    im selling iphone 4 16gb 29500
    32bg 36500

    my username is ayphoneseller

  138. Anonymous says:

    wow chicken ulam…masuka suka na nga kami sa manok kasi prati n lng yan pagkain namin dito sa saudi…may gana ka pang ipagyabang yun…tapos manlalait ka pa…ang yabang mo, este yaman…bwaka ng shit!…
    hinahanap hanap namin yang tuyo dito sa saudi kesa dyan sa manok n pinagmamalaki mo…fake konyo!…

  139. Anonymous says:

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  140. Anonymous says:

    guyzz..sony ericsson experia x10 rocks!!! un nlang bilhin nyo instead of iphone :)

  141. Anonymous says:

    just save for the rainy days guys…

  142. Anonymous says:

    mag pa bili nalang kayo ng iphone4 sa inyong mga kamag-anak na isang seaman para lebre ang shipment at makukuha nalang sa halagang 9k in phil. peso

  143. Anonymous says:

    mag padala nalang kayo sa inyong kamag-anak na seaman para free ang shipment at ma kukuha nalang ninyo sa halagang 8.5k…..

  144. pag galing sa US iphone 4 nio walang openline dito sa pinas nian

  145. Anonymous says:

    i’m still selling my iphone4 16GB, complete set with box and different bumper on it…for those who are interested text me on my mobile 09277748903…thanks!

  146. Anonymous says:

    Dancilhoney pwede man un pero pumunta ka sa website na jailbreaker!!!! @ doon ma unlock mo iong iphone4 kagaya ng ginawa kosa akin nagagamit ko na ngayon

  147. Anonymous says:

    how can i contact you?

  148. Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain me what is plan 5000? sorry.. :)please..

  149. Anonymous says:

    because they have their own service plan, douche.

  150. Anonymous says:


  151. Anonymous says:

    disposable na ngaun lahat ng cellphoines!
    5 years ago yung nabili mong cp akala mo high end at nagkakahalaga ng 10k at most, pero ngaun tingnan mo nabibili na lang nang murang mura.=)

  152. Anonymous says:

    then wait till it decrease 5 years or more…..

  153. Anonymous says:

    android 4g phones are way way better here in the us, iphone are just hype folks…

  154. Anonymous says:

    guys i suggest to buy tha htc windows phone,its features are great like its hd capability whing u will enjoy for ur multimedia features.instead of i phone buy something that has all the package in it in a cheaper but with a sure quality.

  155. Anonymous says:

    ., buy nyo iphone4 64gb ko,.,. mura lng, 25k unlocked 1mnth pa ito sa akin.

  156. Anonymous says:

    where can we buy that new i phone 4? its really cuteee…..! ;)

  157. Anonymous says:

    ay,, sorry ini-report ko nayun sa pulis kasi napulot ko lang kasi yun,, sa may terminal,, at kung sinu yung mag claim meron namang picture ng may ari sa phone,,,

  158. Anonymous says:

    mag kanu naman ang bilimo sa labas converted na in phil. peso???

  159. Anonymous says:
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    I am selling brand new Iphone 4 factory unlocked sealed for only 35k! 16gb black. Pwede siya smart, globe, talk n’ text, sun, etc. Let me know if interested 09209539789.

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    sa mga mag ttxt at tawag lang, wag na kau bumili.. pero sa mga MAC users at mahilig sa gadgets at mga di maka get enough sa apps store ng apple.. this fone is 4 u.. worth it kaya YAN!

  162. Anonymous says:

    just today i got my new IPHONE4 32GB … i’m here in saudi arabia.. excited ako gamitin .. nkuha ko sya ng 27k converted n s peso unlocked sya..

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    selling iphone4 (32gb) for only 29k

  164. Anonymous says:

    are you still selling po the iphone4 worth 29k?pde po ba malaman kung panu po kau macocontact?thanks po

  165. Anonymous says:

    @ted failon

    Your so low…
    Karma is making it’s round.
    You might get what you want right now but eventually you’ll have zero.
    if we are eating tuyo you might eat tiratira.

  166. Anonymous says:

    I have the 2g, 3g and the 3gs collection ko..im still saving for the 4g…di ako mayaman pero love ko sya kaya ipon ako..waste of money? NOPE kse enjoy ako. yun lang yun. Dimo madadala sa hukay ang pera pero sa happiness na dulotng iphone ko heaven feeling ko. Nakakausap ko with ease my loved ones ko sa ibang bansa thru skype walang gastos, naka upo lang sa jollibee or mcdo free wifi…o kahit 3 hours pa hahahaha in the long run makakatipid ka sa iphone basta use mo fully ang functions nya. kung KURIPOT ka mag china ka nalang. simple as that. DI PORKE may IPHONE ka YABANG mode na. MAARAP gamitin ang iphone sa totoo lang.

  167. Anonymous says:

    how much?

  168. Anonymous says:

    May flash ba cam nan?

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    I offer iPhone jailbreak and unlock, I’m from Bataan. Contact me at: 0921-7163103

  171. Anonymous says:

    yah… that’s true…

  172. Anonymous says:

    Anu ba pakialam nyo kung gusto nila bumili ng iPhone? eh pera naman nila gagastusin nila eh. mga inggitero, wala lang kayong pambili siguro! LOL

  173. Anonymous says:

    anonymous pm me, i am interested to buy one..mdavcath@yahoo.com, tnx=)

  174. Anonymous says:

    Bili nio nman akong ganyan! T__T

  175. Anonymous says:

    advice lang sa mga nagcocomment, wag na kayo magcomment kung hindi importante, magcomment kayo pag kaylangan, at hindi ito face-to-face, sori for my term, plastic kayo, at hindi ito tweeter para magshare, magtanong at magsagot ng MAAYOs, un lang ang purpose ng mga ganitong site. ok?

  176. Anonymous says:

    It’s cool to have an iphone… I have one but it’s a gift from a friend… but if I have the money still I won’t buy for it… It’s not practical mostly nowadays… invest it w/ something more productive… I’d rather spend my extra money for my dad’s meds or save it for his surgical treatment… material things can make you happy but not as happy when you share it with someone else… :) think not twice but thrice before you spend your money… spend it wisely! :)

  177. Anonymous says:

    guys, hintayin nalang natin ang xperia play.. mas astig un.. psp + smartphone n un

  178. Expressions of Interest: Send me an email (ambient.diary@yahoo.com) if you are interested in a guaranteed unlocked iPhone 4 from Australia.

  179. Anonymous says:

    im selling iphone 4s… price starts at 32k for 16gb with 1 year factory warranty yan… txt me at 09064609986

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    im selling iphone4….32gb for only 30k pls call or tx me on may no.09178786961…last price 29k….

  181. Anonymous says:

    kano po pag pa Unlock ng iphone 4 from US?

  182. Anonymous says:

    goddam ! its so expensive !

  183. Anonymous says:

    I’m selling my black iphone 4 16gb sealed brand new for 30k. text me @ 09063177896.

  184. Anonymous says:

    your offers are so .. damn! 199 dollar is only 8500 + but you are offering 30k + .. what the?

  185. Anonymous says:

    people, people can you all shut up bumili na lng kau ng nokia 5110 tignan natin kung hanggang san yan mga pagka showy nyo

  186. Anonymous says:

    Guys i have apple iphone 4… 09165514676 i also have N8, C503, X6, C503 C3 and x201 All BRANDNEW MADE IN EUROPE>> SEALED with 1 YEAR WARRANTY….. 09165514676

  187. hahaha.. better go to singapore or malaysia to buy it. $199 = P11000+ lang un. nakapag-tour ka pa. mahal kasi ng taxes sa pilipinas.

  188. Anonymous says:

    how much is your iphone4?

  189. Anonymous says:

    if i buy this iphone i will buy a new loptop na lng…because all touch screen phones is beautiful.. my lg my samsung my nokia lht lht ng touch screen phones, but the iphone is a big big amount!!

  190. Anonymous says:

    I would just buy a alienwear 15x loptop full upgraded ! XDD
    out of the topic*

  191. Anonymous says:

    can ihave the contak of ur dealer

  192. Anonymous says:

    where can i buy this one? its for my mom.

  193. Anonymous says:


    FOR THOSE INTERESTED EMAIL ME alekxaconcepcion@ymail.com or contact me 09359257617

    legit..plsno bogusbuyers.

  194. Anonymous says:

    kung namamahalan e di wag bilhin. tapos ang usapan

  195. Anonymous says:

    where can we buy the htc phone?

  196. Anonymous says:

    I have Iphone 4 for sale, brand new, unopend box. 35K, 16Gb, color black. call/text me:09183226813/09173022737.

  197. Anonymous says:

    hi!am really interested with iphone4.how much did you buy your iphone?nobody can buy me in your place that’s why i can’t buy one….am here in the phils.,but its too expensive here….can you help me?

  198. Anonymous says:

    Hi!!! I’m selling my Iphone4 16Gb color Black for only 35k…Brand new w/complete accessories and no scratches, open line. I’m selling it because I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab.
    If your interested email me on daleihs@yahoo.com or call me at 09232184603.

  199. Anonymous says:

    u r so true! there’s no use of buying an expensive celfone and still have the same purpose…text and call. let’s be practical. :)

  200. Anonymous says:

    well in iphone you can do lots of things not just txt or call. if you have some money, you will be much happy if your phone is much better and cool than other phone. one last thing, you dnt know the feeling when you are chased by thiefs and robbers just to get you phone

  201. Anonymous says:


    Cno pong me alam kung ang iphone na binili sa canada e pwde pa line or pa convert sa sim d2 sa Pinas?


  202. Anonymous says:

    i like to buy iphone 4, but for the apps – is it free and can easily be downloaded?

  203. Anonymous says:

    Verizon. My first smart ph. am old school. Think it great. God bless. TWL

  204. Anonymous says:

    why the apple philippines sale it for 43,000 pesos but when you exchange the dollar to philippine money it will be 12,960.55 only!!!!!!!!!1

  205. Anonymous says:

    wait for the deliveries of my iphone4, I think they’re made in China, you know nowadays that almost every electronic gadgets are made from china. They can be bought at 8k for a 16 GB color white and black

  206. Anonymous says:

    Wooot“`this is to expensive““cant afford it“ahahaahah

  207. Anonymous says:

    im selling iphone4 for only 27k open line

  208. Anonymous says:

    im selling brandnew iphone4 16gig for only 27k open line with factory warranty…….

  209. Anonymous says:

    how much the iphone4 made in Europe?

  210. Anonymous says:

    bumili kanalang sa 168 . 2300 lang

  211. taxes taxes taxes

  212. Anonymous says:

    were is it? still available?

  213. Anonymous says:

    hehehe kun walang sobrang pera pambili ng i-phone don’t dare buy it coz its too expensive be satisfied on what you have pero if you have money then why not buy one, you can do many cool things you never have imagined….. Jameskieth

  214. Anonymous says:


  215. Anonymous says:

    But i dont want any plan for globe i just want the cellphone… can i buy the cellphone even we dont get it with plan?? and how much will it be??

  216. Anonymous says:

    bat ka pa bibili ng ganitong kamahal na cp, idonate u nlng sa mga charities..nakatulong ka pa keysa papindot pindot ka..ke hirap n nga ng pinas..yabang u pa..

  217. Anonymous says:

    mahal yan, android rules pa rin!!!!

  218. Anonymous says:

    hi..im selling a brand new iphone 4 for only
    P17, 000…anyone interested to buy? its a brand new iphone 4.. you can check the unit before paying..

  219. Anonymous says:

    naku po… delikado yan… ilabas mo i phone 4 mo sa pampublikong lugar pati kamay mo tangal pag hinablot iphone 4 mo hahahahaha…. tsk tsk tsk… hindi pwede d2 sa atin yan….. :(

  220. Sure people sayin they don’t like it because it’s just a waste of money and etc… That’s really sour grapes! Admit it or not all of us want to have these hi-tech things, we all want to be early adapters it’s just that life is so unfair that others can get things easily while others can’t! I even heard a woman from China sold her virginity in exchange for iphone 4 since her parents don’t want to buy her one. It’s really absurd but it’s true that there’s a rising importance in materialism everywhere.

  221. Anonymous says:

    Ingit ka lang ala ka kasing pambili..hahaha..

  222. Anonymous says:

    hahaha lol… for apple consumer… stop purchasing now… coz it can compare acer (brand)….

  223. Anonymous says:

    tangina nio puru iphone laman ng utak nio bkt hnd nio nlng asikasuhin mga pamilya nio mga bobo!

  224. Anonymous says:


  225. Anonymous says:

    pakealam mo ba!hahahahaha.pano kung ngkaroon ka?pamigay mo

  226. Anonymous says:

    cool! i’ll be buying one next week! (:

  227. Anonymous says:

    i have mine coming iphone4 coz my sis will buy a new one 1pnone5

  228. Anonymous says:

    gnun lang tlgah!! if ever di nyo ma afford!! manhmik nlng kayo sorry nagkakagulo pera ko hahaha,.

  229. 199$ is a plan price. If you want to get an iphone4 unplan it’s around 640$ in peso it will be around 28k.

  230. Anonymous says:

    i would rather have the ipad2 a lot more cheaper only 24k tops at 16gb not bad at all.. :D

  231. I am very impressed with how easy the iphone 4 is to use/learn. I did my homework before my purchase. I compared user reviews, phone specs, data plans,network issues and everything else you can imagine on every phone out there today.

  232. Anonymous says:

    grabe nmn ng iphone4 n yan..sobrang mahal..bibili n lng ako nyan after 3 years..hehehe..by that day..bka nsa 10k n lng yan..haha

  233. Anonymous says:

    want those!how much is it it sweden?im going to tell my mom 2 buy it!and guess what im only 10!

  234. Anonymous says:

    nice one!!!

  235. Anonymous says:

    swerte naman ng BF mo, sana makaroon ako ng GF na kasing caring mo… regards :)

  236. Anonymous says:

    yeah why is that,in the philippines iphone4 is so expensive?????

  237. Anonymous says:


  238. Anonymous says:

    i’d rather sleep than looking at the price.. XD

  239. Anonymous says:

    naka iphone 4 ka nga kung wala ka nmn pera wag nalang.. gutom aabutin mo

  240. Anonymous says:

    12 months to pay iphone 4 16gb 48k… its ok???

  241. Anonymous says:

    haaay! di na q mkapaghintay! hahahaa LOL

  242. Anonymous says:

    it’s not just ol about being practical, not just about having sumthing to brag. it’s also bout givin’ ur self a treat. atleast nki2ta mo ung pinaghirapan mo. duh.

  243. Anonymous says:

    it’s better to buy expensive phone rather that phone with no quality..

  244. Anonymous says:

    ang mahal pla…. iphone tlga ang gusto kong gadgets…. ahehehhe mag aantay nalang ako ng magb bgay saken meron ba jan ahehhehe…

    tara add nyo ako sa fb… marlboro_red_shan@yahoo.com

    wala bang mura lang na iphone 4?

  245. Anonymous says:

    meron n bng iphone 4 n 32 gb na di mabibili s market

  246. Anonymous says:

    i strongly agreed!!!!!!!

  247. Anonymous says:

    owws…. d nga?

  248. futuresell200 says:

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  249. Anonymous says:

    cant wait for my iPhone 5 and iPad 2 this october,^^
    salamat sa mga tita q para ibilhan aq ng mga gadgets as a birthday gift, Macbook Pro nlang ang qlng, Vaio lng ang gamit q ngayun!!hahaha..cno kaya ang willing na magregalo sa akin nun??hehehe

  250. Anonymous says:

    para lang sa mga kumikita ng 100k or more per month yan.

  251. Anonymous says:

    last week when we went to SM tayuman the price of iPhone there is 12k+ for 32gb and 9k+ for 16gb that is iphone 4..

  252. Anonymous says:

    bigyan mu money! dali!

  253. Anonymous says:

    How much is the Latest price of iphone4? Grr. :”">

  254. what is the Latest price? Hmm, Im pLanning kase to buy ((:

  255. sure buyer PM me 09278677138

  256. Rush IPHONE4 for only 25K… 1 week pa lng po sa kin ito need ko lng po tlga ng cash..interested buyer lng po e-mail me in this address http://www.nh0y_jh0y@y7mail.com

  257. meron akong iphone4 galing ng japan..gusto ko sanang ipa-unlock.meron ba kayong alam at magkano po kaya.

  258. those who are planning to buy iphone 5…just buy iphone 4 because its just the same..the only difference—the system which is the iOS 5…they just upgraded it..but the phone itself is the same…and u can upgrade iphone 4 to iphone 5 by just upgrading ur system…it will be cheaper by doing that

  259. really?

  260. how much is iphone4 now?


    TXT ME AT 09233935283


  262. just take sandisk sansa fuze for example.much cheaper that itouch or iphone and can play a lot of codecs…e.g. flac specifically.then why do most of the people nowadays buy itouch and iphone as DAP?its because of the name.even if we defeat the purpose as long as the brand name can be seen then no questions ask. they will still buy crappy DAPs for that matter. sanza fuze plays a lot better than apple products.way way better. audiophiles stays away from apple products mind you because its simply garbage. :) and audiophile products are way more expensive than itouch or iphone products. lets buy for the purpose not by publicity. @apple…your mp3, ogg and ALAC sucks big time! grow up!

  263. i have samsung galaxy tab… im selling it for only 29k… call me or txt me… by the way im angelo ocampo.. here’s my number.. 09167760233

  264. buying iphone 4 16to32gb 4 range 10 to 15k second hand, cabanatuan area pm me 09052876669 sure buyer

  265. hehe ung mga walang pera wag na magcomment kasi naiinggit lang at hindi makabili, we’ll, you can just shut up and buy some china phone if you dont have the money. Just leave it to us who can afford. You keep on saying pangporma lang eh you just dont have the money to buy reason why u are saying so… huh!

  266. kelan ilalabas iphone5 and how much is the price in us dollar and philippine peso.??? thanks. -bongaw ong

  267. how can i get the iphoe4 for only $199??..u know npkaptubo naman kung dito sa pinas eh 37k yan..eh try 2 cnvert $199 to peso value..it will only cost 8700..dba?..how can i get that??..maybe if i do have a friend in USA, i could actually get that..that’s why mrmi aq mga nkilala sa work from abroad na meron iphone4..very affordable lng pla dun..

  268. really can i order?

  269. 16gb iphone 4. 30,000php

    Email me at edanjie@yahoo.com
    God Bless!

  270. bibili kau ng ganyan kamahal na phone,puro pasikat talaga ung ibang pinoy na mga wala namang kapera pera pero for the sake na makasunod sa uso gagawin ang lahat,dude maawa naman kau sa nanay at tatay nyo mahirap ang buhay

  271. Anonymous says:

    It’s the price you pay for trying to keep up with the americans. Hehehe

  272. Anonymous says:

    i have an iphone 4. and i’m selling it. 1 1/2 month used. i want to sell it caused there’s a new iphone called iphone 5. but it is more expensive than iphone 4/. i’m selling it for 32k.
    - filipino. from phil :)

  273. Anonymous says:

    yap! be practical a lot of people need money for food

  274. Anonymous says:

    how much is iphone here in the philippines??
    please answer!

  275. Anonymous says:


    check my post im selling apple gadget…
    iphone 4 white 16gb 25k
    ipad2 white 16gb 22k

  276. Anonymous says:

    i want that phone just to look cool xD

  277. prime seller says:

    I am selling my brand new iphone4 (white and black) with IOS5 for 30,000 php. Serious buyers only. My location is in Ortigas area.

    email me at optimprime00@gmail.com


  279. Any idea kung san mas mura bumili ng iphone 4
    Dubai,UAE or Singapore??

    Thanks =)

  280. Anonymous says:


  281. $199 prize is for US only Under AT&T Network. $199 (for unit) + 16GB for $199 or 32GB for $299 or 64GB for $399 (for hard disk space)and then 2 year contract from AT&T Network which cost you $69.99/monthly.

    $2077.76 for 16GB = P87,265.92 (total cost for 2yrs)
    $2177.76 for 32GB = P91,465.92 (total cost for 2yrs)
    $2277.76 for 64GB = P95,665.92 (total cost for 2yrs)

    Its cheap here in the Philippines compare to the US. Besides Globe Telecom offers an Unlimited Plan for iPhone 4.


  282. Anonymous says:


  283. Anonymous says:


  284. latest price of iphone 4 in MALAYSIA and in SINGAPORE..If anyone know how much…thanks..

  285. pwede niyo ba akong bigyan niyan fo FREE~??!!!

  286. yabangan lang yan…

  287. poor ka kasi kaya cheap phone lng sayo haha

  288. BITTER LANG? hahahhahahha

  289. Selling iphone4 16gb
    Condition: 2nd hand
    Price: P26k
    Reason for selling: planning to buy iphone4s
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  290. Anonymous says:

    where is it? txt me if that 10thousand pesos iphone is still available, i would like to buy one…09063380646–enzo

  291. il buy iphone 4s please text me–09172444456 10,000 budget

  292. i already have iphone 4 for my sister pero nabili ko sya ng 58k so im wondering where can i buy another one for only 35k???

  293. but i still want that phone so bad.. pwede mo rin namang hindi dalhin kapag aalis ka ng bahay nyo di ba? cat kung kailangan mo talagang dalhin, pwde mo namang hindi ilabas ung phone kapag maraming tao sa paligid.. common sense mga dudes at mga dudettes

  294. iPhone 4 isinale sya naun sa SM Pampanga 24K : )

  295. Anonymous says:

    my friend gifted his son an iphone4 for free, all the while he was shocked about the price when he went out window shopping,P35k for such an item. till he saw this advertisement of free iphone4 for free. the next day he gave it his son the unit and along with it was a brand new car for him worth P1.2kk. he just say being practical, i save P35k and got the iphone for my son and i have a brand new car…now his car is for sale.1.17kk…any buyer for said car?

  296. Anonymous says:

    so cheap

  297. Anonymous says:

    my iphone 5 kana?how much?at kung meron iphone4 how much din?txt mu ko 09089141465,i also from iligan city

  298. Anonymous says:

    i can afford to get one but.. should i really?
    darn, dami kong cp halos every year nagpapalit ako tas, may bago na naman not this time luho na yan unless its your second phone ok yan just make sure na makakain ka pa pag binili mo haha

  299. Anonymous says:

    wala pa ding tatalo sa S2 galaxy

  300. Anonymous says:

    how much??

  301. mag ingat lng kayo pag makahawak na kayo ng iphone,ang snatcher sana likod lang lage.agoy!!! ang mahal tapos makuha lang sa malilikot na kamay.

  302. korekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

  303. Anonymous says:

    im from california comming this friday march 16 2012 will bring a new i phone 4 16gb black if any one looking for one e-mail me ill sell it for 30k firm cash brand new w/ complete accesories still wrap let me know my E-mail add is jim14cali@yahoo.com we can set up to meet if you want to take a look first be for you buy let me know thanks also will birng a used one and the latest i phone4s new! see it for your self

  304. Anonymous says:

    i have new one for 30 wait till i arived in manila new i phone 4 my e-mail is jim14cali@yahoo.com if your interested

  305. Anonymous says:

    I phone 4 s cebu area wala ba sell?

  306. i wanted an iphone mainly for storing music.but i guess, it’s not practical. i’d rather buy the classic 30g ipod now. :) iphone4′s so expensive. with that much, you can save a little more ang buy macbook pro. boom.

  307. Anonymous says:

    Hi im selling iphone 4, 30K 32 gig and its in good condition.

  308. yabang lang yan

  309. Akire Villamor says:

    Is the iphone 4 or iphone 4s sold out already this 2013??? If not what is the price already…?

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