Isuzu Crosswind (Sportivo) Price List (as of February 2011)

Isuzu Crosswind (Sportivo) Price List: The Isuzu Crosswind, also known as the “Panther” in some parts of Asia, is a well-known multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that is designed to satisfy local conditions such as climates, road quality, and family structure. The vehicle is notable to be very durable and fuel-efficient, which will give potential buyers the best value for their money. It also has that modern design and spacious interior that can easily attract buyers. The Isuzu Crosswind and Sportivo has beaten the Toyota Revo (now Toyota Innova) in terms of popularity and units sold.

Here is the price list of the latest Isuzu Crosswind and Sportivo models (from the most expensive to the cheapest) here in the Philippines (updated as of February 2011):

Sportivo AT (Ebony black, Moroccan Gold, Tundra Green, Crimson Red, Canyon Red): Php 1,220,000.00

Sportivo MT (Ebony black, Moroccan Gold, Tundra Green, Canyon Red): Php 1,155,000.00

Crosswind XUV AT (Fusion Orange, Glacial White, Granite Gray): Php 1,135,000.00

Crosswind XUV MT (Fusion Orange, Glacial White, Granite Gray): Php 1,075,000.00

Crosswind XTi (monotone) (Ebony black, Sterling Silver, Venetian blue): Php 945,000.00

Crosswind XT (monotone) (Glacial White, Granite Gray, Sterling Silver): Php 883,000.00

Crosswind XL (monotone) (Glacial White, Sterling Silver): Php 794,000.00


  1. Anonymous says:

    crosswind and sportivo is the best mpv for me..durable engine, stylish interior design and luxury look, sana ngayong year may lalabas nang sportivo na 3.0 DDi ang engine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The good reason that the Crosswind is a best buy in the Philippines is that the Diesel engine is NOT CRDI which is expensive to maintain and requires special clean fuel. The crosswind can be serviced easily by most city garages. A good buy for some one needing strong reliable transport.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you obviously work for Isuzu as every OTHER brand has CRDI diesel engines which are more tipid sa diesel, more powerful and better for the environment. In addition Isuzu use CRDIs in Europe and other countries and their supplying pinoys with the old generation/stocks

  4. I just want to ask if the head roof of 2012 Sportivo doesn’t have any foam in it? It looks like metal and synthetic leather only. The dealer says, that was the design. How could that be?

  5. I dont think this is the best MPV, to think that it lacks of safety features like SRS and ABS and the head roof, ah!.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever seen a stalled crosswind causing traffic in edsa or any of our super highways? Has anyone seen a crosswind that’s been totalled (total wreck)? How about the other modern CRDi’s? What’s the longest any of the modern CRDis’ last before having it’s major repair (10k above)? Is the crosswind still worth 1.1M today (2012)? Or should people be confident w/ the reliability of non isuzu diesels?

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