Coleman Instant Tent 4 Family Tent Price and Features

Coleman Instant Tent 4 Family Tent Price and Features: Looking for a good tent for your camping trip for a family of 4 or friends to the beach or the great outdoors? The Coleman Instant Tent 4 is an easy to set up and take down tent that’s sturdy, spacious and ready to withstand hard weather. It can accommodate four persons and one queen sized bed with its 8ft. x 7ft. dimension and 59” center height and its fabric is twice as thick than standard tents making it durable and heavy duty.
The Coleman Instant 4 Family Tent is one of the easiest tents to set up. The poles are already pre-attached to the tent and the tent is fully taped, no need for separate rain fly. It also features a WeatherTec System enables it to withstand high wind and hard rain with its leak-free and protected seams, weather-resistant fabric, waterproof floors and wind-strong frames. With the Coleman Instant Tent 4, you’re guaranteed to stay dry and comfortable.

Coleman Instant Tent 4 Family Tent Price in the Philippines: Php 6,850.00


  1. It’s a very cool tent. I’m using also that kind of coleman tents for my family.

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