Cherry Mobile Superion Android Tablet

Cherry Mobile Superion Android Tablet Computer Preview: The tablet market may have recently been dominated by Apple, Samsung, Motorola and the like but a new player is entering the ring – Cherry Mobile. Yep, you read right. Cherry Mobile. And no, I am not kidding.
Cherry Mobile is one of the homegrown manufacturers of mobile phones in the Philippines with an initial business strategy of targeting the masses by coming out with affordable mobile phones.
Cherry Mobile then reinvented its market strategy and decided to join the Android tablet fray by coming up with the Cherry Mobile Superion, a 7-incher running Froyo to attract some spillover from the tablet-buying public who are patriotic enough to buy what we often refer to as “sariling atin”. In short, and this is not to denigrate them, Cherry Mobile is targeting the masses yet again.
What can we expect from this “local tablet”? How does it measure up compared to the “imported” ones in the market? What kind of specs does it bring to the table? Read on for the full details about this local talent – the Cherry Mobile Superion.
Design and construction
Measuring 179 x 110 x 11.5 mm, the Cherry Mobile Superion looks very compact because it has a narrow display bezel. The compactness of the Superion also gives off the impression of its being solidly-built. It doesn’t smell of big money but it is far from cheap either.
Tipping the scales at 410 grams, the Superion takes advantage of its being compact making it very easy and very comfortable to handle for extended periods of time even with just one hand.

Under the hood
This may be a department where the Superion may be found lacking compared to other tablets, the importeds if you may. To power up its operations, the Superion draws its power from a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor running at a measly 600MHz. The processor works in tandem with 512MB of RAM and at times fails miserably to keep things running smoothly.
Another disappointment with the Superion is its diminutive onboard memory. It only packs 512MB of internal storage and much of it is already eaten up by its operating system leaving you with, well, not much. The storage of the device can be expanded though through its dedicated microSD card slot which takes up to 32GB microSD cards.
The display
The Superion packs a 7.0-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen display with an 800 x 600 resolution. No, it doesn’t come with Corning’s famed Gorilla Glass but it has an integrated accelerometer for auto-rotate of its user interface but will largely remain unused because the Superion is by default on landscape orientation. No need to worry though because the accelerometer works on the applications of the Superion that makes the device be placed on a portrait orientation.
The shooters
Despite its lower than average pricing scheme, Cherry Mobile still managed to put in two shooters on the Superion – a primary rear-facing camera with 3.0-megapizel resolution with autofocus and a secondary front-facing VGA shooter for the user’s video calls.
The software and performance
The Superion, just like the higher end and higher priced Samsung Galaxy Tab, runs Android 2.2 Froyo. But that’s where the similarities end. Due to the fact that the Superion only has a 600MHz processor, it finds itself having a hard time keeping up with all the processes it has to handle.
In short, the 600MHz processor of the Superion may be enough for a mid-range smartphone but it just can’t handle a device that packs a larger display and in the end, the overall speed of the device gets compromised.
At first though, lags and stutters were barely noticeable and have kept our hopes high to a certain extent.
Unfortunately, our hopes were dashed when we played standard, yeah standard, definition videos and found ourselves trying to contend with the obvious lagging that was happening right before our very eyes. We ended up trying to rationalize that this is what you get for what you pay for.
The bottom line
Just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Cherry Superion is also a communications platform and we felt that the device is at its best when used primarily for that purpose and be used as a mobile Internet tablet. Sad to say, its hardware limitations preclude the device from becoming a full-blown multimedia device.
There are a lot of things missing in the Superion and Cherry Mobile is well-advised to rethink the design and engineering of this device if the company is really serious in going up against the bad boys of the tablet market.
Cherry Mobile Superion Android Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 19,000.00

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