Nissan Frontier Navara Price List (as of June 2011)

Nissan Frontier Navara Price List: The D22 and D40 generations of Nissan pickup trucks sold here in our country and in the U.S. are named the Frontier. Nissan was the first to create a compact pickup truck market and is well-known for a number of extremely popular pickup truck models.

There were 3 generations of Nissan Hardbody or Nissan Navara since 1986. There’s the smaller D21, followed by a compact size pickup, and now the bigger D40. The name Navara was taken from the Navarre region of northern Spain, most probably because the European version is built at the Nissan factory in Barcelona.
The Nissan Frontier Navara primarily competes with other famous compact pickup trucks such as the Mitsubishi Strada and the Toyota Hilux.

If you are looking to buy a Nissan Frontier or a Nissan Frontier Navara here in the Philippines, here is the price list (updated as of June 2011):

Nissan Frontier:
2.7 Frontier STD 4×2 MT QB3 – Php 773,000.00
2.7 Frontier DLX 4×2 MT QB3 – Php 798,000.00

Nissan Frontier Navara:
2.5 CRDi 4×2 MT NUM – Php 1,110,000.00
2.5 CRDi 4×2 AT NUA – Php 1,161,000.00
2.5 CRDi 4×4 MT NWM – Php 1,414,000.00

2.5 CRDi 4×4 AT NWA – Php 1,470,000.00
2.5 CRDi 4×4 AT NWA – Php 1,525,000.00
Nissan Navara Krome Edition:
2.5 CRDi 4×4 MT NWM – Php 1,475,000.00
2.5 CRDi 4×4 AT NWA – Php 1,525,000.00


  1. Anonymous says:

    is nissan frontier 2.7 STD 4x2MT QB3 Php773,000…brand new or used car

  2. Anonymous says:

    brand new tsong

  3. Anonymous says:

    do you have specs for this model 2.5 CRDi 4×4 MT NWM

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