Cherry Mobile Cosmo Android Smartphone

Cherry Mobile Cosmo Android Smartphone Preview: Price, Features and Specs – Since the release of the first Android phone a couple of years back, the smartphone-loving public just can’t seem to get enough of the Android platform. And from the first Cookie version, we are now at Gingerbread (Honeycomb for tablets) and the Android operating system shows no signs of slowing down.
Among the currently available smartphones in the market today, it is safe to assume that the Android platform is the most versatile and at the same time offers the most choices in terms of smartphone variety.
With manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG and the like joining forces to flood the market with these Droids, it is no wonder that the regular guy wanting to get a whiff of Android will be subjected to much difficulties in selecting just which particular Droid he is supposed to go home with.
Sad to say, the Android platform is a bit finicky. A mobile phone should have very nice specs to be able to run this operating system or else the user will be in a boatload of trouble if that is not the case. This is precisely the reason why most Androids we see hitting the shelves are usually in the midrange to the high-end category.
The superphones at the top of the foodchain can easily set you back a couple of grand and leave a substantial dent on your budget. In short, the Android platform is something that can only be enjoyed by the ruling class. But that was then.
With the entrance of small-time players like Cherry Mobile into the smartphone market with the sole aim of bridging the gap between the Android platform and the masses, we now see budget-friendly smartphones running Android which gives our less fortunate brethren the opportunity to have a taste of what Android offers.
In keeping with its tradition, Cherry Mobile recently released the Cherry Mobile Cosmo, another of those affordable Android smartphones that claims to be the cheapest capable Droid as of this writing. Let’s go take a look then at this dinero-saving Droid.
Design and construction
The Cosmo is your typical Android smartphone that follows the black slab of plastic design tradition of most Droids. Most of its chassis except the display is done in a matte black finish that somehow makes the Cosmo look elegantly simple and at the same time keeping fingerprints and smudges along with dirt away.
Surprisingly, from the looks of it, the Cosmo has a build quality that is unexpected from a smartphone at its price point. The device gives off the impression of being solidly built. It feels rather sturdy yet comfortable to hold and would give you problems even if you tinker with it for extended periods.

Under the hood
A word of caution before we get started with this section though: the Cosmo is a budget-friendly phone so please do not expect components that are more fitting for a higher-priced thereby higher spec’d smartphone.
Having said that, let’s get down and dirty with what lurks under the Cosmo’s hood. Its operation is powered by a QualComm MSM7227 processor that has a clock speed of 600 MHz. This actually came as a bit of a surprise because most entry-level smartphones opt for the generic processor to keep costs down but the Cosmo, no sir.
The processor works in tandem with 256 MB of RAM, which is kind of expected already and obviously there is no dedicated GPU to handle graphical concerns can be found in the device. Storage space also suffers greatly with the Cosmo only packing a measly 512 MB of onboard memory. That may be the case but the Cosmo gives you he option to expand its memory to up to 16GB by making use of its dedicated media card slot.
The display
Display-wise, the Cosmo packs in a little surprise for you. At its price point, the device has a 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 310 pixels. Like I said, this is something nice because other devices at this price point would only be able to pack a 320 x 240 resolution display.
The shooter and its other features
This is one department that got hit by the budget cut to keep costs down. The Cosmo only packs a single camera configuration with its rear-facing 2-megapixel shooter leading the way. Sorry, but there goes your desire for video chats.
What the Cosmo lacks in the shooting department, it makes up for in the connectivity department with the device having support for GPS, Bluetooth, 3G and of course Wi-Fi. It also has an integrated FM radio and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack for your listening pleasure.
The bottom line
The Cherry Mobile Cosmo may come in cheaper compared to other Droids but it certainly doesn’t skimp on the more important components. In fact, I find the Cosmo a capable phone that can rival the midrange competition. And for its price point, this would be a handset that is well worth it.
Cherry Mobile Cosmo Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,800.00

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