Isuzu Alterra Price List (as of August 2011)

Isuzu Alterra Price List: The Isuzu Alterra (also known as Isuzu MU-7) is a stylish and elegant pickup-based midsize sport utility vehicle (SUV) that offers a seven-seat arrangement making it a family-friendly car. Its front design is the same as that of the D-MAX, but has a covered rear end instead of a truck bed.

The Isuzu Alterra’s drivetrain choices are 4×2 and 4×4, and it is equipped with one engine, the 3.0 4JJ1-TC DDi iTEQ. It comes with a unique suspension set called MOVE suspension, which is personally reserved for all Alterra.
The exterior of the Isuzu Alterra is loaded with all the digital goodies such as two LCD screens, 11 5.1 Dolby Digital DTS Surround Sound speakers, a JVC media player that takes in DVD, MP3, WMA, USB and other auxiliaries.

If you are looking to buy an Isuzu Alterra, we have here the price list (in Philippine peso) of several models (updated as of August 2011):

Alterra U.C. 4×2 MT – Php 1,498,000.00
Alterra U.C. 4×2 AT – Php 1,555,000.00
Alterra U.C. 4×4 AT – Php 1,688,000.00


  1. hi,just want to ask how much the down payment for this car and how much the monthly payment for 3 years?
    thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    which one is more ideal car for family use? isuzu alterra urban cruiser or isuzu crosswind model 2011? please reply asap…..thanks a lot

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