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Lenovo A60 Android Phone Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details: Lenovo A60 Android Phone Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details: We take a look at one of the first tries of Lenovo in the smartphone business and see for ourselves how the company fares with this initial offering. Join us as we try to get the Lenovo A60 Android Phone a little better.
Design and construction
At first glance, the Lenovo A60, one of the mobile phones released by Lenovo, is eerily reminiscent of the Nokia N97. But taking a closer look at the handset makes you realize that the similarities are only skin deep.
The handset measures 116.5 x 59.9 x 13.2 mm and tips the scales at 135 grams. The handset is slightly wide at the hips and it is pretty obvious that Lenovo has no plans of making the A60 enter any slimness contests when it came out with the device. The A60 is expected to pack a solid build quality to it though, pretty much like the ThinkPad laptops that Lenovo is quite known for.
The top part of the device contains its power key and its 3.5 mm jack for the headset while its right side on the other hand contains the volume rocker along with a convenience key towards the bottom right edge of the device. A mic pinhole is the only thing of note at the bottom edge of the A60 while the left flank doesn’t have anything to it though.

Under the hood
The Lenovo A60 is an entry-level device so we are not supposed to expect SoC chipset under the hood of the handset. Neither are we supposed to expect components that we usually see in higher priced devices given the fact that the A60 can be considered as a budget-friendly device that can bring the whole Android experience to the masses and still be using a phone manufactured by a big-name outfit.
For its processor, the A60 relies on a MediaTek MT6753 processor to supply the required computing power of the device. The MediaTek MT6753 processor as a side note is the processor of choice among Chinese smartphone manufacturers and is already able to rival the likes of the Tegra and OMAP chipsets in terms of the volume produced.
Although no SoC chipset can be found anywhere in the innards of the handset, the A60 has its own dedicated GPU to take care of graphical issues in the form of its PowerVR SGX531 GPU. As for its system memory, the A60 packs an undernourished 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of ROM which combine with each other to lend support to the processor of the device in coming up with the needed computing power.
No information as of yet has been released as to how much internal memory the A60 will be packing but that is negligible since the handset has a dedicated media card slot that makes memory expansion in the device possible. The device supports high-capacity microSD cards, even those up to 32GB and the retail package of the A60 already comes with a 2GB microSD card for starters.
The display
In terms of its display, the A60 has been endowed with a smallish 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen with an HVGA resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. At this size, the display of the A60 is already more than decent enough given the price point that this device will be coming in. in addition to that, the size of the display in relation to the resolution of the A60 gives you more bang for your buck because this type of display at its size and resolution is commonly found in more expensive handsets.
To make life easier for the user, the touchscreen panel of the A60 is of the capacitive type and even packs support for multi-touch. It also has the usual sensors integrated onto its device for added handset functionality.
The shooters
The camera department of the A60, despite the fact that it has a dual-shooter configuration is not one of the handset’s strong points. The A60 only has a 3.2MP shooter mounted at its back panel acting as the primary camera of the handset while the secondary shooter found on the front panel of the A60 is a VGA camera. Critics might scoff at the capability of the shooters of the A60 but considering the price tag attached to the handset, one should not complain and look for something better.
The bottom line
Overall, the Lenovo A60 is a pretty capable handset for an entry-level device. It might not have the classic good looks that more expensive handsets from the competition have but the mere fact that the innards of the handset pack some pretty impressive components, you really get your money’s worth for the device. Throw in the fact that the A60 has dual-SIM capabilities and you got a real keeper with the Lenovo A60.
Lenovo A60 Android Phone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 7,500.00


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