Cherry Mobile Cherry Pad Turbo Tablet Computer

Cherry Mobile Cherry Pad Turbo Tablet Computer Price, Tech Specs and Other Info: Cherry Mobile is again releasing to the market a very budget-friendly tablet in the form of the Cherry Pad Turbo. We take a look at it and give you our impressions. Read on for the full details.
Design and construction
The Cherry Pad Turbo follows in the footsteps of the first tablet released by Cherry Mobile that is the Cherry Pad Turbo Superion in the sense that it also is a 7-incher. Sad to say, the company is keeping a lot of specifications of the Cherry Pad Turbo rather close to the vest and we are only able to hazard a guess as to what really makes the tablet tick.
First off, no official word has been released by Cherry Mobile regarding the dimensions and weight of the Cherry Pad Turbo but judging from the images released by the company to the press, the Cherry Pad Turbo is one sleek-looking tablet. At first glance, it is eerily reminiscent of the aesthetics of the iPhone 4 albeit at a larger size.
The Cherry Pad Turbo has flat front and back panels done in a rather piano black glossy finish which is a tired and tested magnet for fingerprints, smudges and dirt. Its edges are a bit rounded too just like the iPhone 4 and not much is going on in either front or back panel of the tablet. The bezel surrounding the display though is a bit wide thereby emphasizing the relative smallness of the display in relation to the overall size of the Cherry Pad Turbo.
Despite the flatness of its front and back panels, it looks like the Cherry Pad Turbo is very comfortable to hold but playing with the tablet for extended periods might give you the feeling of its edges digging into your palms. This is largely due to the fact that the only rounded edges found in the Cherry Pad Turbo are the ones in its corners and not whole length and width of the tablet.

Under the hood of the Cherry Pad Turbo
In the same vein, not much in terms of the specs sheet of the Cherry Pad Turbo has been released aside from itty-bitty details about its internals. At its price point, we do not expect to see a SnapDragon or a Tegra chipset for that matter in the internals of the Cherry Pad Turbo. Instead, the Cherry Pad Turbo packs a Rockchip processor running at a clock speed of 1.2Ghz. We are not sure though if this is the same processor manufactured in the past by Sun Microsystems which has long been discontinued.
In terms of system memory, the Rockchip processor of the Cherry Pad Turbo gets to work in tandem with 512 MB of RAM which in essence is not that much compared to what other higher-priced and consequently higher-spec’d tablets pack. The combination of the processor and RAM of the Cherry Pad Turbo is expected to be able to handle tasks pretty well albeit not at blazing-fast speeds though.
In addition to that, the processor-RAM combination of the tablet will also be able to pretty much handle very well Android 2.3 Gingerbread which happens to be the operating system of the Cherry Pad Turbo. No information was released though whether the tablet will have a dedicated GPU to help the processor out in handling graphical concerns. In terms of storage space, the Cherry Pad Turbo packs a 4GB internal memory to handle a user’s storage needs which is rather measly if you come to think of it.
The tablet has a dedicated media card slot though that makes memory expansion an option if you want to add additional storage space through the use of high-capacity microSD cards.
The display and other features of the Cherry Pad Turbo
In terms of its display, the Cherry Pad Turbo has been endowed with a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with a WVGA resolution. No details were released by Cherry Mobile though with regard to the exact pixel count that the tablet packs but judging from its images, the resolution is good enough that the display of the Cherry Pad Turbo is capable of displaying clear and sharp images.
In terms of shooters, the Cherry Pad Turbo brings a dual-camera configuration to the table. It has a rather measly 2MP shooter at its back panel and a VGA shooter at its front panel that can be used for video chats. As expected, there is no confirmation yet if the rear shooter of the Cherry Pad Turbo is capable of video capture just like other tablets.
The bottom line
At its relatively cheap price point, it is unfair to expect a lot from the Cherry Mobile Cherry Pad Turbo. In fact, the relatively scant details regarding the specs sheet of the tablet that we were able to get our hands on indicate that the Cherry Pad Turbo is one capable tablet for its price. As such, the cliché “you get what you pay for” applies to the case of the Cherry Pad Turbo.
Cherry Mobile Cherry Pad Turbo Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,800.00

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