Sennheiser HD 518 High-end Headphones

Sennheiser HD 518 Price in the Philippines, Features, and Tech Specs: The HD 518, an audiophile-worthy headphone from the German gadgets company Sennheiser, offers a high quality audio experience but with a very affordable price. The full size headphone is equipped with Sennheiser’s very innovative E.A.R technology that ensures accurate channeling of audio signals. In addition, the Sennheiser HD 518 also has the very sophisticated Duofol diaphragm that reduces unnecessary resonances to bare minimum. Together, these features give an outstandingly well-balanced and accurate representation of audio.
The Sennheiser HD 518 is an over the ear audio headphones and is deemed to be the cheapest among Sennheiser’s line of HD headphones. Similar to the other members of the HD series, the HD 518 is open backed and designed to cover the ears entirely. The open back design gives more comfort to the ears; however, it may also leak sounds off of the earphones. This is good for those who still want to hear the surrounding sounds but may be a disadvantage to those who do not want outside noise interruption.
The Sennheiser HD 518 has two comfortable elliptical ear cup constructions that are both appealing and comfortable. The cups have a distinctive grille-like casing that also adds design to the earphones. Although full-sized, they are not too big or too small for an earphone. The body of the Sennheiser HD 518 is made almost entirely of plastic with a few metallic screws here and there. This plastic coating that seems to be similar to all the other members of the HD series, ensures that the headphones don’t become too heavy. The body exerts a firm with comfortable grip on the head that doesn’t wear out even for an extended length of use.

The cushions of the Sennheiser HD 518 seems to be a downgrade from the padding of the higher priced HD 558 and HD 598 in that they consist of a rougher and less soft material with a springier inner foam. This gives more pressure to the ears compared to the aforementioned HDs; however, overall the headphones still feel comfortable together with the open design and fabric crackle free pads that don’t conceal much heat.
The Sennheiser HD 518 uses a 2.5 mm, three-meter long removable cable that connects to the left earphone with a turn and lock mechanism. The removable cable makes it easier to customize the headphones. The cable plugs into a 6.3 mm jack; however, there is a 3.5 mm converter included in the package.
The highly innovative Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement (EAR) technology employed in the Sennheiser HD 518 channels audio signals directly to the ear, which by and by produces a crisper and excellent sound reproduction with deep rich bass. There is also a neodymium ferrous magnet system in the headphones that gives a highly optimized, field strengthened dynamic response, together with the lightweight aluminum voice coils. Transparency and minimal distortion are also achieved through the state-of-the-art Duofol diaphragms.
The Sennheiser HD 518 is indeed made and designed for high fidelity use. The mids and high tones are clear and the bass is superb and a bit laid back. The Sennheiser HD 518 is also a good company for an amp even though it employs the Sennheiser signature veiled sound. The HD 518 is indeed good not just for day-to-day computer and workstation listening but also for all recorded rock, pop, and classical sounds.
Sennheiser HD 518 Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 4,500.00
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