Sony S1 Android Tablet Computer

Sony S1 Android Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines, Features and Specs: With the tablet computer wars getting more cutthroat by the moment, we see winners and losers come and go. That being said, it is obvious that the iPad 2 from Apple is still reigning supreme in the tablet market with other tablet computers from other manufacturers scurrying around to bring down the Apple juggernaut.
With that in mind, manufacturers seem to crop up from nowhere to release their respective tablets and get some piece of the tablet action. At first, there was only Apple, followed by Motorola, Samsung, HTC and the like. Research in Motion also came up with its own and Toshiba also entered the tablet fray. The result? A tablet market flooded with devices thereby making the consumers the clear winners here.
Not everything though is a success story. With an announcement that it is pulling the plug on its webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad, HP officially bowed out of the tablet wars this early in the game. We are saddened by the news but instantly rejoiced when it was announced when the HP TouchPad was put on Fire Sale wherein their prices were drastically reduced.
With HP’s exit is another company entering the tablet wars in the form of electronics giant Sony. Release last September in the U.S. and Europe, Sony is hoping that it will fare better than the ill-fated HP and its TouchPad.
What then can we expect from the Sony S1? What kind of specs does it bring to the table? Will it be able to bring down the iPad juggernaut from its lofty pedestal? Or will it do a TouchPad exit as well? Read on to get the scant details we were able t scrounge about the Sony S1.
Design and construction
The Sony S1 is yet another tablet that packs that ugly black slab of plastic form factor commonly seen in tablets lining the shelves nowadays. Unfortunately, no official measurements and weight has been released yet so we are only able to speculate about the tablet.
Looks-wise though based on the images on Sony’s website, the S1 actually looks slim and is in contention for being one of the slimmer tablets to hit the market. Its bezel looks like it is done in a glossy black finish so we are expecting this tablet to be a veritable magnet for smudges, dirt and fingerprints.

Under the hood
Sony is kind of keeping things close to the vest right now so details are still sketchy as to what kind of components the S1 will be packing under its hood. Our sources confirm though that the tablet will sport a dual core processor that has a clock speed of 1GHz. This processor sits atop an nVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset so based on the SoC (System-on-a-Chip) architecture of the Tegra 2, the S1 will have a dedicated GPU in the form of its ULP GeForce GPU.
No news yet as to how much storage space will the S1 comes with but we are guessing that it will be substantial to make the tablet competitive. A media card slot is also expected to make memory expansion possible.
The display
This is one of the confirmed specs of the S1 tablet. It packs a 9.4-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display that boasts of a 1280 x 768 resolution. With this kind of resolution, we are expecting that the display of the S1 will offer bright and vivid colors in addition to exceptional viewing angles. Images of the S1 actually give off the impression that its display is somewhat comparable to the display of the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 which says a lot. This is partly due to the TruBlack technology used in the display of the S1 that promises improved colors and reduced glare.
Sad to say, we are still kept in the dark if this display is going to be covered with Corning’s famed Gorilla Glass for enhanced durability in the same way that no confirmation yet as to what kind of sensors will be integrated onto the display of the tablet.
The shooters
In terms of the shooting department, it has been confirmed though that the S1 will have a dual-camera configuration. It has 5.0-megapixel camera at its rear while a 3.0-megapixel shooter graces its front. We were not able to gather though if the primary shooter comes with autofocus and Led flash like most tablets do.
The bottom line
Sad to say, the Sony S1 is long on promise and short on specs but judging by the way Sony has been flooding the market with electronics from its other divisions, we are expecting the Sony S1 to be one power-packed device.
Rumors though indicate that it will come at a rather hefty price tag with rumor-mongers whispering that the S1 will come with a $599 price tag once it hits the shelves. A bit steep if you ask me but if money is no object and you want to rock a truly unique tablet and not be lumped together with the iPad 2-toting portion of the population, then the Sony S1 Android tablet certainly fits the bill.
Sony S1 Android Tablet Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 28,000.00

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