Sony VAIO L24 Desktop Computer Price in the Philippines, Features, and Other Details

Sony VAIO L24 Desktop Computer Price in the Philippines, Features, and Other Details: The VAIO L24 is an all-in-one desktop personal computer from Sony that is equipped with a touch screen and geared towards consumers who would be using a lot of media components. It is a 24 incher that rather than sporting an infrared-based touch screen like that of the previous VAIO K Touch desktops, the touch screen is capacitive, similar to that found in many smartphones. In general, the VAIO L24 is an improvement of the previous model.

Design-wise, there are few things that define the Sony VAIO L24 from the previous VAIO L Series models. For one, like all its other predecessors, the L24 has all of its components incorporated at the back of the screen chassis. The stand consists of two simple prongs that make the screen seem to float or be suspended. A wireless keyboard comes with the package, and the user can simply stow the keyboard beneath the screen, something that arm-mounted all-in-one PCs have in common. All other components are wireless including Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity, Bluetooth, and the infrared remote that contains built-in TV functions.

Some versions of the Sony VAIO L24 come with a VAIO TV Tuner, the same one found in Sony’s line of BRAVIA TV. This component basically gives the all-in-one PC TV functionalities when the built-in operating system in the device is switched off. Ports in the VAIO L24 include an HDMI-in port, which is compatible with set-top boxes, game consoles, or even a laptop. Basically, the port is imbued with multi-display capabilities, which can bolster up productivity when using the device. Other interfaces include three USB v 2.0 ports, three USB v 3.0 ports, and Sony’s standby FireWire 400/i.Link port that is used for connecting old-school camcorders. In addition, there is an Ethernet port and an antenna jack for the TV tuner.

As for pre-installed components, the Sony VAIO L24 comes with quite a few applications. This includes icons for eBay, Kaspersky Internet Security packaged in a 30-day trial period, and Office 2010 Starter in which Office and Excel are both in reduced functionality versions. Media applications are more useful, and this includes bundles like Vegas, Acid, and Sound Forge. It also comes with its VAIO Media Gallery and PlayMemories Home.

As for the screen, the large 24-inch panel has a display with a total resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, making it perfect for 1080p HD video playbacks. One thing about the panel though is that, when there is a significant amount of white background on the screen, one may be able to see a faint grid comprising of about 0.5 inch or 0.25 inch squares. Although the grid is quite invisible and is true only for LED/IPS panels, it can be quite distracting at times and requires one to look closely when shopping for the device.

The Sony VAIO L24 uses a new Intel Core i5-3210M mobile-class processor that basically helps in making the system more energy efficient as well as reduces the heat generated by the device. The central processing unit has a Hyper-Threading capability and thus able to handle as much as four different streams of data computing. However, this makes the device run slower than other systems, especially those that have true quad core processors.

As for media handling, the Sony VAIO L24 is very much able to play 1080p HD videos seamlessly whether the file is online or offline. The VAIO L24 uses Intel’s HD Graphics 4000 that is quite standard with many computers. The chip can handle HD videos well but some videos can experience lags both at high frame rates and medium settings. As for media consumption, the VAIO L24 fares well among its competitors. In general, videos, Blu-ray movies, music, and photos can be accessed quickly and browsed seamlessly.

Overall, the Sony VAIO L24 takes its advantage in the fact that it is conveniently touch-based and at the same time has good media consumption capability.

Sony VAIO L24 Desktop Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 60,000.00

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