Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Smartphone / Tablet

Recently, Samsung has unlocked another Galaxy model that is promised to bring out users’ creativity to the max in just one same phone: the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Remarkably, like any other Galaxy models, this one also stole the spotlight and is even expected to rule the dance floor in its expected release on October as reported. What’s more remarkable is that, this new Note 2 from Samsung is trying to hammer big nails to establish phablets as a new set of creatures to inhabit the digital world soon.

One distinct feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the very engaging pre-installed stylus that comes, of course, with great apps and features to further enjoy the detachable hardware. And to maximize the usage of this stick, the screen is made even wider to a diagonal size of 5.55inches. The said display with a resolution of 720x1280p is capable of extracting real fruit juices out of mangoes displayed with its rich 16M colors. The Super AMOLED display is, of course, multi-touch and is hypersensitive to both touch and stick use. Protected with the ever-powerful Corning Gorilla Glass 2, the big screen is sure to take a big role into users’ life.

Bigger screen means a bit bigger size, and for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the dimensions 151.1×80.5×9.4mm is still very handy with a weight of just around 180grams. This may sound a lot heavier for a usual 120-gram smartphone, but the features will say it all. The thinness is exceptionally thin in proportion with the screen size, and it’s just as handy as a piece of cardboard with a small pen that you can carry anytime, anywhere, especially if you have bigger-than-usual palm size. Unfortunately, you do not want to put this right to your ear to answer a call, or else you might cover half of your face, humorously speaking.

The said S-pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is in a way a creative replicate of the preceding Galaxy Note 10.1, which is of course a lot bigger. But for your consideration, the S-pen capability introduced in this new Note 2 is a lot trickier, i.e., it is now more as an actual pointer that you can move along the screen in a snap. One great feature endorsed with the stylus in mind is Samsung’s amazing expression tools that can clip photos, sketch, doodle, draw, creative note making, and even the Air view, which is going to make photo-navigation a lot more interactive and easier. (Have you also thought of flipping photos like you usually do on real life, and write notes on this surface?).

All these tricks are actually made possible and friendly with the engine that’s running at the backstage. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sports a powerful quad-core 1.6GHz Cortex-A9 which is multi-capable, an almost-desktop-imitation 2GB RAM, a very stylish and the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and a not-so-outstanding HSDPA connectivity of up to 21Mbps. With all these listed, users will immediately know that they are actually dealing with a smartphone that is really smart—and fortified—to meet the most modern task demands.

Aside from the Wi-Fi capability, 4G, and Bluetooth 4.0, you might also want to ask yourself how much an 8MP-camera will bring change in you. The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also fun and crisp with a pixel quantity of 1.9, which is a lot more times better than the usual VGA front cameras. What’s more to capturing scenes is the ability to take photos under tricky and dim light.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android Smartphone / Tablet Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 36,000.00 (Starting Price)

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