Sony Xperia T Android Smartphone

Here comes another Sony Xperia model that is said to be unleashed this month to take over the reign of iPhones on the market: the new Xperia T. Well, the Xperias from Sony has led many to think that phones can really go the extra mile without paying that much, and gaining more access to superb entertainment can be as amazing as it does in bigger screens. The new T model from the series is about to say a lot of things in this regard, though the official price is still not yet available.

We do not have much to say about the Sony Xperia T yet since the company doesn’t really market the model these days. However, what we can notice first in this device is it’s very bold design, not so fantastic, but is well enough for the screen to be emphasized over the shape. The model looks too simple and clean without the sexy curves and highlights, though it comes in three colors of black, grey, and white.

I love the very narrow bezel of the Sony Xperia T that makes the display stand above the other parts of the device almost perfectly. There’s nothing to worry here as all Xperias have sturdy casing and reliable grade for materials delicately chosen for long-term usage. With dimensions of 129.4×67.3×9.4mm, the phone is relatively thin and light in its weight of 138 grams. This body is already an average, but competitors are actually offering lighter smartphones at the same price.

Noticeably also, the Sony Xperia T imitates the arched back of Xperia Arc and Xperia Arc S, but the difference is more with the rubberized finish which is better of course. Rubberized coating is good for protection, for lesser fingerprints, is relatively dust-proof and waterproof, and doesn’t reflect light. All these descriptions match Xperia T’s superb display, which we now talk about.

The Sony Xperia T, as announced by the company, is said to bring out the best HD experiences to the max. This design from the Xperia Series sports a very gorgeous TFT 4-point multi-touch TFT capacitive touchscreen richly dissolved in 16 million colors at a pixel density of 323 ppi. For a 4.55” display, a 720×1280 is usually enough and immersive without letting you ask for more. Touch is snappy and quick without the hassle, though some clicks may not respond in a few milliseconds. The material is military-grade shatter- and scratch-proof glass, which means taking this phone out doesn’t cost you an amount of worry on your head.

What’s more to enjoy in the vibrant screen of the Sony Xperia T is when you snap on to the almost-instant 13MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. The camera is so sharp that it can get photos 4128x3096p in size without the usual grains. Video recording is so smooth also as it makes you feel like it’s not a phone you’re holding on. The flash may not be the best for photo-shoots, but is well enough to project a wide beam of white light to prospected objects. And if you want to make the most out of your captured moments, you can actually upload them in real time without the usual number of clicks.

Sony’s Bravia Engine Technology seems to work a lot more muscle in the Sony Xperia T, and it suits pretty cool with the TouchWiz UI with Android Ice Cream Sandwich as the platform. The technology is backed with a gig of RAM and a dual-core 1.5 GHZ Krait processor over a Snapdragon chipset, which are all modern. It’s a bit frustrating why Sony did not make this model with Jelly Bean as the Android version, thinking that some competitors already did.

Finally, you might want to take advantage of the rare-for-now NFC (Near-Field Communication). This technology makes NFC-enabled devices ‘poke’ each other and delegate tasks like music and video playback depending on the device’s designed media ability. What’s good in this is that you can literally ‘tell’ a NFC-enabled device to continue playing the song that you are currently playing via phone without interruption; the same thing goes with video. Unfortunately, bragging this may make you look a bit of nerd because not a lot people know about this technology much.

As for my verdict, this Xperia T from Sony is… cool. I think the word says it all. How about you? What’s the best word to describe this Android smartphone?

Sony Xperia T Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 28,000.00

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  1. Sounds like a great phone, I especially like the rugged design. I have seen demonstrations of someone hitting this phone with a HAMMER on the screen and no apparent damage!

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