ASUS A46 SlimBook 14-inch Laptop

I personally have bias when it comes to laptop brands. Though I am still keen with the latest reviews about the latest models from top manufacturing companies, I am still indignant to feel my favorite brand on top of the other; Asus has been my favorite in all ways. However, like any other computer companies, I also have paid attention to Asus’ ups and downs in terms to models and concepts. Today we deal with a not-so-popular notebook from the said company, the A46 SlimBook.

The new ASUS A46 SlimBook is a typical laptop that looks more like a netbook than an ultrabook. Though the size is derivative of an extra amount of computing power ready to be categorized under the ultrabook column, the Mac-like design from Asus has more of a regular netbook spec list. As for the design, some of the aspects of the design like plain silver finish and grayish bezel are more provocative of a MAC notebook. I actually do not like the very wide bezel that much since it makes the petite display look much smaller.

If we go back to the ASUS A46 SlimBook’s bragging name, going for the tag ‘slimbook’ makes it a bit of worth. The design, like its competitor from Mac, comes in very sexy dimensions of 358x248x21mm at 4.4lbs. It gets a bit thicker than Mac’s design, but at least wins over the competitor by losing a little amount of weight. Practically, the A46 is really a slimbook and at a screen size of 14”, it gets a really portable edge making it a must-have for regular user with regular needs.

The 14” notebook from Asus does not lack ports for connectivity. Looking around the sides, we get a handful of USB ports (1 USB 3.0, and 2 2.0s), a D-Sub, a Kensington Lock, RJ-45, audio port, a 4-in-1 card reader, and a very slim DVD drive. I also love the additional LED indicators, though, of course, users must learn to familiarize them first since they are not merely for display purposes.

The graphics support hardware of Intel HD 4000 is not really a nitro-booster for the ASUS A46 SlimBook, making this model from Asus a not-so for gamers and graphics enthusiasts alike. Nevertheless, the 16:9 aspect ratio is great enough in watching hi-quality movies without losing so much detail, though watching so may only entertain 1-3 persons since the viewing angle is not that spirited. Glare is also a problem I experienced, making the model a room notebook instead.

More with the power behind the screen of the ASUS A46 SlimBook are the new Intel Core i3 processor (not a processor for average-heavy users) and 500GB worth of storage space. What makes this model advantageous, perhaps, is its integration of an extra amount of RAM of up to 4GB. It at least eases up the pain. The model comes packed with a 64-bit premium version of Windows 7 already, which means the system is just ready enough to let you work instantly.

Adding to the list of specs are: Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth 4.0 +HS, a Gigabit LAN, a memory stick pro duo media slot, a VGA webcam (claimed to deliver 720p videos), 4-celled battery with a life ranging from 3 hours to 5 hours, HDMI port, and the limited product availability (should I really include this in this list? I think so) probably due to country restrictions.

At a price that plays more or less than $700, the ASUS A46 SlimBook is already expensive enough compared to competitors who offer better specs at the same price range. And if you want to hear my side on this A46, it really is a slimbook — a simple notebook made slimmer. You don’t get that much edge but at least you know you will not be the last to be hooked.

ASUS A46 SlimBook Laptop Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 28,500.00

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