Lenovo K860 Quad-core Smartphone

“The fastest smartphone ever.” When I hear this statement from someone, I actually thought of those that are ranked by reputation, namely iPhone of Apple and Galaxy S3 of Samsung. But who might have thought, China’s LePhone (in our case, Lenovo), is placed by many as a good rival for the said competitors. I am actually challenged to put its flagship model, the K860, into the furnace to see if it’s worth the title. Priced relatively average at around $345, The K860 of Lenovo must do something to prove its place.

Sometimes even referred to as the MusicPhone, the Lenovo K860 spread its wings primarily in Asia some few months ago. Boasted in this campaign are some rightful features for the said title, and the list includes its Quad-core Exynos 4412 processor, which I think is well above average, and its 5.0” IPS display at 720p. When I tried to pair it to the said competitors, I am not really convinced—not until I figured the digits of comparison. I should say it very early today, the performance in this phone is not really a par to what competitors have founded in their flagships’ birth.

Coming in a somewhat boring slab-type design, the Lenovo K860 weighed 193.5grams in its size, which I think should stand acceptable and average. Its body with sizes of 143.5×74.4×9.6mm is not even one that comforts a single palm, and obviously, you’d want to use both hands during the entire operation. It’s a bit thicker also though it is not a big concern, however, the seemingly sharp edges is not really comfortable at hand. Besides, I do not like also the plastic rim that sits between two other plastic materials on its main build because it looks cheap. Lastly, the glossy finish on the front and the denim-textured back is not even matching design-wise.

On the front of the Lenovo K860, there’s no physical buttons (which I think is proprietary to the company) but a logo, an earpiece, and a 2-MP camera (above average for live chats). On top of the smartphone, we have but two hardware only: a 3.5mm audio (headphone) jack, and the power button, and nothing else. On the left, we have a micro-USB port, and on the other side, we have volume rockers that are actually button-type and are separated from each other. If you are likely to swap SIM cards or memory cards, you can do all those when you remove the back cover wherein you’ll see the replaceable 2250mAh battery.

Well, frankly, I’m pretty impressed with the said battery capacity of the Lenovo K860, though it is not really that gigantic when compared to some other smartphones that offer almost double the capacity. However, it’s pretty amazing how the battery caters the said quad-core processor when in fact there’s another quad-core unit for graphics that enhances gaming. If you’d ask me, I think this smartphone is designed more for gaming purpose particularly because it sports a very exciting 3D engine for games, than for music or other stuff to which the smartphone seemed not to bother improving.

The 1280x720p display, as said, is sharp and crisp enough for every day usage with its good viewing angles of up to 178 degrees. At a relatively low pixel density of just 294 ppi, I don’t think the screen should be as vibrant and well tuned as that of the said competitors, plus, there’s not ambient sensing for the screen brightness outdoors. Nevertheless, one great asset to compliment this display is the 8-MP camera at the back with flash since it is loaded with digital-camera-like features, and the exceptional 100-shot burst shooting plus full HD 1080p video coverage.

For my verdict, I still consider the Lenovo K860 to have a long way to go to pair itself well and nice with Samsung Galaxy S3, most especially. Though the smartphone has no lags or downs in performance, it sure surprises me that I still find the S3 to be more reliable and responsive than ever. After all, Lenovo has made a very special attempt to bring the quad-core processor into a new shape… and into a new price range.

Lenovo K860 Quad-core Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 19,000.00

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