Samsung Galaxy Compact Android Camera

Samsung Galaxy Compact Android Camera Price in the Philippines, Specifications, and Features: The S3 of Samsung’s Galaxy series, together with the Note 2, brought about a huge mass of a device into the modern digital world by catering the best network opportunities plus the edge on hardware and software alike. Being well reputed already, Samsung attempts to uncover its newly designed Galaxy device but trims down the potential consumers to nearly a half: a non-cellular Android-run gadget that focuses on the camera hardware plus the concurring software. Sells approximately $500, the new Galaxy Camera must be something one should wait by the end of the year.

It’s pretty hard to say that this gadget is a camera, and the same effort must be exerted on calling it the otherwise. The Galaxy Camera of Samsung has a modern digital compact camera design and build, with somewhat plasticky feel but has a solid edge-to-edge Gorilla glass for the display with but capacitive buttons. Expected being a camera is its zoom lens original of Samsung, plus some discreet buttons that looked more like the physical buttons of a smartphone.

Weighing 305 grams and has a thickness amounting to almost 2 centimeters, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is worth a fashion parade. Featured in the overall design, aside from the long lens barrel, is the Super Clear LCD capacitive touch screen at 16 million colors and with a native resolution at 720p. Amazingly, the display works as the main interface for almost all controls involved in using the camera, but unluckily, the bright display should at least have some ambient light sensing to shave off its power-consuming factor.

Particularly featured in this compact gadget-camera is its wide array of connectivity options that include the latest 4G LTE (optional though, and is varied according to preferred cellular network via a data plan). Ironic may this seem, but the camera has a good micro-SIM slot at the bottom but this SIM only works for the data; just a few tweaks from the company and the camera should well be a cellular device as well. On the other hand, the Galaxy Camera utilizes a built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to available hotspots. There’s no NFC though, but using the Wi-Fi-Direct is a good way to share files to capable devices without the need for the said data plan that users will pay monthly.

Adding to the wireless features, the Samsung Galaxy Camera also comes with complementary apps and services from Google but especially from Android Jelly Bean on which the main OS sits. This said, users could get access to a long Christmas list of apps and even features from the said provider, but only a few works well especially with the camera feature. The gadget also packs itself with photo and video editing tools from within using the touch display, and this is facilitated by the Exynos Quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM.

Fairly also as a camera, the Samsung Galaxy Camera gears itself up with a 21x wide-angle zoom lens plus a 16-MP backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, which are both somewhat nostalgic for those who have seen and had the Wi-Fi camera from Samsung, the WB850F. The Galaxy Camera allows fully automatic, smart, and even manual shooting features, and is boasting of its quality low-light and tricky-light pictures. Putting this into the test, however, results in some noisy or grainy pictures even under ISO 100, and colors are a bit washed if not oversaturated in some areas. There’s variably a poor rendering also with the field of depth and metering, making images looked flat and even hazy on the edges. Nevertheless, if you’re the type of guy who just wanted to enjoy a better smartphone camera and is not fond of staring at details and cropping off pictures, this should do enough for you.

Other important details to close this story about the camera is that it of course does not support RAW processing, has a pop-up Xenon flash, has a good optical and digital image stabilization feature, can record full HD 1080p videos, custom and automatic filters, creative modes and effects, 20-shot burst shooting, expandable card slot, and a 200-shot battery that charges only from the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is for now still too hard to swallow for its price, thinking that there are Wi-Fi only cameras that do a lot better with imaging but in a lot lesser price. Nevertheless, the design of the gadget itself plus the creative interface and software features make the gadget-camera truly something worth having boxed this coming holiday.

Samsung Galaxy Compact Android Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 22,000.00

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