Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Wireless Speaker

If you do not really care about big speakers on shelves, and if bringing along a good-sounding audio system keeps your sanity in music off the brink, think about what Dr. Dre has promised with his new ultra-portable speaker, the Pill. Funny as it is when I first heard about the name, but the new speaker is but truly much like a pill but not ready to be swallowed. Priced relatively average-to-high at $200, bringing along a sounding pill to medicate you should not be a hassle anymore.

Coming in a very premium casing with pure metal grilles, Beats by Dr. Dre Pill looks cool enough as a party material and even as a lone fashion accessory with your choice of three different colors: black, red, and white, but not to mention yet the latest additions themed by ‘Pretty Sweet.’ What’s better than the design is that, though it cannot be really identified as minimalistic in style, is the company logo right in front of the device that lights up when turned on. This said, having this one playing for you while you’re sleeping feels like a bright eye amid the dark is watching you.

Weighing at just 0.31kgs, Beats by Dr. Dre Pill surpasses the versatility troubles found in most portable speakers more because of its size at just 45.72mm for the height and 190.5mm for the length. This said, you can literally fit this into your jacket, into your bag, or even just be brought along with one hand without the hassle. Since being a pill in shape, there’s nothing to worry about the device rolling over because of the rubber padding at the bottom of the device. I, however, wish there’s somewhat like a small kickstand or foot to make this device worry-free especially when brought during travels or disco nights.

Beats by Dr. Dre Pill runs and solely relies on Bluetooth technology as the wireless pairing device from any BT-capable players. While other sound boxes offer an AirPlay addition to make themselves more friendly to Apple devices, the Pill did not take the lead that much. Playing via Bluetooth is one convenient way, though I know for sure the quality is not that promised thinking that not all BT devices have the same BT capability or version, making the listening experience ‘conditional.’ And if you’re sick of listening via a BT pairing, thankfully the Pill has an option to plug in a 3.5mm jack from any capable device.

Aside from the audio-in port, there’s also an audio-out, making this Pill a ‘wireless terminal’ just in case you want to play to a non-wireless home entertainment system but preferring to stay in the kitchen. More than the said audio ports, the Pill also has a micro USB port for charging (not sure if there by any data to be transferred) which in this case is found at the back, and beside it sits the BT indicator and the power button. On the front we have the Beats logo that, as said, lights on when the device turned on, but the same logo also functions as a BT pairing button by holding it for 3 seconds. Ultimately, the Pill of Beats is said to be capable of playing music for at least 7 hours with the volume level set at 70%.

Powering the audio quality of Beats by Dr. Dre Pill are the four 1-inch drivers and, expectedly, no woofer for a body this size. Checking out the sound quality, the Pill delivered a surprisingly loud sound that distributes itself well in a hall. But looking closely to the details, the Pill did not really showcase Beats’ main feature, which is a heart-pumping bass, so all you could hear are ‘virtual’ bass or hollow-ish lows and trebles. The highs and mids, together with the vocals, are impressively clear enough with just the right amount of details, but setting the device to the highest volume level makes the sound feel like it’s going to implode.

For the said price, I would be glad to buy the Pill only if it at least came with a small woofer, at least, or an AirPlay option for Apple fans to enjoy and prefer. But nevertheless, the Pill is an incredible sound system truly portable plus the fantastic design even right from the box.

Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Wireless Speaker Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 9,000.00

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