Cherry Mobile Titan W500 Android Smartphone

For locally manufactured phone brands, I am like the usual guys who would shave off the dust and look for the imported ones. However, keeping myself on the balance, I must admit that there are still—and always—models who are worth the wait with prices almost half in equivalent. Among these local brands we have the Cherry Mobile, and today in my hand I have its gigantic November model, the Mobile Titan W500. With a very friendly price of P6,500, 5-incher Android smartphones should not be a dream anymore.

With the said price, it’s going to shock the foreign brands when they know that the Cherry Mobile Titan W500 has all the goodies of an above-average smartphone. As said, the W500 is a 5-incher, so you get incredibly big display though in a budget resolution of only 800×480 (well, do you expect a Retina display for such a price?). And remarkable, for a 5-incher, the W500 is very much light in its class at only 205grams, though not the lightest 5-incher of course. With the design, the non-gloss black matte finish delivers respectable comfort, though there’s nothing special about the aesthetics making the W500 look boring.

If you do not know the brand and the phone especially, you’d surely mistake the Cherry Mobile Titan W500 as an LG or Samsung model from afar. Luckily, I love the simplicity portrayed by Cherry Mobile in this big model of theirs. There’s only a few buttons around the device, and such are the basic ones that include volume rockers and a camera button, and at the back, the 5-MP camera with a flash that can serve as a torchlight or bulb. Particularly, the matte finish at the back makes the device feel strong and sturdy, though at first touch you’d know it’s cheap plastic. On the front, we have a relatively narrow bezel that rings around the big display, and on top we have the VGA camera.


Being an Android device, you will be easily accustomed to the W500’s interface that looked like it’s an average of all smartphone interfaces. Running on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is not bad at all, especially when you know there are still phones and other Android devices that offer the old Gingerbread version (2.3). Going on the interface is snappy, easy, and intuitive enough, though there’s not really something special about the contents except a few more company-proprietary icons. You can, as you’d expect, play games, watch HD movies, and surf the web here; though the display cannot really promise you anything sweet and clean, the performance is widely decent and acceptable.

Talking about the W500’s performance, Cherry Mobile can be considered generous for inclusion of a dual-core 1GHz processor plus 512MB of RAM; if you know the Flare of Cherry Mobile, you’d realize the new model did not have that much improvement at all. Though there’s no discrete graphics unit, the W500 nevertheless has all the typical smartphone basics like 4GB of internal storage, expandable SD memory of up to 32GB, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi, and a very lovely 14-hour battery life (2,350mAh). Being considered common already locally, the W500 like any other Cherry Mobile has capabilities to make two SIM cards standby at the same time.

Lastly, one great feature I found on the Cherry Mobile Titan W500—if it really is a feature—is its 5MP camera. There’s not really some great features or additions with the native camera app, but with the picture quality, I’d say it’s beautiful and unexpected for a 5-MP one. Colors are vibrant and well saturated with only a little loss of detail, but the quality can be easily considered something one can get from a modern point-and-shoot camera.

For my verdict, the Cherry Mobile Titan W500 is good in its ‘Titan’ name by introducing a bigger screen without short in performance and battery life. The only big problem I guess in the overall model is its poor display resolution, but outside it, the budget-friendly Android smartphone should be a great option for anyone who wants to find another way to experiencing expensive 5-inch smartphones.

Cherry Mobile Titan W500 Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,000.00

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