Sony Xperia Z Android Smartphone

Price in the Philippines of Sony Xperia Z Android Smartphone: We’ve learned to come across this familiar experience of falling in love with Apple’s iPhone, especially the latest one. As for me, I have my subjective appeal on the handset, and what impressed me the most was the simplicity it showcases without the compromise falling on bad luck. Like me, companies who have pondered on such beauty also came up with their original claims to pull the audience back on their regretted tracks. Such as Sony, the new Xperia it promises will surely give iPhone lovers a tricky option they will never forget.

At around $800 and is available to a limited number of countries for now, the Xperia Z is said to be released no later than this first quarter of the year. With this being said, it’s quite fascinating to be too curious about such a phone, more because of the range of advertisements the company has already unleashed on air. Truly as it promises, the new Xperia design of Sony is but jaw dropping, though I honestly find the aesthetics to be an indirect replicate of iPhone’s simplicity and elegance. Both phones share that almost-perfect unibody material system, and with metallic or glossy chromes and streaks especially on the side, both phones just simply look easy to the eyes.

The Sony Xperia Z, unlike the latest iPhone, is available in three colors namely black, white, and purple, making it more ‘friendly’ to users of different interests or profession, or even gender. While iPhone gears itself with the top technologies like a convenient interface without the flaps, the Sony Xperia Z does the simplicity in a different way: ports like a microUSB are flapped with covers, thus making the design waterproof for up to a meter for 30 minutes. Moreover, while both phones promises a robust material quality overall, the Xperia Z is proudly claimed dust-proof, which makes the rival take one step backward.

More with the list of comparisons, the Sony Xperia Z also features a glass fibre polyamide, a material that served widely to car industries as a good substitute for the weighty steel materials. I was actually looking for the Gorilla glass and IPS for the new Xperia, but I found none. This should not really bother you at all: the Xperia Z not only features a 5-inch full HD display, but such a display is said to be strong enough to withstand handling occurrences. Unluckily, the Xperia Z does not really have a good viewing angle, making the handset more for a single user/viewer at a time.

Having an unfriendly angle for the display may shove people back to the competing smartphones of the same class, but the story of the Sony Xperia Z does not end there. Featured also in the smartphone is a 13-MP main camera (2.2MP front camera) with EXMOR RS sensor for HDR performance even on 1080p30 videos, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and even expandability of storage for up to 32GB (some have claimed it can do 64).

Truly as it is featured, the Sony Xperia Z on my tests is but snappy as it promises. Pinching webpages in is truly zippy, and having multiple apps open in a single standby does not cause any noticeable lags or hang-ups. While the Xperia Z stops its OS at the 4.1.2 version of Android, having a full 4.2 upgrade will surely mean a lot to potential buyers who would want to enjoy more of the stock Android thing without missing Sony’s added features.

Lastly, one good thing also for this new Xperia of Sony is its battery life. As advertised, the company promises a more ‘intelligent’ and ‘visual’ battery management on the phone, making the users choose which app to stay on and running on the background, just in case they find the inherent management inappropriate for their needs or activities. The 2330mAh battery does its job well, making me enjoy watching HD movies at least for 7-9hours at full brightness.

The Sony Xperia Z is but a magnificent piece of a handset worthy of pairing with the iPhone 5 for comparison and contrast. Choosing which smartphone goes better depends now on the user’s needs and wants; if you’re the guy who wants to enjoy full Android experience with a wide range of features such as a robust camera, then the Xperia Z is a good item on the list. But if you’ve got that extra money to pay for the costly accessories of the iPhone, which in itself has a lot to say about ‘bragging rights,’ then the latter should be on your basket today.

Sony Xperia Z Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 36,000.00

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