Sony Xperia J Android Smartphone

If the ‘Bond’ is looking for a smartphone to love aside from his very own Xperia T of Sony, would he pick up another Xperia to top-up his 007 outcries? Impressively, the Xperia series of Sony has been known widely to deliver a punching screen, creative body build, creative media experience, and even exclusive Sony features. But lately this year, the company released another model within the series that I found only as a ‘spoiler.’ Introducing the Xperia J of Sony, finding an alternative Xperia for 007 missions must not still be compromised.

The Sony Xperia J did not really come up with a newer design to make itself a new top-selling flagship model, but instead, it possessed the same good-looking body behind an amply spaced display. Like most, if not all, of the Xperias, the Xperia J has an arched back in its body, and has an LED indicator right below the capacitive buttons found at the front surface below the display. The said indicator works as it is supposed to mean: to tell users there’s a missed call, e-mail, or an SMS. Other than these design features, there’s not really much else to talk about.


The Xperia J of Sony is also not the slimmest smartphone on the line with its 9.4mm thickness. I for myself have been expecting an Xperia model with a very breathtaking display like at least a Super AMOLED-equivalent, but this Xperia J only has a 4-inch display with resolution of just 480x854p at 245ppi. If you are not really strict with the display proportionality, then this should not bother you, but as for me, I think this is rather a downgrade—or a degrade to the Sony’s prestigious line. Nevertheless, for every day usage, the display is still remarkable enough at showing enough details to sustain enjoyment to users.

Featured also in this smartphone of Sony is a 5-MP camera with LED flash plus AF (yep, there’s a front-facing VGA camera to at least presently assist you with live chats). The camera is capable of taking 2592x1944p photos at an acceptable quality, but for video, the chopped picture appearance especially in capturing motions is not something to make you say “Let us shoot videos now.” Thankfully, the Sony Xperia J did not gave too much frustrations with its Sony-featured speakers, so listening to music online or offline won’t be a mess, more if you wear a Sony-branded ear piece.

Running the smartphone on the inside is a tiresome Ice Cream Sandwich with no promise yet of any upgrade to the latest Jelly Bean of Android, a rather disappointing downgrade in performance also with the phone’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 2GB-only user-available storage memory, plus half a GB of RAM. This is even affirmed by the phone’s lack of 4G features for wireless data streaming, so in short, you must not ask for more.

Being an outcast to the new range of Android devices doesn’t make the Sony Xperia J quit with the trends. Almost realizing itself to be a failure to 007 missions and visions, the Xperia J is but offered as eye-candies instead, making itself available to markets with versatile plans plus the choice of different color covers. The display, though short with multi-touch capabilities at only 2-points, is nevertheless something to make the phone more premium in feel within its price with Corning’s Gorilla glass. Thanks also, lastly, to the creative button layouts plus the simple interface, the Sony Xperia J is still something worth having to ease up your day.

Sony Xperia J Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 11,000.00

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  1. nompumelelo says:

    i am in desperate need of a phone and i adore the sony xperia j,where can i get it and at what price?

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