BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone

It is still very immature for me to state my final words on this new smartphone from RIM (or now called as BlackBerry), particularly because it is reported to be available later than expected, like ten weeks after the release of the Z10. Introducing the Q10 of BlackBerry, the new BB smartphone features a lot more experience than what was offered on the said predecessor, though obviously the company struggled—and still continues to struggle—to make this smartphone really work properly. Expected to be released on April hopefully if not on May, there’s hardly any price yet for this device to discuss about.

As for me, I found myself a bit agitated to learn that this is the first square-screened smartphone I’ve ever seen. Yes, you heard it right, the BlackBerry Q10 features a 720x720p display at 3.1 inch, and this is even made more modern by enabling touch plus a physical QWERTY keyboard right below it. The said display features a SUPER AMOLED technology for that vivid color reproduction, and at first sight I am already tantalized, making me compare it to that of the Samsung Galaxy S3. At 330ppi also for the pixel density, the BlackBerry Q10 displayed text quite simple, elegant, but clear even in a relatively weak angle. While I’ve expected myself to suffer a bit with the smaller display especially on text, having that square display still makes me feel unique with the smartphone on hand.

At a body size dimension of 120x67x10.4mm, the BlackBerry Q10 is not really slim or small at all, making users really use both their hands to play along the touch-and-type interface, which is surprisingly new. In fact, the BlackBerry Q10 is technically taller and wider than the predecessor, though this won’t really bother you much once you held it at hand. The Q10 feels robust and secure without making that familiar size hindrance, more if you’ve learned that BB aimed this smartphone for the more sophisticated users by employing a ‘glass-weave’ material at the back. As reported, the said material acts more like a carbon fiber except that it is plastic, but is the same way lighter and stronger than plastic, and to some kinds of metal, perhaps.

Other than the said material, the BlackBerry Q10 also features stainless steel chrome on the sides and even to some parts. In my observation, the Q10’s 35-key physical keyboard now has ‘frets,’ probably set up for a more accurate typing experience, not to mention how the tips of the keys are made more protruded, and the keys widened compared to the previous BB smartphones. While there are no navigation buttons aside from the keyboard itself, users are expected to interact with the square display via touch. The touch, thankfully, snapped and responded just enough, at least to my impression on this review model.

Running in the background of the Q10 is the new OS of BlackBerry, the BlackBerry 10. Though widely reputed as still in the ‘beta’ state, at least the company compensates by giving the unit a good amount of specs such as a dual-core processor at 1.5GHz plus 2GB of RAM. Just in case users are more on the ‘media,’ the phone comes with an internal storage of 16GB, which is even supported by an external SD card for an added advantage. Though 4G capability is said to be optional as of now, the Q10 is good with the latest connectivity features like Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and even a dual-band Wi-Fi. The device comes with an 1800mAh battery that is said to have at least 7-10 hours of talk time for this smartphone, which is good.

The Q10 of BB is expected to be released in the most stable version if it is announced to be fully available late this summer. Since there’s no exact price quote for this device, we’d expect this one to be a bit pricier compared to its predecessor particularly because of the said glass-plastic material plus the inclusion of a full-sized QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 35,000.00

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