Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Compact Digital Camera

Travel zoom cameras used to have that bulk and weight—and the price as well, more if you use an SLR with that telescopic barrel just to accommodate the desired magnification. Lately, companies came up with compact superzoom cameras that are pretty impressive in the zooming feat without the need for an extra barrel, thus saving a lot of bucks. However, for those who have owned the latter which had lesser but acceptable bulk at least, they would sure hate that feeling when they realized that these cameras came with a more and more compact body thought impossible before. Introducing the latest SX model of Canon that caters to this idea, and with its price, looking at a further distance should not be that pricey and bulky anymore with the SX160 IS.

Bodied in a sheer plastic case available in red, silver, and black depending on supplier, the Canon PowerShot SX160 IS is actually cheaper than anyone else in its class at only $140, more or less (the product used to get sold at around $260!). That slash-down of price did not tear down its list of specs at least, making it one of the most affordable zoom cameras with decent features and capabilities. Measuring at 111×72.5×44.1mm, the SX160 IS is not really sexy as it is expected, more if you compared it with its rivals from Olympus. Nevertheless, the SX160 IS justifies the size and its weight with its preference to using AA batteries (2pcs), which for a lot would mean more versatility and availability).

Surprisingly also, the Canon PowerShot SX160 IS does not get that much similarity with its SX150 as its predecessor in terms to aesthetics, build, and layout. With the SX160 IS, I love the pop-up flash that now has a mechanically distinguished button at its rear for popping out, though you still must put the flash back to its seat manually. While the SX160 IS stores its relatively long lens barrel into its body in a very respectable way, I actually did not find the flatter grip that came along with the front surface, not to mention the absence of the awaited rubber grip to make the plastic body at least less worrisome. Other than these, the SX160 IS has but two pinholes for the microphone for its 720p video capability, has AF assist lamp, and nothing else.

One incredible feature of the Canon PowerShot SX160 IS, if this is really a feature, is its added controls for different shooting modes. It’s pretty incredible for me thinking how such a compact and budget camera could have one, but the SX160 IS possesses full manual controls for shutter speed and aperture size, not to mention the usual Aperture priority and shutter priority, which are also available. Other than the manual shooting, the ‘P’ mode is still available for shooters who gets troubled with too much controls, or the Smart Auto that allows users the convenience of shooting anything under the sun while the camera takes care of the right settings according to the 32-scene detection pre-programmed within.

Getting creative is also a feature here in this camera, making this PowerShot of Canon nonetheless a point-and-shoot with extensive automatic capabilities. Included in the list are different white balance modes, creative filters such as fish-eye, miniature effect, poster effect, super vivid, monochrome, and more color effects such as vivid blue, darker skin tone, saturation, sharpness, red, green, and blue skin tones. Macro shooting mode is also available at 0.4inches as the closest distance, plus the said movie mode at 720p25 with stereo sound and enjoyable zooming capabilities.

Being a superzoom camera with 16x optical zoom, the Canon PowerShot SX160 IS ultimately has at least the acceptable specs such as the Digic 4 processor, a good image stabilization technology, ISO of up to 1600 (up to 400 acceptable), a 3-inch 230k-dot LCD, aperture of f3.5-5.9, and a 28-448mm equivalent focal length. For its price, the SX160 IS gets all the acceptable and expected goodies it has, and with all the versatility it promises, that camera of Canon should be a good option for those who want extra manual features with good zoom but without the pocket-emptying demand.

Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Compact Digital Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 6,000.00

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