Sony SmartWatch Android Compatible Watch

While most ‘smart’ watches offered today are more aimed on the fitness and sports side than for a typical mobile and wireless convenience experience, Sony’s new SmartWatch goes into a different road providing a brand new experience to watch lovers. Indeed having the best watch whether it is on the aesthetic or pragmatic side can add a lot to who you are, and with this new SmartWatch on your wrist, you’d surely love to check what’s happening on your digital life. The SmartWatch can be a little bit high in price at around $130, but this price should at least give you and your smart device a real boost.

The Sony SmartWatch is typically an extension of your smartphone more than a watch, though you can choose between different time faces… and that’s it. Running in an unidentified version of Android, the SmartWatch is expectedly limited to Android experience (though you’d love to try it on your iOS device with a special app). And before I go further, you better check on Sony’s website if your Android device is compatible with this SmartWatch since it is a wide rumor it is not for ‘all.’

Running on Android and being an extension of your Android phone, everything is actually based on your base device, and that even includes the time setting, frankly. That said, all of the SmartWatch’s functions root from the phone, and thankfully, everything from the Sony SmartWatch works just fine as expected. With it, you can check your tweets, your Facebook’s notifications and feeds, your mail, your new text messages, your missed calls, and even play along with apps like music player and camera remotely. Being an Android means you get the convenience of a tap and swipe and even pinch (yes it sure can), and with a wide library of apps to choose from, you’d sure love to bring this along.

Though mainly plastic in build with a rubber wrist strap included, the Sony SmartWatch measures 1.42×1.42×0.3 inches, and that weighs only 0.55 ounces alone. It is a lot easier to carry along when compared to some sports-dedicated watches out there, and being dust and moist resistant means you are at least eased of some worries. I however did not mention it is scratch-resistant, so you better take good care of the screen. The display itself, since we are here already, has a resolution of 128x128pixels, and these pixels are not really dense enough to crowd the 1.3” OLED display. There’s no light sensing also, so like what happened to me, I barely used the SmartWatch when going out since I can hardly see anything.

The Sony SmartWatch is offered also with straps of different colors, though they are optional and thus needs another amount for payment. Wearing it is classy enough, and even more classy is that it runs for up to four days with BT on for consistent connectivity. Being in that mode, however, means that the watch must always be proximate to your Android phone, and it can be a real hassle to pair it up again since you need to reboot the watch and press the side buttons for a few seconds. The said battery life can be recharged using a micro USB port on it, and I suppose charging can be done a lot faster when plugged into a desktop PC.

Other key features include: a quick message template for responding to missed calls, phone finder, music control including seeking and changing tracks, call handling from muting to rejecting, and other app-dependent capabilities. The Sony SmartWatch is a very handy tool if you always find trouble picking your smartphone app from your pocket or from your purse, but its price and its range of limits can still marginalize some Android and iOS users away.

Sony SmartWatch Android Compatible Watch Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 5,500.00

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