Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Android Smartphone

If there be one big reason that one would not want the new flagship of Samsung which is the Galaxy S4, it would not only be the price but rather the size. Well, anyone can really validly ask if they are ready themselves for 5-incher smartphones, and the answers can get really put borders on different consumers across the globe. And with that same thought, it is also an associated wish to declare that the shrinking of the size will tantamount to slashing a limb from the mighty price this flagship has. Thankfully, there’s now the shocking announcement of the new ‘mini’ version of the smartphone of Samsung.

While we would really want to imagine what ‘mini’ would really be, Samsung actually managed to cut down the display size from 5 inches to 4.3inches, and together with that, a dramatic cut also to the hardware more than to the software end of the smartphone. Measuring 124.6×61.3×8.9mm, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is obviously smaller and hence lighter at only 107grams, making it one of the friendliest smartphones you can get with the ‘Samsung Galaxy’ brand inscribed on its shell. The S4 Mini is currently available in black and white, but the dotted pattern design at the back will still be elegant.

Being ‘mini’ as well, there’s the said 4.3-inch display (or strictly, it’s 4.25inches). What’s so surprising about this is that there’s the sudden surprise in resolution breakdown, from a full-HD resolution down to a qHD counting at 540x960pixels. While it has the same Super AMOLED technology that is just more sensitive than the average smartphone in terms to responsiveness, users will still not really be worried about the low pixel count, as they will not really recognize it. Being shorter with the energy-costing display, the battery available for the new Mini will now be only 1900mAh rather than the flagship’s 2600mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is capable still of 4G connection, but 3G version is available as well, and the latter can come with two different chipsets depending on the market and depending on the SIM support from a single-SIM to a dual-SIM. Nevertheless, the S4 Mini is only good with a dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor that is clocked at 1.7 GHz. There’s the Adreno 305 GPU, 1.5GB of RAM, GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS, NFC, BT, dual-band Wi-Fi, 8GB of internal storage, up to 64Gb expandable storage, and the latest Android 4.2.2 with the TouchWiz 5.0 interface revamped on it.

Samsung says that the Galaxy S4 Mini is actually the same good-featured handset except that it comes in a shorter hardware specs. The company seemed to be very confident still with this new Mini version of the flagship, and the same features and offerings are still applied on this smaller smartphone model. Besides, an 8-MP main camera (1.9MP front-facing one) will still compete with the average cameras found on the leading smartphones in its size class, so users will essentially not get too much loss.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is expensive for its class despite the dramatic downgrade in hardware specs, we expect that it will still sell well since it would be appealing to those who want a smaller version of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Android Smartphone Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 23,000.00

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