Samsung ATIV Q Windows 8 / Android Hybrid Tablet

Samsung is not only one of the leading OEMs to produce real smart devices, but they actually also lead in the number of models being produced. Among the leading series of the company is the ATIV, and lately, we have been slightly introduced to the new Q of the said series. The ATIV Q is not trying to replace anything in its line, but rather, it seemed like its trying to target absolutely everyone as potential customers and users of its practicality, i.e., its highest selling point for me. There’s not a price yet, but we are excited to learn more about it this third quarter of the year.

The Samsung ATIV Q is amazing or incredible in a lot of ways, making it unique also compared to hybrid tablets and notebooks in today’s generation. To start with, the ATIV Q of Samsung features four different use modes; we are already familiar with the laptop mode, the tablet mode, the stand mode, but with the ATIV Q, there’s the ‘hover’ or ‘hanging’ mode. The ATIV Q uses a mechanism that actually tops the small keyboard deck it has, and sliding it upward from the back, you get the laptop mode. For the stand mode, simply lift the lid-display and the screen automatically flips to its orientation.

That’s just one part of it, but you better understand that with such a mechanism, you get extra heft and measure, making it a little heavier for portability purposes based on what you’d expect for a 13-incher ultrabook. But there’s actually a lot more: the display is a way lot better than Apple’s Retina display, and at only 13.3-inches, the ATIV Q sports a whopping 3200x1800p at 275 ppi. You might want to ask why should you need this much, and I would agree with you as well. Nevertheless, if you think that this is going to burn the cell right away, Samsung actually promises a 9-hour battery life, which can be incredible.

Not only does the ATIV Q fit to absolutely everybody because of the said features, but if you are still nagging about the choice between an Android device from a fully-featured Windows device, the ATIV Q managed to put the blend into this one simply device. That’s right, by just clicking on the Tile button, you can switch between different platforms in real time without the need for a reboot. Better than this, the switching does not require that much time and pressure on behalf of the machine, and the file-sharing feature allows users to see contents in between platforms. The ATIV Q runs on a full PC-experience Windows 8, plus the latest and the most generic Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version.

At 1.29kg and at 13.9mm thick, we’d love to say that the ATIV Q is not perfectly beautiful but is again aimed at practicality and productivity. To make all these things work without costing that much battery life, the ATIV Q uses a Haswell Core i5 processor plus 4GB of RAM that should be enough for everyday use. The same specs obviously work for both platforms, so even using Android should be zippy and snappy. The processor comes with the integrated HD 4400 for the graphics, and the internal 128GB of SSD should do well with faster boot ups and file transfers. The ATIV Q, however, is not fully amply enough with ports, with only one USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, a combo audio port, a dongle-type Ethernet port, a mini HDMI port, and a card reader.

As of now the Samsung ATIV Q is only available for one dark color, and we’d love to see more customization and customer feedback about this product. The ATIV Q of Samsung is one real good attempt to make hybrid systems literally hybrid not only in hardware but also in software, and for sure, its price would be as interesting as its features are.

Samsung ATIV Q Windows 8 / Android Hybrid Tablet Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 67,500.00

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