Sony Xperia Tablet Z Android Tablet Computer


Since last year’s Xperia S of Sony for the line of tablets, we’ve been quite anticipative already for what’s coming to turn over the top slates of today. More with this familiar feeling, we have been overly excited with the company particularly because of its new smartphone known as the Xperia Z. Today, I am […]

Sony SmartWatch Android Compatible Watch


While most ‘smart’ watches offered today are more aimed on the fitness and sports side than for a typical mobile and wireless convenience experience, Sony’s new SmartWatch goes into a different road providing a brand new experience to watch lovers. Indeed having the best watch whether it is on the aesthetic or pragmatic side can […]

Sony Xperia ZL Android Smartphone


Sony has been on the way already to taking the lead for the best electronic devices, though we’d known some of their greatest classics like premier TVs and cameras, on which the latter had a drastic boom to the industry. Going for the mobile devices, it’s still plainly hard to compare devices with the ones […]

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX925 55-inch 3D HDTV


Widely tagged by many magazines and online publications as the world’s best HD-LED TV, the Sony’s new flagship KDL-55HX925 of Bravia series is but one well-reputable piece of an entertainment ready to fit every home. Packing in a 55-inch display with wireless technology plus 3D capabilities, the KDL-55HX925 should be of enough worth to such […]

Sony Bravia HX850 Lightning 3D HDTV


I remembered last year, we talked about a lot of smart TVs, those super HDTVs, LED-LCDs, and even the plasma ones, to be soon taking place over each other. While going for the best plasma TV is a widely known argument for a seamless TV experience, there’re still a lot to talk about more than […]

Sony Xperia J Android Smartphone


If the ‘Bond’ is looking for a smartphone to love aside from his very own Xperia T of Sony, would he pick up another Xperia to top-up his 007 outcries? Impressively, the Xperia series of Sony has been known widely to deliver a punching screen, creative body build, creative media experience, and even exclusive Sony […]

Sony NEX-6 Compact Digital Camera


Coming in line with the Sony’s NEX series is a sandwiched model in between the Sony NEX-5R and NEX-7, the new NEX-6. Priced relatively high depending on the included kit lens, the NEX-6 can score too pricey if without looking at its specialties, if it really has something over its predecessors. Being one of those […]

Sony Xperia Z Android Smartphone


Price in the Philippines of Sony Xperia Z Android Smartphone: We’ve learned to come across this familiar experience of falling in love with Apple’s iPhone, especially the latest one. As for me, I have my subjective appeal on the handset, and what impressed me the most was the simplicity it showcases without the compromise falling […]

Sony Alpha NEX-5R Compact Digital Camera


Condescending the 5N of the Sony’s Alpha NEX comes the new 5R that features a subtle but essential change over its predecessor but copies a list of features from it. Priced relatively high reaching $1,000 but can be lowered down to $750, the new 5R should better scale off a lot better stuff than what […]

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 DSLR Camera

After Sony’s first full-frame digital SLRs being on reach, that is, the A900, people have been shown a variety of the same quality professional cameras wherein the distinction are not apparent at all. Not until today, the years of fruitful scrutiny to get out of the usual mirror designs is but coming to hand with […]