Sony PS3 Super Slim Game Console

We knew the Sony PS3 for some time now and we have been mesmerized by how much intrusion it takes in gamers’ lives. Though priced quite a bit higher than other consoles (but not as high as the competitors like Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii), we were still followed with a great amount of excitement […]

Sony Xperia T Android Smartphone

Here comes another Sony Xperia model that is said to be unleashed this month to take over the reign of iPhones on the market: the new Xperia T. Well, the Xperias from Sony has led many to think that phones can really go the extra mile without paying that much, and gaining more access to […]

Sony Xperia Go Android Smartphone

The Xperia: I wonder where Sony got such a name. As far as I know, the closest English term as spelled upon looking at this word is ‘expire.’ But, why such? I think I’m taking the issue today upon myself and call it as an irony (or maybe, sarcasm?). Another Xperia model has just popped […]

Sony Xperia Acro S Android Smartphone

People do not always get what they want with their phones. If they do, it is almost implicit to say that they have pain like a few sacks of golden coins just to have one. But no matter the features offered in these usual gadgets, they are not that worth buying because they can just […]

Sony NEX-F3 Compact Digital Camera

When I first got hold of the new Sony NEX-F3, the first thing that popped up to my mind was “at last, professional mountable cameras will not be anymore that hefty.” This 117x67x45mm camera is really a breakthrough to make big black cameras portable with a palm for easy shooting; yet you can choose between […]

Sony Xperia P Android Smartphone

The Sony Xperia P sits in between the high-end Xperia S and the cheaper, more street-wise Xperia U. Like its siblings in the Xperia lineup, the Sony Xperia P is immediately recognizable by its distinctive clear plastic panel that houses its touch-sensitive Back, Home and Menu buttons. Its function is a bit flawed though because […]

Sony Xperia ION Android Smartphone

One look at the Sony Xperia ION, Sony Mobile’s flagship device in US shores know that its designers are from the old school because of the design aesthetics of the handset makes it look like a black slab of plastic. The handset has dimensions of 133 x 68 x 10.8 mm and it weighs in […]

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Compact Digital Camera

Due to insistent public demand, Sony finally came up with a compact camera that is very pocketable and comes with a larger than average sensor and even brighter lens. With the release of the Sony Cyber-shot RX100, other manufacturers are going back to square one to come up with something that will be a worthy […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Digital Camera

Sony has been sending out Cyber-shot after Cyber-shot and I am not really seeing much of a difference among those in the point and shoot categories. However, recently, they have released a Cyber-shot bridge camera that has promised to take photography to another level. Introducing the Sony Cyber-shot HX200V. Currently hailed as one of the […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30V Compact Digital Camera

The Cyber-shot DSC-HX30V is a compact mega-zoom camera from Sony and the successor to the highly acclaimed Cyber-shot HX9V. It is pretty much the same as its predecessor, being also imbued with a nice lens, great shooting options, and fast performance. Both photos and video taken with the camera are also of nice quality. Some […]