Intel Core i7 920 Processor Price (as of March 2010)

Intel Core i7 920 Processor Price: The Intel Core i7 is the latest family of desktop and laptop processors that uses the Nehalem microarchitecture. It comes after the Intel Core 2 brand. If you’ve been searching for the price of Intel Core i7 920 processor here in the Philippines, we will give it to you later after showing you some of its features:

Intel Core i7 920 Features:
2.66GHZ quad core
8 processing threads with Intel® HT technology;
8 MB of Intel® Smart Cache;
3 Channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory;

Intel Core i7 920 price in the Philippines (as of March 2010): around Php 15,000 – Php 16,000.


  1. Anonymous says

    sa sm around 17,500 up amd muna ako heheh

  2. ang mahal.. hehe

  3. mura na d2 sa site sa megamall mahal tlga hehe, bangis ng graphics ng pc q kung gnyan ang processor na gngamit q^^

  4. sa pc express 13,500 lang! dito na tayo!

  5. kng may budget b ako ng 30k mkkabili n ko ng desktop with upgrades ng intel i7? pkibigay nman ng specs ng mgandang buuin na desktop.

  6. Anonymous says

    okie lang naman Kung intel pentium Dual-core huh…
    tapos 2 gig na ram.. may 376 million transistor yun
    sa Core 2 Duo.. 291 million lang.. para maka pili kayu ng tamang Processor,,, ito.. Tingnan NiYO !!!

  7. Thanks 4 d link…

  8. grabeh mahal!..guys can anyone give an advice what processor should i choose to buy?.i am currently using just a celeron dual core and i know its the oldest version so i decided to replace for a new affordable but with quality guaranteed one..plz?.. is there any processor that would cost for less 5k only?..i dont seek for very high performance for i know it would cost me much money what is important is at least a processor that just performs right,(moderate performance) plz?..anyone can tell?.intel or amd?.which is the best?.

  9. Anonymous says

    Macbook Pro i7 i bought earlier 2011 hindi kayo magsisi sulit pa ung pera niyo,Promise

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