Nike Air Max LeBron VII Price (as of March 2010)

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Price: The Nike Air Max LeBron VII is the latest signature shoe of basketball superstar LeBron James. This basketball shoes has a unique and innovative 360 degrees of Max Air cushioning and uses Nike’s Flywire thread. The thread is composed of Vectran that can help minimize the weight and maximize support.

The price of Nike Air Max LeBron VII in the Philippines as of March 2010 is around Php 7,000.00.

According to LeBron James, the new LeBron VII takes his signature line to a new level of innovation. He also said, “As the demands of my game evolve and increase, Nike consistently designs and develops shoes helping drive my on-court success.”

Nike Footwear Designer Jason Petrie said, “When designing the Nike Air Max LeBron VII, we envisioned a shoe that was both strong and comfortable. We delivered a shoe that is a perfect combination of superior performance and luxurious style, embodying LeBron himself.”

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