Oakley Polarized Jawbone Sunglasses Price in Philippine Peso

Oakley Polarized Jawbone Sunglasses Price: The Polarized Jawbone is the newly released sunglasses from Oakley. It comes in two colors: Polished Black (with Positive Red Iridium Polarized lens) and Matte White (VR28 Black Iridium Polarized lens). The frame of the Polarized Jawbone is the latest evolution of a coveted design. Every piece is engineered around the precision and safety of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®). We will give you the price of Oakley Polarized Jawbone sunglasses in Philippine peso after showing you a summary of some of its features:

* OakleySWITCHLOCK™ Technology –the lower part of the frame rim opens to allow easy access for quick lens changing.
* Flexible design
* Hydrophobic™ lens coating
* Interchangeable nosepiece sizes and Unobtainium® components that increase grip with sweat
* Optimize protection with Plutonite® lenses that filter out all UV

Oakley Polarized Jawbone Sunglasses Price in the Philippines: around Php 12,000 – Php 13,000

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