AMD Opteron Processor 1300 Series Price List (in Philippine Peso)

AMD Opteron Processor 1300 Series Price List: The AMD Opteron Processor is designed for both x86 server and workstation. It was the first processor line to utilize the AMD64 instruction set architecture commonly known as x86-64. The AMD Opteron processor offers a combination of two essential capacities in a single processor: native execution of legacy x86 32-bit applications without speed penalties and native execution of x86-64 64-bit applications.

We have here a price list (updated as of June 23, 2010) of several AMD Opteron 1300 Series processors. Prices are converted to Philippine peso:

Quad-Core AMD Opteron Model 1352: ($112) – Approximately Php 5,500.00
Quad-Core AMD Opteron Model 1354: ($141) – Approximately Php 6,500.00
Quad-Core AMD Opteron Model 1356: ($171) – Approximately Php 8,000.00
Quad-Core AMD Opteron 1381: ($189) – Approximately Php 9,000.00
Quad-Core AMD Opteron 1385: ($229) – Approximately Php 10,500.00
Quad-Core AMD Opteron 1389: ($269) – Approximately Php 12,500.00

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