Amazon Kindle 2 Price in the Philippines

Amazon Kindle 2 Price in the Philippines: If you love books, then you might be salivating with the number one eBook reader today, the Amazon Kindle 2. However, if you want an eBook reader in full color + tons of other innovative features, you may want to consider getting the more expensive Apple iPad instead. The Amazon Kindle 2 comes in two models: the regular Kindle with 6-inch display, and the 9.7-inch Kindle DX. If you are planning to buy an Amazon Kindle 2 here in the Philippines, we have here the updated price list of the above mentioned models:

6-inch Kindle (Wi-Fi)- $139 (Approximately Php 6,500 – Php 7,000)

6-inch Kindle (Wi-Fi + 3G) – $189 (should be around Php 9,000 – Php 9,500)

9.7-inch Kindle DX (Wi-Fi + 3G) – $379.00 (Approximately Php 18,000 – Php 18,500)

Quick Facts: The international Kindle 2 is physically very similar to the U.S.-only model although it uses a different mobile network standard. The original Kindle 2 uses the Sprint network while the international version uses AT&T’s U.S. mobile network and roams on 3G, EDGE, and GPRS on GSM networks in other countries.


  1. Hi! I just want to know where is the best place to buy a Kindle 2 in the Philippines, Thanks

  2. Hi, would you know where I can buy Kindle 2 in Manila?

  3. Hi i have one unit to sell if your interested just call me 09291173304 im her in pasay…

  4. @gail im selling one right now if you want you can contact me here 09053450485 kindly call me or txt me your price thnks

  5. looking for a cover for kindle 6″

  6. Buying Kindle touch w/ or w/o 3G. email me at

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