Review: Amazon Kindle 3 Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details

Review: Amazon Kindle 3 Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Details – With the release of the iPad and other tablet devices, many started writing off dedicated eBook readers like the Kindle saying there was no place for devices dedicated to doing just one task when there are far powerful devices that can do the task just as well while also meeting other needs. Well, that sounds about right if you don’t have to take other factors into consideration, the price for example.
With the Kindle 3, Amazon came up with a new pricing scheme AND revamped the design at the same time. They were aiming to make the best eBook reader on the market and sell it at an extremely competitive price.
Did Amazon succeed with its Kindle 3 master plan? Does the Kindle 3 live up to expectations? Read on for a full review of the Amazon Kindle 3.
Look and feel
The Kindle 3 is very reminiscent of the Amazon Kindle 2 in many respects. Measuring 190 x 213 x 8.5 mm and weighing in at 247 grams, the form factor is pretty much unchanged though the latest iteration of the Kindle is far more streamlined. The Kindle 3 is seriously light and the 21 percent decrease in size and 15 percent reduction in weight compared to its predecessor shows, making it considerably more portable.
Combining the lighter weight and the more compact design makes using the third-generation Kindle a more pleasing experience compared to the earlier models. The device felt very balanced in the hand and the buttons felt like they were in convenient, ergonomic places.
The Kindle 3 looks very different. It now comes in graphite as well in white but the darker borders enhance readability. It also comes in two versions: the Kindle Wi-Fi while the Kindle (as Amazon calls it) has both Wi-Fi and 3G.

The display
The front of the Kindle 3 is dominated by its 6-inch E-ink Pearl display with 800 x 600 resolution, the device’s biggest draw. The display is sharp and great to look at whereas the text is a deep black making it very easy to read. In fact, Amazon optimized the fonts so letters appear sharper on the screen.
“Turning” pages is also noticeably faster with the new Kindle being able to turn pages in half the time compared to Barnes and Noble’s Nook.
Another good thing about the Kindle 3’s e-ink display is that it isn’t backlit. This not only reduces eye-strain but it also lets you see the screen better even in brightly-lit environments, even under direct sunlight notwithstanding.
The display of the Kindle 3 can also be toggled from portrait to landscape mode but this requires accessing the menu and doing it manually because it doesn’t have a built-in accelerometer like the Kindle DX.
Amazon may have improved the page-turn speeds on the display that made the device feel slightly snappier but the display still exhibits some latency and using a four-way button to navigate menus just doesn’t cut it in this day and age of full touchscreen devices.
Other features
The Kindle 3 doubles the internal memory from the previous models’ 2GB to 4GB, which according to Amazon translates to 3500 books. Amazon also claims that through software updates, the battery life of the Kindle 3 has markedly improved with its juice lasting up to one month with Wi-Fi turned off.
Aside from these upgrades, the Kindle 3 also has an “experimental” web browser based on WebKit so it is compatible with most websites. A bit of a letdown though is browsing on a 16-greyscale 800 x 600 display that can’t cope with animation and no touchpad just doesn’t translate to a nice experience.
The new Kindle also has the ability to play MP3s while you read but the fact that the only available controls are pause and skip forward with no track selector or even an indicator of what is playing would probably make you just pass up on the music function.
The verdict
Getting inspiration from what Apple does with its mobile devices, Amazon has taken an eBook reader that was already good and improved it. If you are looking for a stand-alone eBook reader, Amazon’s the king in this category with the Kindle 3 being lighter and thinner. The device also seems pulled together with Amazon being able to take care of the kinks in the previous models and the pricing scheme for both Wi-Fi and 3G + Wi-Fi versions is very competitive for the high quality of the device.
That said, let me close by saying that the Kindle 3 is a game-changing product with the potential to do for e-books what the iPod did for digital music.
Amazon Kindle 3 Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 9,400.00

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