ASUS UX21 11-inch Laptop Computer

ASUS UX21 Laptop Computer Price in the Philippines, Features and Specs: The MacBook Air has been the undisputed king when it comes to ultrathin notebooks. It just is ridiculously thin. Recently, Samsung released its own ultrathin line called the Series 9 but was viewed as a mere form of token competition. The MacBook Air still reigned supreme. This might not hold true for very long though.
Asus decided to join the ultrathin notebook party and announced the Asus UX21 at the recent Computex 2011. Loud and clear, Asus is taking a stab at the piece of the action Apple and the MacBook Air have been enjoying for the longest time.
How will the Asus UX21 fare compared to the MacBook Air? Will it make the Apple product look a little less pretty? Read on for the tidbits gathered in and around Computex 2011 about the slim and sexy Asus UX21.
Design and construction

No official measurements have come out yet so the dimensions of the UX21 haven’t been ascertained but it also boasts of the same unibody design and construction that the MacBook Air sports. It also has a sloping design similar to what the MacBook Air has and is 7 mm round its back and gradually tapers down to 3 mm at its front bezel. Some diet!
Tipping the scale at just 2.2 pounds, the unibody frame of the UX21 is made entirely from aluminum and is said to be a more polished version as opposed to what the MacBook Air has. It may be waif-thin but questions about the durability of the device don’t dignify an answer because the aluminum metal used in its case is hardened.

Under the hood

The UX21 is bringing to the table a specs sheet that is designed to impress. The demo version at Computex 2011 packs an Intel Core i5-2557M processor running at 1.7GHz but Asus representatives claim that upon its release, users will have the option to get a UX21 that packs an i7 processor.
The notebook on display at that time only has 2GB of DDR3 RAM but is expected to pack as much as 4GB when released. No confirmation as to what the UX21 will have in terms of its GPU but the device is sure to come in two varieties in terms of storage options: 64GB and 128GB SSD (yes, you read right, SSD).
The display and input devices

The UX21 can be considered a twin to its rival MacBook Air in when it comes to the display with it having the same 11.6-inch screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio as the Air. Asus is known for the quality of displays that it puts in its devices like the IPS display the ASUS EeePad Transformer was blessed with so it can be expected that the UX21 will get the same treatment in terms of display generosity. Colors are expected to be vivid with the display having exceptional viewing angles. Sunlight legibility will also be very good and there will be no problems that are expected to be encountered in that department especially with this device. It just begs to be taken out on the road.
In terms of input devices, the UX21 has the same chiclet-style keys that the MacBook Air has but the keys in this baby are made of metal. The touchpad is made of glass so scrolling through it will give you the familiar sensation of playing with your smartphone. The only letdown in this department is the resistance put up by the two mouse buttons below the touchpad.
Feature set

Despite the apparent thinness of the UX21, its designers still managed to squeeze in 2 USB ports (one is USB 3.0 while the other is the standard USB 2.0 port). No mini-Display Port is to be found in the device like the one the MacBook Air has. Instead, the UX21 offers a mini-HDMI port. It even has headphones out for your music needs though Asus decided to pass up on the card reader slot.
With the device packing an SSD drive, Asus claims that the UX21 can resume from sleep in just two seconds. This is very helpful especially when things are taking a frenetic pace and you just can’t help but rush.
Battery life

No official word yet from Asus regarding the battery life of the device but with its sealed-in construction, it is expected to give a solid 5-hour performance before its juice is fully squeezed out. Not bad really and it is a compromise I am willing to accept.
The bottom line

Asus has really upped the ante with the announcement of the UX21. This should be a wake-up call for Apple who might have been lulled into thinking that the supremacy of the MacBook Air will be infinite. With an impressive spec sheet that it brings to the table along with the guarantee from the Asus people that the device will have a sub-grand pricing in USD, the beginning of the end for the MacBook Air might be at hand.
ASUS UX21 Laptop Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 45,000.00 (Starting Price)
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