LG LW5600 3D LCD HDTV Price, Features and Specs: The TV has always been the centerpiece of any living room and nowadays, we see TVs taking on a different shape compared to what we had back then while we were growing up. Looking at the TVs that get released to the market nowadays makes one take a step back and just ask how in the hell all the components are packed inside a slim profile.
In addition to that, the profiles of TVs get slimmer and slimmer while the picture quality gets better and better. Not only that, TVs of the current age have the bells and whistles that we can only imagine during our time.
One example of which would be the LG LW5600 3D LCD HDTV. It has everything that you could ask from a TV and more. This big-ass TV can be considered right out of a science fiction novel with all the features that it has.
Read on to get acquainted with the LG LW5600 3D LCD HDTV.
Design and construction
The LW5600 measures 50.9 x 1.2 x 33.5 inches and has a display size of 55 inches when measured in the diagonal. The way the LW5600 was designed just aims to impress.
The LW5600 is considered to be a sexy edge-lit LED TV. While it may have a wide bezel, it is just 1.2 inches thick when measured at its side. No lit-up logos that can get pretty annoying are found on its front and the controls found at the lower right portion of the tube are touch-sensitive.
Though the controls are very responsive due to their being touch-sensitive, finding them in the dark might prove to be difficult because they do not light up. This telly also has nice stand that tends to match the unassuming nature of the whole display and is able to hold the screen steady should you want to swivel it to get at the different inputs round its back.

The display
The display of the LW5600 is a 55-inch LED-lit screen with 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. It has a refresh rate of 120Hz and an image contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. Whew, sounds interesting.
Feature set
The LW5600 is just brimming with features. Some of them even sound unintelligible to me, to be honest. First off is the LG Smart TV feature that gives you access to unlimited media content, tons of movies, even apps, and allows you to browse the Internet with your home Wi-Fi connection.
The LW5600 also boasts of its TruMotion 120Hz Technology feature that is designed for video gaming, sports and high-speed action scenes letting you view these type of content with absolutely no blur in terms of motion.
And since the LW5600 is a 1080p Full HD television, excellent picture quality can be expected from it all the time. Because it has twice the pixel resolution, image quality is just way out of this world especially when compared to your typical standard HDTV.
If you are a movie buff, you can stay at home and enjoy your favorite flicks over and over again on your LW5600 instead. No need to go to the theaters for your fix of 3D films. The LW5600 comes with lightweight 3D glasses that give the film you are watching unbelievable depth. In addition to that, images become smoother and a lot crisper even when viewed from different angles. It’s just like bringing the movie theater right in the comfort of your living room.
To take advantage of the fact that the LW5600 is an Internet-ready TV, access to Amazon, Vudu, Netflix, YouTube and other services are already integrated to the TV. It even has apps that let you access channels such as Revision 3 that can easily be accessed from the telly’s main menu.
The bottom line
The consumer market’s infatuation with 3D and TVs with all the bells and whistles is raging even more nowadays. It doesn’t show any signs of letting up anytime soon and manufacturers are trying to outdo each other as it is to give the consumer the best bang for their buck.
With its price ranging from $1,700 to $2,100, the LG LW5600 3D LCD HDTV is something that you would take home without feeling any remorse over the decision. With ease of viewing, superior picture quality and unbeatable feature set all rolled neatly into its slim and sexy profile, the LG LW5600 3D LCD HDTV is just impossible to pass up on should you have the money to burn.
LG LW5600 3D LCD HDTV Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 85,000.00

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