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Pentax Q Digital Camera Price, Features and Other Details: The kind of technology today is something that we can only dream of say, 10 years ago. Technological changes happen at eye-blinding speeds in addition to becoming all-encompassing. Everything is affected by it.
Take the example of the simple camera. In the olden days, nobody cared how many pixels your shooter packs. As long as you have the requisite film in its loading bay, you are good to go and you can already click away to your heart’s content, storing memories one click after the other.
Today, cameras have become a bit more complicated. With technology touching the camera industry, the shooter also got revolutionized. You now have digital compact, point-and-shoots, DSLRs and the like and the choices just go on and on and on.
However, if you want a compact camera while still retaining the performance and image quality commonly associated with higher priced digital SLRs, then the Pentax Q is just the right one for you. Read on as we try to get to know the Pentax Q better.
Design and construction
At first glance, the Pentax Q actually looks like a toy camera. However, upon closer inspection, you will be able to determine that it is the real thing. In fact, its size makes it the smallest interchangeable lens shooter in the market today with a dimension of 98 x 57 x 31 mm. Although its body is made from an alloy of magnesium, the Pentax Q is still lightweight enough with it tipping the scales at a mere 200 grams including the battery pack and memory card.
The Pentax Q’s magnesium alloy body coupled with the rubber coating in the camera’s front panel gives the camera an impression of being very well-built. In addition to that, its body was scaled down to the extreme that a person with big claws would somehow find a bit of a difficulty in grappling with the camera’s diminutive controls. A person with normal hands though won’t find any resistance in operating them. Because of its size, the control dial on the upper right shoulder of the shooter is within easy reach even for a person with small hands and short fingers.
The thoughtfulness of Pentax with regard to the design of the Pentax Q is apparent with the placement of a customizable Quick Dial on the front panel of the shooter, which at the same time adds to the vintage camera look and feel that the shooter is trying to achieve.
In short, because of its interchangeable lens feature, the Pentax Q is built like a DSLR but handles and feels like your trusty compact point-and-shoot.

The sensor and the flash
The Pentax Q packs a 1/2.3-inch back illuminated CMOS sensor with an effective resolution rate of 12.4 megapixels. Because the sensor of the Pentax Q is backlit, it is expected to offer better overall performance when shooting in lowlight conditions with reduced noise levels.
Aside from capturing JPG and RAW (in .png format) images, the sensor also has a video mode and is capable of shooting MPEG-4 videos in 1080p at 30 frames per second.
Another thoughtful addition to the design of the Pentax Q is the way the flash is integrated into the body of the shooter. It may look built-in and integrated to the body of the shooter but it is far from that. Instead of just popping up, the flash swings up and a bit to the right. This feature of the flash actually reduces the red-eye effect and clears bigger lenses with larger hoods.
The features
In keeping with its compact style, the Pentax Q also has features commonly seen in the more normal point-and-shoots. Aside from automatic dust removal, the Pentax Q also has a sensor-shift image stabilization feature.
It also has an automatic exposure-bracketing high dynamic range mode along with in-camera modes that enable you to apply toy camera and fish-eye effect and color filters that apply color isolation to shots while they are being taken.
Aside from that, the Pentax Q also boasts of shutter and aperture-priority mode, full manual controls and different automated scene modes.
The bottom line
Expected to be released this September 2011 with an introductory price of approximately US$800, the Pentax Q may not get all the attention it deserves because of the hefty price tag. It may have all the bells and whistles for a camera to be successful but at its price point, people may opt to sacrifice size and go instead for one of the entry-level DSLRs available in the market today.
Pentax Q Digital Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 38,000.00
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