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Pentax Optio H90 Digital Camera Price, Features and Other Details: The camera industry has become more dynamic and more robust in the past couple of years and more recently, we have seen an increase in the number of DSLR users, thereby making the category a lot more famous that it is then. This could be attributed to the fact that a lot of people became more serious about their photography but also to the fact that carrying a DSLR around town seem to be the in thing nowadays.
This interest in the DSLR category thereby meant that the compact point-and-shoot suffered a little in the process. Add to the fact that the Micro Four Thirds category is little by little gaining popularity and consequently, some following, and the compact shooter category is getting hit from all sides.
Be that as it may, manufacturers still see the potential in the compact point-and-shoot format so it is basically still alive and kicking, so to speak. In fact, the interest for DSLRs may be there but not everybody has the luxury of throwing hard earned money away just to be able to say that you got a DSLR for a shooter. That is where the compacts come in and in particular, the Pentax Optio H90.
What then is the Pentax Optio H90 and what can we expect from it? Will it be well worth the amount we will be shelling out for it? What kind of specs does it bring to the table? Will it be able to keep the interest of people in compact point-and-shoots? Read on as we get up close and personal with the Pentax Optio H90.
Design and construction
It seems that the trend when it comes to compacts is for them to have a retro kind of look. The Pentax Optio H90 is not an exception to this. Measuring 95 x 57 x 26 mm, the Optio H90 has an eye-catching design that will surely make you give it a second look. Its aesthetics also give it a retro look that is eerily reminiscent of classic compacts that became popular back in the 70s like the Olympus Trip or the Kodak Instamatic.
In addition to being very small, the Optio H90 is also a lightweight with it tipping the scales at a mere 131 grams and this already includes its battery and memory card. The compact body and seemingly light-as-a-feather weight of the Optio H90 may give off the impression that the shooter is cheap. It may be in price, which we will discuss later, but certainly not in build quality.
In fact, the Optio H90 boasts of being solidly built which in a way counteracts its being light and compact. The choice of material for its construction is plastic and an alloy of aluminum and a lot of attention to get all the details of its body right. In addition to that, controls and buttons are placed in a very logical manner making all of them within easy reach.

The display
The Optio H90 may have a very compact body but this does not mean that its LCD will be compact as well. In fact, designers and engineers of the Optio H90 managed to cram a 2.7-inch LCD display onto the body of the shooter. The display has 230K dots and has high brightness levels making it very ideal in any shooting condition, be it under direct sunlight or dimly-lit situations.
The sensor and performance
Responsible for its shooting performance, the Optio H90 packs a 12-megapixel sensor that works in conjunction with a 5x optical zoom lens. With the pair working together, the Optio H90 is capable of a wide range of focal lengths from a wide angle of 28 mm to a telephoto shot of 140 mm.
In addition to that, the Optio H90 has an autofocus that features 9-point contrast detection. Aside from that, the shooter also has a face detection feature that has the capability to detect a maximum of 32 faces in a single scene in a mere 0.03 second.
The Optio H90 also has features commonly found in other compact point-and-shoots such as a standard Program Auto feature along with an automatic scene detection mode. With this feature in action, a user has the option of 18 different scene programs including a digital wide angle feature. This feature turns out a pseudo-panoramic image by stitching together two shots. It also has a frame comes feature that gives the user a lot of frames to select from that can then be superimposed on any image.
Aside from capturing stills, the Optio H90 also has a video mode and when switched to it, the shooter is capable of capturing HD video clips at 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. Sad to say, audio is relegated to just mono and image quality is not what we expected. Still, better than nothing.
The bottom line
Priced at an approximate of $180 when it was released, the Pentax Optio H90 is one of the cheaper compact point-and-shoots available in the market. The shooter is well-made and packs a very attractive aesthetic design in addition to being very light and compact that makes it very easy for you to slip the shooter in your shirt’s pocket. Performance and image quality can be improved but if you are looking for DSLR-quality images, then you surely came to the wrong place.
Pentax Optio H90 Digital Camera Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 8,500.00
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