Acer Aspire 3951 13-inch Ultrabook

Acer Aspire 3951 Ultrabook Laptop Computer Price, Features and Other Info: Since the release of the first MacBook Air a couple of years back, the way people looked at an ultraportable notebook has changed forever. It even revolutionized the very concept of mobile computing. Just imagine what it would have felt like if you were in the press conference where Steve Jobs pulled out the impossibly thin MacBook Air out of an envelope.
It is exactly the stuff science fiction novels are made of right? But this time around, it is for real. Since then, the MacBook Air has been the epitome of the uber-gadget. Packing the sexy good looks with the impressive specs underneath the hood was just the perfect combination of form and function – two attributes that can be found on Apple’s baby.
This however was detrimental to Windows users who had to contend with thin, ultraportable notebooks that were still rather chunky when sitting side by side with the sexy Apple creation. And who wouldn’t want to have a MacBook Air in their bevy of gadgets right? It is just the ultimate eye-candy when it comes to mobile computing.
To give Windows users a chance to get a feel of how the MacBook Air handles and still be able to use their beloved Windows OS without having to contend with BootCamp, several manufacturers have come up with notebooks that can take the battle to Apple. One is Asus which launched another MacBook Air 2011 wannabe in the form of the Asus UX21 a couple of months back.
Joining the fray is Acer which recently announced its upcoming Acer Aspire 3951 Ultrabook that takes its design cues and inspiration from the MacBook Air. What then can we expect from this new Acer creation? How good is it underneath the hood? Would you rather get this notebook than getting saddled with Mac OS X in the MacBook Air? Read on for the full details.
Design and construction
No official measurements have gone out yet but looking at the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook gives you the impression of looking at a MacBook Air twin. It looks as though the Apple logo was taken out of the cover and the Acer emblem was slapped right smack into its middle thereby giving the rather uncanny resemblance.
The only confirmed dimension of the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook is that it would be about 13 mm thick (or thin, depending on how you look at it), basically in the same neighborhood as the MacBook Air’s in terms of slimness. The Aspire 3951 Ultrabook also packs that brushed aluminum finish all over the device that makes the resemblance to the Apple creation more eerie and yet at the same time gives the notebook the elegant look and feel that power users have come to love.

Under the hood
Sad to say, the leaks about the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook have left us speculation about its specs but there have been unconfirmed reports that it would obviously pack a second generation Sandy Bridge Intel core processor of indeterminate type. Our bets though are on a Core i5 powering this notebook once it hits the shelves.
No news yet regarding just how much RAM it would pack but we are guessing that the minimum this notebook will come with is 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The same goes if it will have a dedicated GPU to handle graphical concerns but reports have it that in terms of storage space, a prospective user have the option to configure the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook to have either 250GB or 500GB of hard drive space or max it out with a 160GB solid state drive. Going for the SSD will give the user an unbelievably snappy resume time of 1.7 seconds from sleep mode.
The display and other features
Similar to the MacBook Air, the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook will pack a 13.3-inch display though we don’t have confirmation yet as to what type of panel it would be. We’re hoping that it would be one of those LED-backlit displays for better graphics to go along with the beauty of its design.
Instead of lining up its sides with the necessary ports like what Apple did with the MacBook Air, connectivity options have been placed rather at the back of the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook. Lining its back though are the HDMI port, USB ports (not sure yet if this USB 2.0 or USB 3.0) and a multi-card reader. Personally, this is one of the design snags of the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook. The Acer engineers and designers may not have wanted the notebook to be too MacBook Air-y but it is rather cumbersome to grapple with the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook just to insert your microSD card at its media reader don’t you think?
Input devices are what you see in a MacBook Air with the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook packing a keyboard with chiclet-style keys with nice spaces in between them to minimize typo errors. The trackpad is very big and smooth and looks like it can handle your scrolling needs with precision.
Battery life is said to reach an approximate 6 hours of use before the juice of the Aspire 3951 Ultrabook gets fully squeezed out but standby time is an outrageous 30 days. Should Acer be able to really pull this off, this would be something that will give the MacBook a serious run for its money.
The bottom line
The Acer Aspire 3951 Ultrabook is basically a MacBook Air in all aspects except for the fact that it will ship with a Windows operating system once it gets released. It has the same good looks that demands attention with impressive components under the hood. With an expected price tag of a maximum of 990 big ones in the US of A (which is cheaper than the 11-inch MBA), has the MacBook Air finally met its match? Only time can tell.
Acer Aspire 3951 Ultrabook Laptop Computer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 47,000.00


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