iPhone 5 Price in the Philippines, Features and Expectations

iPhone 5 Price in the Philippines, Features and Expectations: It is said that the smartphone revolution was began by Apple when it released the first generation iPhone several years ago. And indeed, the iPhone along with the iterations of the device that followed was truly a remarkable handset. It even earned the moniker of being the Swiss Army Knife of the digital age due to the myriad of functions that are packed tightly into its slim and sexy body.
The popularity of the iPhone though was even made more so by the fact that before a new iteration of the handset gets announced, Apple has the tendency to keep things close to the vest thereby resulting to the rumor mill cranking out juicy tidbit after juicy tidbit that border on the wild and ridiculous. And as we await the announcement of the new iPhone which some call as the iPhone 4S while others call iPhone 5, we experience the same bevy of rumors and what-can-we-expects about the device.
Read on for our compilation of the rumors and expectations about the upcoming iPhone 5 (or is it iPhone 4S?).
Design and construction
During the early stages of the rumor mill regarding the supposed iPhone 5, this is where the hearsays and the tidbits have been aimed at. Let’s start with the supposed form factor. It has been whispered that the new iPhone could probably retain the form factor of the current iPhone 4 with only its guts getting teared up and replaced with more powerful components. This is contradicted however by an article from the Wall Street Journal, which cited that the next iPhone is a challenge to mass-produce due to its size. This clearly points to thinner and light iPhone if the WSJ is to be believed. Sourced quoted by the WSJ were component suppliers for Apple so this tidbit as best is a 50 / 50 proposition.
Another rumor is the supposed screen size of the new iPhone. It has been alleged that the device will pack a slightly bigger 4-inch display so if this turns out to be true, the iPhone 5 could indeed have a slightly bigger form factor. But then again, a reduction of the bezel can accommodate the increased screen real estate without changing the form factor so again we are at 50 / 50 odds here.
Since we are talking about the display, some rumors indicate that the display of the new iPhone will feature a curved screen just like what we saw in the Google Nexus S smartphone. Should this one hold true, don’t hold your breath since the curvature of the display is imperceptible at best.

iPhone 5 mockup
Under the hood
As for the components lurking under the hood of the handset, it is a given that the new iPhone will be endowed with a better and more impressive specs sheet compared to what the iPhone 4 had. The only speculation found here points to the detailed and specific specs that can be expected on the latest iteration of the device.
It has been said that since the iPhone 4 packed a single-core A4 proc, the next iPhone will invariably have a dual-core CPU like the A5 found on the iPad 2. With this upgrade, things would definitely speed up a bit. The RAM of the handset might also get a bump up especially that Apple has the tendency to overdo itself when it comes with the components that get placed in its devices.
The rumor mill has also turned out an interesting piece of news regarding the shooters of the iPhone 5. It has been whispered that the rear shooter of the device might get a resolution bump to 8MP with the sensors coming from Sony. In the same vein, an LED flash might also accompany the FRONT shooter for better self-portraits.
Other features
NFC or near-field communication is seen as the future of making payments and it is said that the new iPhone 5 will have this feature wherein you can pay for your stuff by placing your handset over a sensor. In addition to that, the iPhone 4 which became available not only for GSM networks but for CDMAs as well could probably lead to an iPhone 5 worldphone that packs support for both CDMA and GSM networks.
After the rumors about the specs of the new iPhone quieted down to a mere whisper, the most recurring as of late is about the availability of the device. Several leaks have pointed to a mid-October release and this has been supported by pretty reliable sources that include head honchos of several carriers that expect to have the new iPhone in their lineup. The October release is even made more reliable by the fact the pre-orders for the new iPhone are already being accepted as of the moment.
The bottom line
Rumor or not, it is hard to speculate as to what the iPhone 5 would really be like until we get the official announcement from Steve Jobs et al. For the moment, we can content ourselves with the rumors and the allegations but we can rest assured that the new iPhone would certainly be better than the last and would again usher in a new age of innovation in the smartphone industry.
iPhone 5 Price in the Philippines: TBA (To Be Announced)


  1. Hi, I just wanna ask when will Ipad 3 and Iphone 5 be available out in the market here in the Philippines?Please answer as soon as possible coz I am planning to purchase each next month if it is already available here in the Philippines. 🙂

  2. Agree man!!!

  3. It Will Available In The Philippines Market On September 23,2015 Here’s The Link http//:pricephilippines.com/2015/09/iphone-5-price-in-philippines-features.html

  4. how much iphone5 will cost here in philippines?

  5. iphone 5 doesn’t exist and this stupid article wants to announce the price for it? how stupid are filipinos actually???

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  8. daot gayud. .wa pa gani. . .4s sa gaw naay palita. .

  9. our interest to iphone5 is not a nasty thing, of course you can’t stop the inquiring minds to those really interested of that phone,.. we all have the right to speak our minds but we should be careful, be responsible, still remember the good values.

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    how much apple iphone5

  15. can i order 1 set i phone

  16. it looks like samsung galaxy s2

  17. i like nokia 5110 kahit ibagsak mo buhay parin

  18. bought two when i went to australia for a visit. 64gb black and 64gb white @ AU$999 each. approx. P89k for the two units. outright and openline. globe doesn’t have nanosim available at the moment. cut my existing microsim using a scissor and work as a treat. thickness isn’t an issue after all. happy! =)

  19. Im selling my Iphne5 for 85k anyone interestd?
    It comes with the oringal package: earphone, usb, charger. Good as brand new!

  20. can i ask how much is the original price for iphone 5 16bg? im about to buy 5 units, hope can help me.

  21. Globe nanosim is already available in the Phil since early January 2012, & I’ve bought one of it at Robinson’s Ermita.

  22. iphone 5 its not realy good its the best nokia lumia 900

  23. Just got my new iPhone 5 yesterday from Globe. I have 2 lines ( one blackberry and my new iPhone 5).

    I love GLOBE and truly, Globe is the # in postpaid. Super like and actually I am excited for my loyalty reward from this great network

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