Acer H5360BD Colorboost 3D Multimedia Projector

Acer H5360BD Colorboost 3D Multimedia Projector Price, Features and Tech Specs: In today’s world where technological advances are happening at blazing fast speeds, gadgets and consumer electronics that we can only dream about or envision in the olden days are now actually realities that can be found in most homes. With these advances in play, the trend of making everything smaller and slimmer and yet all the more powerful continues more than ever.
The best example would be the television. Gone are the days of the cabinet-type TVs and in their place nowadays are the slim and sexy HDTVs that have streamlined profiles that the footprint that they have are very small. They do not take as much space nowadays as it was in the past.
In the same vein that that the TV may have been the recipient of a lot of technological improvements and yet it is now fastly being replaced by the new weapon of choice as the new centerpiece of your home entertainment system – the projector.
The projector as it is now is also being upgraded time and again to pack more and better features just like what we have seen in the case of the boob tube. And with the sudden shift of interest to 3D content, projectors are also going with the flow and are already coming up with 3D-ready projectors that can stream content from a 3D-capable player or a 3D-enabled gaming console.
Such is the case of the Acer H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector. This projector is now available in the market and has been deemed a very capable and effective projector in blasting out 3D-content for your viewing or gaming pleasure.
That being said, what then can we expect from the Acer H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector? Is it as good as advertized? Would it in a way change our viewing or gaming habits? At what kind of price point does it come in? Read on as we take a closer look at the Acer H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector.
Design and construction
Surprisingly, for a projector that packs a lot of features that appeal to the consumer, the Acer H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector packs a very small footprint. It only measures 26.8 x 19.2 x 8 cm and tips the scales at a scant 2.2 kilograms.
It has a minimalist design aesthetic that is almost utilitarian in its styling and its whole chassis is covered in a lily-white colorway. At this smallish form factor, the H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector is a type of device that you can put in the shelf when not in use, literally and figuratively.
The bulb of the H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector on the other hand is of the P-VIP 200-watt nature and has a life cycle of approximately 3000 hours (4000 hours in economic mode). As for ports that can be found at the back panel of the projector, one can find inputs such as RGB, component and composite video in addition to its standard HDMI 1.4a interface.

Key features
Aside from its 3D-capability which is actually the crowning glory of the H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector, it is also capable of an image brightness of 2500 ANSI Lumens. Image contrast ratio on the other hand is at 2500:1 and it packs a native 720p WXGA resolution of 1280 x 720 while the native aspect ratio of the projector is set at 16:9.
The innovations do not stop there. Despite the fact that the H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector is one of those 3D-capable projectors, hooking it up to a 3D BluRay player is s easy as it sound. This feature is brought about by the fact that the H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector now packs an HDMI 1.4a interface that lets you hook the projector up directly to a 3D capable BluRay player or gaming console like the PlayStation 3 without the complications of having to use a converter box for it to project a 3D image. With this at the center of your home entertainment system setup, 3D projection that can only be enjoyed in movie theaters can now be taken advantage of in the comfort of your living room.
The performance
Amazingly, the H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector is able to deliver an impressive performance despite of its low price. Watch a 3D-film with a lot of cross-talk causing scenes and you hardly notice the cross talk while enjoying the flick.
Due to the reduction of cross talk to a bare minimum, 3D pictures and images look very sharp in addition to the sense of depth that these 3D images convey. Not only that, 3D images pack that punch in terms of high brightness and are richer in color. The same goes when cranking down the projector to just 2D mode. You still get the same treatment if you ask me.
The only snag that we noticed is the apparent noise that the projector emits when watching 3D content and setting the projector on full brightness mode. Mind you, the noise is not that excessive that you are already distracted by the noise emitter by the projector.
The bottom line
When buying consumer electronics, we fuss too much in trying out the features of the device that we are about to fork money over with. In the case of the Acer H5360BD – Colorboost 3D Projector, the try before you buy stage can be done in as little time as possible so that you can go home already to try your new toy out. That is how good the projector is.
Acer H5360BD Colorboost 3D Multimedia Projector Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 35,000.00

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