Altec Lansing iMT 630 iPhone/iPod Audio Speaker Dock

Altec Lansing iMT 630 iPhone/iPod Audio Speaker Dock Price, Features and Other Info: The IFA 2011 in Berlin has regaled us of the hot new gadgets to look out for and one of these is the Altec Lansing iMT 630 iPhone / iPod speaker dock. We spend a little time with the iMT 630 and here are our initial impressions for your reading pleasure.
Design and construction
In terms of its form factor, the iMT 630 measures 16.5 x 8.8 x 6.2 inches and tips the scales at a scant 3.4 pounds making the speaker dock system very portable indeed. In fact, the speaker dock has a smallish form factor that makes it ideal almost anywhere in your home since its footprint is not too big and as a consequence, the iMT 630 doesn’t take up that much space.
In all honesty, the iMT 630 actually packs a lot of features that the designers and engineers of this nifty little speaker dock system were able to devise ingenuous ways to jam-pack everything in the smallish form factor of the iMT 630.
The full front panel of the iMT 630 is covered in a grille-like cloth to protect the speaker system inside the cabinet of the speaker dock. In the middle towards the bottom edge of the iMT 630 sits the dock socket of the speaker system that actually pops in and out of the speaker cabinet with just a simple press. Pretty nifty eh?
The top edge of the iMT 630 on the other hand towards its left side contains the controls and buttons of the speaker system. These include the device’s power button along with the volume control buttons and the source button to select and switch from one music source to another. Last to be seen there are the two indicator lights to let you know which particular music source is in operation.
Moving over to the back panel of the speaker dock system, one can find the storage compartment for the iMT 630’s remote control. The remote of the iMT 630 is your typical remote control with the basic controls but what sets it apart is its magnetized nature that you can just leave it in its compartment towards the back panel of the iMT 630 without it falling off.

The performance and other features
Aside from the features mentioned earlier, the iMT 630 if you come to think of it, is a pretty basic speaker dock system that is jam-packed with features. For example, the iMT 630 has a 7-band equalizer but that is not the on-body type of EQ. You need to download an iOS app so that you can get access to the 7-band equalizer that’ll give you much customization options for your iMT 630.
In terms of its sound quality, we expect the iMT 630 to be able to deliver the same impressive sound quality that we have come to love with Altec Lansing products. In this regard, the iMT 630 does not disappoint at all.
The iMT 630 is getting its sound blasted from a pair of 2-inch drivers but the sound emanating from its speaker cabinet gives you the impression that bigger drivers are actually behind the grille-like cloth. It is loud enough that it still can be heard over the din of a noisy environment.
In terms of the sound and the fury coming out of the speakers, the bass notes blasted out of the iMT 630 tend to be warm and full of body. In short, it packs the bass punch that we have expected and yet does not get distorted even if you crank up the volume all the way up. The mids and trebles being driven out are another story though. These ranges lack the insight and dynamics that we have come to expect and are only slightly above average compared to the quality of the bass notes. The combination of all three ranges however still manage to give the iMT 630 an impressive sound quality for a portable speaker system that we never manage to coax out from some other brands. However, Altec Lansing could have done better in this regard. Much better, actually.
The bottom line
The Altec Lansing iMT 630 iPhone and iPod speaker dock system is already available in the market with an attached price tag of $149.99 in the US of A. Despite the not-too-excellent sound quality, there are still a lot of things that will endear the iMT 630 to you.
Its design aesthetics combined with its slim form factor and profile is well suited to be placed in any spot in your casa and would serve as a nice conversation piece actually. The pop-out dock is also a nifty idea along with the cubbyhole for storing the included remote control. If the sound quality of the iMT 630 was a bit better than what it has, it would have gotten our two thumbs up.
Altec Lansing iMT 630 iPhone/iPod Audio Speaker Dock Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 7,100.00

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