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Amazon Kindle Fire Price in the Philippines, Features and Other Info: With the announcement of Kindle Fire, Amazon is clearly taking a different approach at trying to stop the Apple iPad 2 craze. They unleashed a 7-inch tablet with attractive design, awesome operating system, and powerful hardware specifications. What’s the catch? You could buy the Kindle Fire at a very low price when compared to other tablets with similar specs. Also, it can do almost everything that your iPad 2 can.
The Kindle Fire is running a radically modified version of Android operating system. Using it, you can quickly go to Amazon Appstore, buy Kindle e-books and do the usual things you could. Users will also have access to over 100,000 streaming movies and TV shows, 17 million songs, and thousands of apps and games.
The Kindle Fire has a built-in web browser called Amazon Silk. The browser is said to offer ultra-fast web surfing experience since it utilizes Amazon EC2 servers for off-device cloud computation and Google’s SPDY protocol for quicker webpage content transmission. Like other tablets on other platforms, the Kindle Fire includes a home-cooked email application out-of-the-box. The app supports major email services such as Yahoo! Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL and it supports multiple email accounts flawlessly.

In terms of hardware capabilities, the Kindle Fire is no weakling. Powered by a 1GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4 dual-core processor, this tablet has more than enough processing power to handle 3D games, movies, multi-tasking, and other demanding tasks. Perhaps its only real weakness is its measly 8GB of internal storage capacity. However, users will be given free cloud storage for their entire Amazon content to help lighten the load of the built-in storage.
Kindle Fire’s 7-inch multi-touch gorilla glass display (capable of 1024×600 resolution) is considered as a sweet spot among many tablet computers because it makes the device a lot more portable. At 413 grams (iPad 2 is 610g), the Fire is very light and would be perfect for reading using just one hand.
All things considered, the Amazon Kindle Fire is a sure winner among budget-conscious and gadget-loving consumers. It contains the right ingredients to succeed: a mobile-friendly size, powerful hardware and software, and a handful of handy services. Like probably most of you, I have already included the Kindle Fire on my Christmas wish list.
Amazon Kindle Fire Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 9,000.00
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  1. where can i purchase amazon kindle fire here in the philippines? thanx

  2. Ive seen one on market market taguig. hindi ko lang maalala yung name ng shop and exact location.

    so, malapit banda sa escalator sa gitna (atrium) , not sure kung 2nd or 3rd floor. kanto yung shop.

    hope it helps. i was checking on kindle also. check this out

    good day. 🙂

  3. is kindle fire available in Mindanao market?

  4. miron ito sa cagayan de oro city?i was planning to buy it this on sunday.pls do help me

  5. meron aq nyan.,if u want bilhin mo nlang

  6. Anonymous says

    available pu ba yan d2 sa lucena city????

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