Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker Price, Features and Other Details: We dissect the Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker to find out just how good this Bluetooth-enabled speaker system for wirelessly listening to music fares. Join us as explore the ins and outs of the SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker.
Design and construction
The SoundLink packs a rectangular shape that measures 9.6 x 5.1 x 1.9 inches and tips the scales at 2.9 pounds. The front panel of the SoundLink is a speaker grille made from black steel while its sides are adorned with brushed chrome and plastic in matte black to act as accent pieces. Its almost flat shape makes it ideal, not to mention, easy to pack the SoundLink should you plan to bring it out of the house for some outdoors music listening.
The SoundLink has a standard design that features a snap-shut cover made of a dark gray nylon material. This cover also doubles as the SoundLink’s stand but the premium SoundLink on the other hand comes with a dark brown cover made from leather and the edges are all done in chrome while the black plastic goes out of the window.
The entire top panel of the SoundLink houses a row of controls and buttons that include the SoundLink’s volume rocker, Bluetooth, Aux, Mute, and Power. Round its back on other hand sits the standard 3.5 jack for aux input that let you connect devices that do not support Bluetooth connectivity. Joining the jack at the rear panel is the SoundLink’s connection for its power supply along with a microUSB connector that will be used in updating the speaker system’s firmware.
The guts of the SoundLink on the other hand houses the rechargeable Li-Ion power pack of the speaker system that supplies juice to the SoundLink so it can blast out music for up to three hours at high volumes and up to eight hours when the volume is at moderate levels.
The snap-shut cover of the SoundLink is much like the Smart Cover of the iPad 2 though the SoundLink’s cannot be removed from its frame. The company claims that the SoundLink went through rigorous weather-testing before it hit the shelves to ensure that it can handle humidity along with extreme temperatures. With this, you can be rest assured that the SoundLink will blast out excellent sound whenever and wherever you are.

The sound and the fury
For starters, the SoundLink is a wireless speaker system that makes use of Bluetooth technology to pair with a music source. With this speaker system, pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled device is very easy and simple. In addition to that, the SoundLink is capable of storing the last six devices that it got paired with so you don’t have to re-pair a certain device that has recently been used in conjunction with the SoundLink.
It is also very intuitive. Power up the speaker system and if there is one of the last six devices that it worked with is just within range, the SoundLink emits a beep to let you know that the device is already recognized and it is already to rock some beats. One snag though is that you can only pair one device with the SoundLink at a certain time. When another device is already paired with the speaker system, there is no way for you to connect another device via Bluetooth unless you break the initially-paired device. This is more of a limitation with Bluetooth and not with the SoundLink but is annoying should you want to stream music from several sources.
Use a lone device with the speaker system and the process becomes simple and painless.
In terms of its sound quality, this is a Bose speaker system so we get what we always get from Bose products – exceptional sound quality. Despite its diminutive size, the SoundLink is able to blast out considerable power. It is able to produce rich, round bass notes that are very warm to listen to. In addition to that, the low-ends do not get distorted even if the volume is cranked up to the maximum. The mids and trebles on the other hand are clearly represented and its combination with the bass notes creates a sound experience that is hard to believe coming from s speaker system of this size.
The bottom line
The Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker is one of those speaker systems that you would want sitting on your night stand or desk to provide you with exceptional sound quality every time you pair it with your mobile device. It does not come cheap though at its price point of $299.99 but that amount is well worth your money with the sound quality you get. This is a Bose speaker system after all.
Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 14,000.00


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