LG 55LW980T 3D HDTV Price, Features and Other Info: We take the LG 55LW980T for a ride and see how it performs. Join us as we get to know the 55LW980T a little better.
Design and construction
It is safe to assume that when LG released the 55LW980T, the company already had in mind that the big-ass TV would be its flagship set. With the 55LW980T’s very attractive design and solidly built chassis, the TV is definitely in the running for the flagship status in the company’s line of HDTVs.
Similar to the high-end models released by the competition, the 55LW980T was designed using the approach of making use of a single sheet of glass for the whole frame of the TV that gives it a very elegant, classy and contemporary look. The only caveat here is that since the whole front panel of the 55LW980T is made entirely of glass, the HDTV tends to be susceptible to glare and reflection. In addition to that, making a single sheet of glass for its frame tends to make the 55LW980T rather heavy.
Since weight has already been mentioned, let us talk about the dimensions of the 55LW980T. The TV measures 1265 x 760 x 24.7 mm and weighs 23.8 kilograms. Its weight though doesn’t include the stand and making use of the stand cranks up the weight of the whole TV to a whopping 23 kilograms so it would be a good decision to have this mounted on a wall. Doing so would also give you the option in having it mounted in such a way that glare and reflection are minimized.
The 55LW980T packs a color scheme of all-black. The back panel of the HDTV is also done in black in the same way that a black bezel runs around under the glass fascia of the 55LW980T. The build quality of the 55LW980T is very good bordering on the excellent which makes it a good choice for a flagship TV of the company. The stand of the 55LW980T is very solid and despite the heaviness of the full frame of the 55LW980T, the stand is still able to ensure that the whole set is rock solid.
The bottom right portion of the 55LW980T’s front panel contains touch-sensitive controls that include Power, Volume, Home, Program and Enter. The left hand portion of the HDTV on the other hand at its back panel contains the ports and connectors of the 55LW980T while the power cord of the TV is hard wired at the back panel of the 55LW980T.

Key features of the 55LW980T
Since the 55LW980T is in the running to be the flagship HDTV of LG, you can expect it to pack all the bells and whistles expected in a flagship TV. In addition to packing the proprietary Cinema 3D feature of the company, the 55LW980T also makes use of Nano Filter. Not only that, the 55LW980T is LED-backlit is done in Full LED backlighting technology.
The 55LW980T also makes use of its TruMotion feature to enhance its image handling capabilities along with LED local dimming to ensure that the dynamic range and black levels of the 55LW980T are always enhanced.
The biggest technological advancement that we can find on the 55LW980T though is its Smart TV platform that gives the flagship HDTV Internet support and capability. Setting up and adding the 55LW980T on your home network is very easy since the TV has an integrated Wi-Fi feature but should you have a wired connection at home, a socket at the rear of the 55LW980T lets you connect to your wired home network.
With the Smart TV platform supported in the 55LW980T, access to media services such as Cartoon Network, Acetrax, YouTube, along with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is now standard. The telly also has an integrated web browser that lets the user browse web content. Not only that, a user ca also download apps form the LG App store to enhance the functionality of the 55LW980T.
If you are a multimedia fiend and you want your content shared, it is very easy to hook up your digital camera, personal music player or flash drive using the USB ports of the 55LW980T and from thereon, it is just a matter of accessing the content using the Smart Share feature of the telly. The 55LW980T also includes support for DivX HD and is compliant with DLNA making the streaming of content a lot easier.
The bottom line
Since its release, AV enthusiasts have had the chance to really go over the 55LW980T and check out its every nook and cranny. We agree with most of them that the LG 55LW980T is able to deliver the goods expected from it while packing a great design and coming up with a specs sheet and features list that is only made more attractive by its exceptional image quality and terrific sound.
In short, this is the best HDTV that LG made and deserves the right to be called the flagship TV of the LG line.
LG 55LW980T 3D HDTV Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 180,000.00
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