Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router

Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router Preview: Price, Features and Other Info – With wireless Internet connections being the choice of most people right now to avoid being encumbered with messy and complicated wired setups, we take the high-end Linksys E4200 Wireless Router for a spin to ascertain its performance. Read on to get the full details of our alone time with the router.
Design and construction
At first glance, the E4200 doesn’t even look like a router. The first thing that popped in head when I first saw the router was that it was some sort of jewelry box. It boasts of a clean, minimalist design and at 226 x 157 x 31 mm, the E4200 is a lot more compact when compared to other routers in this category.
The E4200 has a flat shape and was designed to have internal antennas so there are no unnecessary protrusions sticking out of its back panel to mess up its industrialist design. Sad to say, the power adapter of the E4200 is rather large compared to the compactness of the router and is advisable to be tucked away out of sight because it has a size that is almost comparable to a charger for a laptop.
At its front panel, the E4200 only has one thing of note – a white light done in the shape of the logo of Cisco. That usual status LEDs commonly found in other routers is nowhere to be found in the E4200 because Linksys decided to forego them. The white light, which is the only thing the E4200 has got going on in its front panel, blinks when the router is just booting up or when there is something wrong. Otherwise, it stays lighter when everything is fine.
At the back panel, the ports of the E4200 are all bunched up. It has 4 LAN ports in addition to a WAN port and all of these are capable of Gigabit connections and are able to support up to 1000Mbps throughputs. In addition to that, a reset button, a button for the Wi-Fi Protected Setup feature, and a USB 2.0 port are also found in the back panel of the E4200.
The retail package of the E4200 also comes with the software for Cisco Connect which is basically the utility that the user would be using in setting up and configuring the E4200. This is also the software that is used to manage the router. Cisco Connect is actually very easy to use and anyone who can get a mouse to work is sure to get the router good to go in approximately 5 minutes.

Key features of the Linksys E4200
The E4200 is a dual band router. This simply means that the router has two different access points that can work at the same time – one for the 5GHz band and the other for the 2.4GHz one. Separate guest wireless networks can also be created albeit at the 2.4GHz band only. In addition to that, the E4200 is capable providing 450Mbps speeds on its 5GHz band by using the three-stream standard.
As for guest networking, this is a great solution actually if you want your Internet connection shared with other people while at the same time barring them from getting access to your local resources such as your files and printers. In short, you only give them the internet connection with the guest networking feature of the E4200. Also, only a maximum of 10 clients is supported by guest networking which is not that much when you come to think of it.
Aside from the features mentioned above, the E4200 is also capable of supporting network storage which also includes giving access to the files in a external hard drive that can be hooked up to the router via its USB port. These by the way include hard drives in the NTFS or FAT32 formats and sharing these can be done with restrictions based on the user accounts. The admin account by default gets the full access in addition to having the capability in creating additional user accounts.
The performance
The E4200 was subjected to our rigorous test to ascertain its performance levels and it was able to pass with flying colors. The router excelled in out 5GHz frequency test wherein it registered 100.5Mbps throughputs in close range and 79.1Mbps in long range. As for the 2GHz frequency test, the E4200 was able to deliver 61.4Mbps in close range and 46.9Mbps in long range. Reliability-wise, there was no disconnection experienced when the router was subjected to 48 straight hours of excessive data transfer using various clients. The range of the E4200 is also at an unbelievable 290 feet at both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. No snags were encountered when the E4200 was subjected to these tests but the only thing of consequence was that the router got rather warm so it is highly-recommended for it to be placed in a clutter-free area for better air circulation.
The bottom line
At its price point of $169, the Linksys E4200 Wireless Router is the best router you can get in this category. It is that simple.
Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 8,000.00

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