Apple iPhone 4S Price in the Philippines, Features and Specs

After months of rumors and speculations, the iPhone 4S finally gets unveiled instead of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5. We take a look at Apple’s new baby so join us as we get to know the next generation iPhone a little better.
Design and construction
In terms of its aesthetics, the iPhone 4S pretty much got the experience that the iPhone 3GS went through. Like the 3GS, the iPhone 4S is basically seen as just an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 4 and nothing monumental or groundbreaking is to be expected.
True enough, the iPhone 4S may have gone through an overhaul but most of the changes all happen under the hood that we will get to later on. For now, let us take care of the aesthetics part first.
Looks-wise, there’s not much difference if you come to think of it between the iPhone 4S and the older iPhone 4. The handset measures 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm and tips the scales at 140 grams. It basically has the same measurements as its older siblings and is just a hair heavier. In terms of aesthetics, it’s like the iPhone 4 again with the same fascia and the same body with its sexy goodness that is just so good to touch and feel.

Under the hood
This is where all the important going-ons are happening. The iPhone 4S may just be an incremental upgrade but still, the components that lurk under its hood are so impressive that a geek may find it hard to believe. In short, this is where all the action takes place.
At the center of operations, the new Apple A5 chipset takes center stage. This chipset, like the competition also has an SoC configuration so you basically put the processor and GPU of the device together atop the chipset.
In the case of the iPhone 4S, the processor is a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with a clock speed of 1GHz that supplies all the necessary computing power to the handset. Right next to it is the dedicated PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU of the device that is responsible for turning out incredible graphics on the screen of the handset.
There has been no confirmation as to how much RAM the Cortex-A9 processor of the iPhone 4S will get to work with but there are whispers that it only has 512MB of RAM at its disposal. Well, no confirmation nor denial from the Cupertino-based company so we’ll just leave it as it is. In terms of storage space, the iPhone 4S will be released in three versions – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. In choosing your device, you are advised to go for the one that packs the most storage since Apple neglected to give the iPhone 4S a dedicated media card slot for expansion.
The display
This is another neat feature of the iPhone 4S. No, not neat. This is one of its killer features – its Retina Display. The front panel of the handset is mostly taken up by its 3.5-inch IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen panel with a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and pixel density of 330 ppi. In addition to that, the display is of the LED-backlit type so we expect nothing but good things from the iPhone 4S in terms of display goodness.
Like its predecessor, the display of the iPhone 4S also gets treated to an oleophobic coating that makes the screen of the device scratch-resistant so your handset is safe from unsightly scratches or cracks. It also packs the usual array of sensors that extend the functionality of the handset in addition to making it a great gaming device as well.
The shooters
The camera department of the iPhone 4S also got a nice bump up in terms of its specs sheet. The rear shooter of the device has been upgraded and is now endowed with a very capable 8-megapixel snapper that has LED flash and autofocus in addition to coming in with features such as face detection, geotagging and touch focus.
The rear shooter, when video mode is toggled, is capable of recording videos with a 1080p resolution at 30fps in addition to having video mode features such as video geotagging, video stabilization and letting you use the LED flash as your video light.
The front-shooter on the other hand is an anti-climax with its VGA resolution though it can be useful for FaceTIme video chats and capturing self-portraits.
The bottom line
If truth be told, there is nothing really game-changing with the new iPhone 4S. From a pundit’s point of view, it is just like an upgraded iPhone 4 – sort of like the HTC Sensation XE to the original HTC Sensation.
But still, people will still line up to take this baby home not because it is an impressive handset (which it is, in fact) but more so because of its being a status symbol. Do I want one? You bet I do!
Apple iPhone 4S Price in the Philippines:

iPhone 4S Prepaid Price List (Smart):
iPhone 4S 16GB – Php 33,200.00
iPhone 4S 32GB – Php 38,200.00
iPhone 4S 64GB – Php 43,200.00

iPhone 4S Prepaid Price List (Globe):
iPhone 4S 16GB – Php 37,599.00
iPhone 4S 32GB – Php 43,399.00
iPhone 4S 64GB – Php 49,199.00


  1. 8,000 + yan

  2. Sana nga 8,000 pesos + na lang
    For sure, a lot of people would buy that 😉

  3. 30,000 yan. It can’t be 8000. It is too cheap.


    $199 : 8,617.69 ( 16GB )
    $299 : 12,943.41 ( 32GB )
    $399 : 17,274.23 ( 64GB )

    . . its quite cheap :)) . . its very affordabLe . .

  5. cguro mag start pricing nyan from 18k.. d na ata yan aabot ng 30k..

  6. mga tanga…plan yan hindi yung iphone mismo..hahaha mga nakakatawa naman kyo…plan for verizon or at n t yan…..

  7. kung makatanga naman tong isang to. kala mo kung sino.

  8. Tama ! plan yan. Hindi no ba nkikita sa ibang website? $199 + 24 month contract .
    kung bibili kayo tlga nyan .. mag simula na kayong MAG-IPON !
    sigurado nman na bilang lang ang mkakabiLi nyan

  9. puro na tayo tanga kasi HANGGANG PANGARAP PA LANG TAYO SA PRESYO…

  10. bad ka ha. mag isip ka bago ka mg click

  11. ang tatanga naman. syempre hindi lang ganyan yung presyo pagdating sa atin. nung na-release dati yung iphone4, nasa 40k na. mag isip naman kayo.

  12. kung maka “tanga” WAGAS e.

  13. $199 : 8,617.69 ( 16GB )
    $299 : 12,943.41 ( 32GB )
    $399 : 17,274.23 ( 64GB )

    ung $199, $299 at $399 na price eh may contract sa mobile carrier sa US like AT&T, verizon at sprint. so for sure mahal yan pag dating dito unless nakaplan ka sa globe. (baka free sa plan 3500 or sa platinum)

  14. Ang bobo nyo nag compute pa kayo! iphone Php 8K mga bobo kayo, mga sanay kayo siguro sa cheap na phone hahha..

  15. wasak 🙂 natanga lahat ah

  16. Mga tanga lahat kayo, magtatanong pa kayo di nyo naman afford.

  17. plan yan sa and at&t. monthly 8k babayaran mo.. jlgs

  18. makatanga lang .. xa naman ang TANGA sa lahat! eh kung cna sagot mo nalang ng maayos yung mga nagtatanong , edi may natuwa pa sana sayo!

  19. it should be at 199$ + (60$ x 24)

    convert nyo na lang sa peso.

    im sure about it

  20. Mag post ng comment dito pagtapos ko… tanga!

  21. natawa nalang aq. innocent people.

  22. for sure 35k pataas yan

  23. sa US yan. kasi may lock in period sila sa mga cell company kaya mura.

  24. cguro 16gb falls 37,000-38,000
    32gb falls 43,000-44,000
    64gb falls 47,000-48,000

    estimate lang

  25. just wanted to say if you are going to state any fact, please be sure to have it with true and valid grounds.

  26. mga bruha,,,kala mo makakabilii,,,,pang kain nga wla eh

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  28. mga 40k yan

  29. kung gustn nio meron ako iphone 4s 32gb bgo lahat 20k lng 14 units n lng ito. plus 2,500 kung kmi ang mag open line.

  30. saan ka po pwede makontak?
    basta original na iphone ha….

  31. REALLY! Anong catch mo?

    Ppl: Beware na rin kayo…a new iPhone for half the price, ito wag nyong tangahan!

    To be safe, ask Globe first…

  32. iPhone 4S 16GB – Php 37,499
    iPhone 4S 32GB – Php 43,699
    iPhone 4S 64GB – Php 49,899

  33. nakabili na ko! 90 000 SHARE.

  34. saan ka nakabili?

  35. Amf 49k, gs2 nalang 2 pa. Kung worry sa mga bugs update firmware lang at os…. Try searching for android 4.0. Wapak ios5

  36. iPhone 4S 16GB – Php 37,499
    iPhone 4S 32GB – Php 43,699
    iPhone 4S 64GB – Php 49,899

    e2 ang exact price ng iPhone 4S

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  41. kaya tayo hindi umuunlad eh

  42. hindi ganyan presyo nyan. iphone 4 diba ganyan din prices? pero priced dito as 40k above nung bago palang. mura sa US kasi sa plan binabawi yung cost. parang globe plan lang. intindihin nyo lang guys, baka kasi madissapoint lang tayo.

  43. yung palaging nag sasabing tanga jan baka ikaw ang walang pangbili,siguro hindi ka nag aaral o nag aral kaya ka ganyang magsalita,baka nga pang enroll wala ka eh kaya wala kang manners.

  44. tanga, mag-ipon na kayo. mag-ipon na kayo ng luha sa 40k+ na presyo :))

  45. pwde akong mkabili..benta ko ung iphone4 ko.

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  47. Price with contract kaya yan pinost mo! Iba ang price ng actual unit pag off contract!

  48. just wait and see nalang..ang dadaldal nio..useless!

  49. kung naka plan ka yan ang price pero pag unlock ndi ganyana ng price…

  50. wag mo nalang ibenta ang iphone 4 mo sayang naman, just have it upgraded para ios na..just for 1000

  51. wtf walang ganyan na apple product! kakalabas lang ganyan na kababa presyo tanga.. installment basis ata tinutukoy mo e ahah..

  52. natatawa ako sa mga comment dito. hindi nila naisip na kaya mura kasikukuha ka ng plan then my monthly free for two years. Just like sa globe ngayon kukunin mo ng 3700 yung plan then mgbabayan ka ng 3700 for two years. nasa 40+ yan peace po

  53. Mga primitibo! Bka bumangon p si steve jobs pagsasampalin kau ng Ipad! Hahaha

  54. Mga primitibo! Bka bumangon pa si steve jobs pagsasampalin kau ng Ipad!

  55. mga bugok! PLAN yun! 😀

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  58. apple = failure

  59. mangarap na kayo… ako bibili china phone at least afford ko yung price….. ngayon sisimulan ko na mag ipon para umabot na ng 40k pera ko.. puro kayo satsat…..


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  62. Grabe naman yung mga nagcocomment ng TANGA, kala mo kung sino, di nating alam, anonymous lahat tayo dito pero mga kakarampot din tayo ng pera, kala nyo mga sossy kayo na can afford talaga. Geez, eh sana singot nyo ng tama tung mga nagtatanong ng maayos without bickering. Hay…. T_T”

  63. .makakapagipon ka nga kaso may bago na nmang ilalabas ang apple wtf, haha pero pwede na rin haha

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  65. Wala na bang exact price sa 4s? tagal naman. haha.

  66. anga, mag-ipon na kayo. mag-ipon na kayo ng luha sa 40k+ na presyo :)) —- “bwahahaha… the best ito! Grabe..”
    Mga primitibo! Bka bumangon p si steve jobs pagsasampalin kau ng Ipad! Hahaha — “hehehe”

    mga TANGA LAHAT TAYO! haha… naaliw ako dito… Grabe!

  67. 48k starting price sa globe

  68. and stupid naman kung iphone 4g nga mahal eh yan pa kayang iphone 4s hahahahahaha! hindi magiging 8k yan stupid. 😀 it’s 50k + tignan nyo sa greenbelt hahahaha! STUPID!

  69. meron na yan sa 35k – 50k ang price :)pero funny naman ung 8k for iphone 4s haha parang ang cheap naman ni Siri niyan hahaha

  70. 16gb 48,500
    32gb 54,500
    64gb 61,500

  71. No, hindi ka magbabayad ng 199 dollars per month. Iyon lang yung babayaran mo sa umpisa. Depende sa kukunin mong plan ang babayaran mo monthly, basta naka-contract ka for 2 years kapag 199 dollars lang binayaran mo.

  72. Tama mga pards, 55k ang unit price nyan…. Mag ipon na kyo pra next year maka bili na….

  73. Pre kaya ko kayang bilhin yan,, 112,000.00 pesos lang ang monthly slary ko… he he he….

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  78. meron din ako… bwahahaa… meron akong kwento!

  79. ang price nyan ay
    16 gb – 8,557
    32 gb – 12,857
    64 gb – 17,157

    estimated po yan

  80. makatanga wagas!! matalino kaba?? mayaman kaba?? churanes mo pangit mo na pangit pa ugali mo!!

  81. gus2 nyo bumili ng iphone 4s sa labas ng dubai sa apple store 660 usd… no contract na yan… kng contract na 199 usd lang kaso naka locked…

  82. 42000 32gb iphone 4s
    broke nako 🙁

  83. believe talaga ako sa mayayaman na humble.
    para sa poor na mayabang (kung maka tanga), di bagay sa yo ang iPhone 4s pang edukado lang yan. kahit meron ka orig di ka paniniwalaang binili mo. hehe

  84. sana nlng kung ganu kabilis maglabas ng mga bagong unit, ganun dn kabilis magdepreciate yung unit value…
    ung 16GB plng, kung papatungan pa ng mga d2 sa pinas dahil sa shipping fee at kung anu2x pang fees, lalo na ng tax, aabot na ng 40k..haaaay..hanggang pangarap na lang ba??hahaha…

  85. 799 dollars per unit plus tax. .35-40k. .unlock version of 4s. .medyo mahal. .399dollars are with plan and 2 years lock in

  86. babagsak din presyo niyan and by that time mas maeenjoy niyo na yan kasi mas marami ng new apps. jailbreaks, openlines at kung anu ano pang mga katarantaduhan. antay at ipon lang.

  87. I think nasa 35-40k yan.

  88. shut up

  89. mga tanga kaung lahat,, huhuhu,, 70k iphone 4s,, tnanung q yan ky kuya kim,

  90. Nakalagay sa apple website na maglalabas sila ng unlocked version ng 4s by november. Starting price is 650 USD. Pero by the time aabot yan sa atin, price siguro is about 35k pataas. ito ang link po ng unlocked 4s price.

  91. mga bobo kayong lahat mga walang pambili… haha…

  92. walang kwenta mga pinag aawayan nio! dahil lng sa iphone nag tatangahan kau! mga abnuy!

  93. plan poh yan… it’s a miracle poh if ganyan kababa ang pricing ng iphone.. 30k up talaga yan.. pero di parin kayang pantayan ng iphone 4s ang specs ng samsung galaxy s2…tapos parating narin ang galaxy s3…

    watch niyo comparative users reviews ng iphone v.s samsung… walang panama ang iphone…

    may drop test narin ginawa…durog ang iphone 4s samantalang ang samsung galaxy s2…may scratch lng

  94. iPon = iPhone , kalahati plng naiiPon q para s 4s na yan.. hopefully early nxt year. s mga mahilig mgsabi ng tanga at bobo jan..puro kau yabang e masahol p kau s mga tanga..mga maki2tid ang utak, wlang ibang alam kundi manlait.. mga taong puro bagsak ang grado, 6-7 years ngcollege for a 4yr course..kau un..!!

  95. ung 299 dollars, cash out un sa plan mga bobo.

  96. may monthly pa po yan..bukod

  97. sige bili kayo,


  99. be tactful in what you say.
    dont insult others by using tanga words,
    explain well, para malinaw.
    do not do unto others………….

  100. Plan po yang sinasabi mo 🙂
    iPhone 4s’s price will be at the range of 40-49k PHP.

    Bakit naman gagawa ang Apple ng bagong model kung mas mag mumura pa yun sa mga lumang model ng iphone.

  101. iPhone 4S will be at the range of 40-49k php.

    Nananginip ba kayo? 8k+? haha.

    Yung plan yang 8k na sinasabi nyo.

  102. I have one, and it’s really awesome! I got mine for 38k; 16 gb. You won’t regret buying one! 🙂

  103. mgpapadala aq nian sa daddy ko pgkatapos nang laban nia kay Juan Manuel Marquez.. weeeeeeeeee… mura lang yan sa daddy ko. parang barya lang yan..

  104. where’d you get it?

  105. 38K? omg, where did you have it?
    my family and I went to Robinson’s 2 days ago, and my dad asked the girl sa pinaka murang price,then, the saleslady told my dad that it was 49,900. 🙁

  106. magkano n po ngaun yan diz november? bka diz december bka bagsak presyo na?

  107. nakplan po ito ung $199 contract for 2 years

  108. $649 po sa US pag unit lang. 1 month waiting time

  109. 16g-649$

    yan ang price kung walang plan

  110. pilipino ka din says

    yung mga ilang mayabang na masyado makapag salita ng tanga, i am sure sya ang naiinggit at walang pang bili. tsk tsk tsk.

  111. this price is when you buy it with contract from their service provider which will not work here in the Phil.

  112. AHAHAHHAHAHA!mga walang utak!!

  113. Wag na mangarap ang mga walang perA period! hahaha

  114. think before you talk.. umayos kayo.. nakakahiya mga post niu, trying hard ang dating, halata namang hindi niyo alam.. universal phones lang din naman gamit niu.. may lumabas lang na bago, epal kaagad kayo.. wahahaha

  115. tama na nga yan,hehe..
    panoorin niyo nalang ito and share to others para mas kumalat pa ang mensahe nito.. 😀

  116. hmm..guys, i’ve been to SM Megamall. Ewan ko kung ura dun. Pero 40k ung 16Gb nila. at mas mataas pa ung 32Gb at 64Gb. now lang ako nakapag basa ng ganitong thread. Anyways, i’m also interested on IPhone. May pambili nga ako kaso nakakahinayang kasi after a year or less, may bago na naman silang ilalabas. remember Iphone5 dapat ang lumabas,. at marami ang na-dissapoint.

    Maganda pa rin sigurong hindi pa bumili. or wag nang bumuli if mag-iipon pa kayo. Medyo hindi praktikal ang 40k sa isang cellphone, unless your an executive or manager sa isang private company. Pero kung estudyante ka lang, hindi ko talaga sya maisip na bibilhin.

    Just an opinion though. Sana walang magalit or mag violent reaction.

  117. ikaw ang tanga!ikaw ang mag ipon!HAMPASLUPA!

  118. Masyado nmn k ung nonsense.bkit nagpopost p k u ng ganito dito.bakit hindi nlng k u mag inform sa apple store.or kya go sa globe or smart or watever n carrier.omg prang cellphone lng.nagpapayabangan lng k u.its juz only money.if u hev money no matter how much u can buy it without even bother to post nonsnse matter here.

  119. 38k poh bili q ng ganyan..dq lng po alam sa iba.. share lng

  120. tanga 45k pa yan

  121. hmm, i just asked from a shop in Market!Market! mall and Iphone 4s 16Gb already costs 56k.

  122. 35k po ung 4s sa apple store, natawa naman ako dun 8k iphone? hahaha mas mura sa states kasi nakaname ung sa bibili at dpat resident sila dun. ska saka iba carrier nila dun kesa sa pinas.

  123. no need iphone4s ok na ako sa nokia 3210 ko..subok na,may siri naman ako..gwapo na ako subok na din yun,..para lng sa mga pangit yan!

  124. Sa totoo lang, mas maganda parin ang specs ng Samsung Galaxy SII kesa sa 4s. Hardware, software at camera. Tinagurian ngang Iphone killer ang Galaxy SII.

    Iphone 4s = For girls. Fashion.
    Android Phones = For boys. Efficiency and Specs. 🙂

    @the question: I think nasa 40k plus ang 16gb niyan. Yung iphone 4 nang mas mahina pa jan nasa 35k-40k lang. At tsaka walang pinagkaiba ang iphone 4 and iphone 4s sa hardware design. Parehas na parehas lang ang display at size. 🙂

  125. hoyyy……………

  126. php37,000yan mga boss

  127. Where’d you buy? 😮 Kewl.

  128. I just bought 1

    it all costs 50k (64g)white..

  129. haha.. eto…

    $199 : 8,617.69 ( 16GB )
    $299 : 12,943.41 ( 32GB )
    $399 : 17,274.23 ( 64GB )

    . . its quite cheap :)) . . its very affordabLe . .
    its very affordable and you’re so KA KA!!!
    ***those are actual prices sa US under a plan tas 2 years ang contract… 35-40k yan malamang sa pinas.

  130. HHH

  131. may nagoopen line naman yata dito sa pinas, much better pabili na lang kau sa US kasi bibili ang mom ko this thanks giving sa US and it will fall on $100 lang, 2 yr contract sa AT&T. balak ko sana pabili at pauwi dito then ipa open line (kung safe ipa-open)

  132. my dad bought me an iphone 5. he bought it in amsterdam. i dunno if its already available here in the phil. i just payed for the installation of tap tap game because its not installed when i got the package. i just love that game so much, that’s why. hahaha. ndi sinabi ng dad ko kung magkano yung price, sabi nya lang ingatan ko kasi para na din bumili ng brand new motorcycle na pina upgrade pa. its not 40k. un lang. i dunno here in the phil. baka kasi mas mahal lng yung benta sa amsterdam, well its euro. wherein the value is higher than peso.


  134. tama ka dyan ahahhahaha

  135. may nagoopen line naman yata dito sa pinas, much better pabili na lang kau sa US kasi bibili ang mom ko this thanks giving sa US and it will fall on $100 lang, 2 yr contract sa AT&T. balak ko sana pabili at pauwi dito then ipa open line (kung safe ipa-open)

    ~ your so arte te blah bla blah

    eto pa ..
    my dad bought me an iphone 5. he bought it in amsterdam. i dunno if its already available here in the phil. i just payed for the installation of tap tap game because its not installed when i got the package. i just love that game so much, that’s why. hahaha. ndi sinabi ng dad ko kung magkano yung price, sabi nya lang ingatan ko kasi para na din bumili ng brand new motorcycle na pina upgrade pa. its not 40k. un lang. i dunno here in the phil. baka kasi mas mahal lng yung benta sa amsterdam, well its euro. wherein the value is higher than peso.

    ~ blah blah blah whatever we dont care your so arte

  136. iPhone 4s’ got better camera than S2’s. check out gsmarena’s 8megapixel shootout

    screen size lng naman ang lamang ng S2 sa iPhone e, tignan mo PPI at resolution, taob super amoled plus. hahaha

    cguro sa RAM lang lamang ang S2 pero aanhin mo naman ang 1GB RAM sa cellphone? lol 512MB is enough

  137. tanga ka tanga ka.. bol bol ang nag sasabi nung tanga.. isa syang tanga.. 🙂

  138. hi,, i do have a brand new iphone 4s… 64 gb… sino po interested,, brand new po,, ,,thanks..

  139. is this the real attitude of Filipino today. I pity those folks that used inappropriate words, and those who were idiots. Respect and understand those comments posted by someone do some research and analyze, do not be easily persuaded. Filipino’s are intelligent, that’s for sure..!

  140. nakakatawa ang mga sagutan dito. nakakadepress na karamihan talaga sa pinoy e mga tanga. at may mga tanga naman na sinasabihan ng tanga ang iba para mapagtakpang tanga rin sila. dyus ku po lord…

  141. Hala, napakawagas nyo naman. Don’t say bad words. Hindi naman po perpekto lahat. :)) Hindi po porket pinoy Tanga na.

  142. ang bobobo nyo 36k yan

  143. tama 36k sa Trinoma kakatingin lng nmin!


  145. wow ang mahal.. s middle east mura lng iphone..dun n lng ako magpapabili

  146. Guys, pumunta tayo sa page na’to para tingnan ang presyo ng Iphone 4S, hindi para mag murahan.

  147. hahaha.. bibili nlng ako ng nokia 101. chet!


    iPhone 4s Killers ung mga nabanggit. At mas cheap. Better performance pa un. Larger screen, mas sturdy. May flash pa :))

  149. Pasensya na pero nagtanong lang ako kanina sa mac center.. 38k ung iphone4 16gb.. so kung lalabas yang iphone4s at bibilhin niyo ng walang contract sa globe o smart eh malamang na nasa 45k yan. whew that’s too much for a phone. ^_^

  150. Mga piso nalang yan. HAHAHA. Astig, mas maraming bibili niyan pag piso nalang. Parang Eco lang. The lower the price, the higher the demand. XD

  151. grabe lang mag presyo ang mga dealer at seller, basta bagong labas gusto nila mataas agad ang maging tubo nila para malaking profit makuha nila…kahit na sa market abroad ay mababa lang yan.

  152. magkano price…bili ako n0v 30,kung 25k

  153. bili n lng kayo ng C-PEEL!! kung may ipod 4g kayo convert nyo na lang at makakamura pa kayo.

  154. Lahat po 2-year contract with a US carrier yang mga prices na post mo. ang unlocked 4s and full retail price is much more than that. sorry XD


  156. hahahaha tama ka!

  157. yow mga pipz… kung tga manila kayo.. maibebenta ko sainyo iphone 4s ng mura… mura lang dito yan sa U.S.

  158. Langhiya naman… tang inang presyo yan… Bibili na lang ako ng macbook pro, 64k, dagdag lang ng 10k..

  159. mgaputakayo... says

    sa saudi, 5k plus and benta nila sa iphone 4s 64gb nla which is equivalent to 60k plus Philippine peso., wag po magcomment ang mga walang alam sa presyuhan…at sa nagcomment tungkol sa 8mp shootout ng gsm arena, it all depends sa user kung ano mas prefer niya…camera, appearance, etc. hindi po kasali dun ang SUPER AMOLED na sinasabi mo…and recommendations lang iyon ng gsm arena, TANGA ka ba para magsunodsunuran ka?

  160. Well, in other countries iphone is really common. When I went to Singapore almost all of the people that I saw were actuaaly using iphone 4 and 4s. The price is not a big deal because they have higher salaries unlike here in the Phils. How pitiful!

  161. Hay naku ung mga tatanga tanga rito mga social climbers! Di kc afford kya cnabing cheap! Ubod ng tanga! Hahaha! Nuknukan ng katangahan!

  162. Sana Globe lang ang maglabas ng 4s…sumisingit nanaman itong bakla na to eh…mga SMART users mga jologs. Kaya ikaw bakla huwag ka na…sa Ateneo ka nalang mag focus, mga walang kwenta

  163. puro kau nag a as if….tlagang expensiv yan no…ur not including the additional extra charges.. tax will run to P30-40k..more or less

  164. meron po akong unlock iphone 4s P34K pag kinumbert (FYI re: price) ano pong magandang micro sim card na gamitin? I saw globe P999/mo unltd internet, good deal? salamat po.

    huwag po sanang magbibitaw ng di magagandang salita, ipakita po natin na disente at may pinag aralan tayo, opinyon lang at walang personalan. Mabuhay po tayo!

  165. sa ibang bansa ganun ang prisyo wag kayo umasa , asa kayo ehhh . bili nga rin sana ako ehhh laki ng lamang ng presyo ano mga sir .

  166. meron na ko nito 32gb, haha 64k bili … wahaha share ko lang ..

  167. 41k poh bili q nyan 16gb,sa tingin q mag samsung galaxy s2 nlng ung dpa nkabili.. same lng nmn e.. mas mataas pa nga ung RAM nun e.. mahal lng ang iphone kc sikat,, qng alam q lng ung samsung nlng sana binili q e..

    share lng po..

  168. just got my iphone 4s 16gb for only 38k. share lng.

  169. Tama. naka plan yung ganung price. i am in los angeles now, planning to buy iphone 4s 64gb. its 849 dollars plus tax, depende kung saan state, sa california mga 10 percent ang tax. total is 924 dollars. sa oregon 849 lang dahil walang sales tax dun. go to apple us site.

  170. sa america cheap ang iphone4s pag may contract sa at&t ,sprint, verizon, pero pag factory unlocked that works outside sa country nasa 40k php yan… think before you click.

  171. In the U.S. it cost 300dollars only so better buy there if you have relatives living there. But here in Kuwait it is 240KD, so approximate price in the Php is 37K. Black or White same price.

  172. Lahat ng Anonymous t*ng*!May jejemon pa! =)

  173. anu po ba tlaga ang real price nian??
    away pa kau ng away!!
    r u crazy people??????

  174. imboness! malamang mas mahal dito sa pinas kasi mei mga tax pang binabayaran pag nag eexport ng product ang isang company plus ung shipment fee pa. duh? $399 pag s mismong country nila. pero s ibang bansa o sa pinas? syempre mas mahal. $399 + shipment fee + kung ano mang tax ung binabayaran nila. ung equivalent nun un ung iconvert nio s peso. duh! imbo!

  175. tama ka!!!

  176. hindi ku na proporblemahin to.. gift ku to sa graduation eh :))

  177. mangarap kyo mga bobo. isampal ko sa inyo iphone4s ko eh mga hinayupak kayo

  178. ayossssss

  179. Hay nako kayoooo!! Ang mahalllll woooooo

  180. Black Color

    16GB – RM2690 PHP 37660

    32GB – RM3190 PHP 44660

    64GB – order basis only

    White Color

    16GB – RM2790 PHP 39060

    32GB – RM3290 PHP 46060

    64GB – order basis only

  181. Ugh.. really? you thought its 8k? O come on haha its so stupid, i bet you dont really read that good and comprehend well every time you read on the internet stuff, i really pity on some of the people who doesn’t really use common sense? i dont know if you understand what im talking about but, do you even read before looking at the price? your so stupid, do even go to school? even my brother knows about that maybe some of you guys are just stupid literrally to those people who thinks its 8k lol … its so stupid, in my place ( California ) its a plan based contract ( paying a preliminary amount of money and paying monthly to cover that whole price ) and that was the time invested my money for an iphone4 way back on its release. When i came here in the Philippines im planning to get an iphone4s, and i asked Globe and talked about it and yeah its the same like the iphone4 plan type of contract, before the year ends there will be a plan for just 8k and pay every month i think if you buy it as a whole its like 40-45k for a 16gb. Come on, seriously? Im from california and i know about it, are some of you just that dumb or stupid to even thought of 8k? haha maybe your d i c k is too small thats why your brain is too small too … lol

  182. jackstoys/kensgadget puntahan nu…6k lang brand new pah,,,

  183. Mas maganda pa rin specs ng HTC SENSATION XE…ang iPhone 4S ay hanggang porma lang…^_^

  184. khilama ratbuh says

    d ka tanga, pero mali ka; p6.5k ang iphone4s sa knila

  185. lahat kau mga dakilang Tanga!!!

  186. hahaha..wagas..

  187. puro ka tangahan pnag-ssavi muh..alam q alcatol cp muh..kwawa ka nman..buti pa te-bats kna lng..

  188. Ano bang thread to puro tangahan, maki tanga na nga rin. TANGA!

  189. I bought one.. It’s a 64gb iPhone 4s, at P51600. Globe & Smart will be releasing their postpaid plan with 4s by Dec. 16, no official public statement as to what would be the price yet.

  190. Mga luko-luko. Para kayong sirang plaka. Paulit-ulit lang sinasabi nyo!

  191. sa palagay ko nasa 40K ung iphone 4S

  192. tebats na lng kau..

  193. i don’t think so?

  194. 45,ooo nagtanong kame

  195. Baka Price ng Itouch 4th generation yung sinasabi niya.. Tsk tsk..

  196. hay nako wag kayo mag-away guys hindi nakakatulong sa pag unlad ng apple yan 🙂 The best thing you can do is bumili kayo hahahaha! Mas cheap pa sa 8,000 ung mga nakikipag-away dito tsk tsk..

    Leslie Anne De Jesus on facebook <3

  197. .kung mkpagcomment mga to kala mo ang gagaling. maybe may mga hnd talaga alam ung price but it doesn’t mean na tanga na sila. kaya nga sila ngtatanong. do you think magtatanong pa cla kpag alam nila.. sa iba naman, maybe they can’t afford pero hndi rn ibig sbhn nun na hndi na cla pde magtanong, oo mayaman ka wag mo na ipagkalandakan. kung makapagtanga wagas..

  198. I was totally laughing (literally) in my room when, i am reading this thread. Just want to share my observation:

    1.) Somebody told thar there was already iPhone 5 in Amsterdam, maybe it was under influence of abusive thinking;

    2.) Filipinos really knows how to make fun out of something, thus, Filipinos are really a happy people;

    3.) Answering without research is what some Filipinos really tends to do, just they will like to join the bandwagon, on the other hand, Filipinos shows that they have that genuine sense of hospitality.

    4.) I agree that it is now becoming a status symbol, but who the heck, what will you if you have it and without anything to eat. Spend your money with your family and have a bonding moments, it will have a lots of tours for an iPhone. Its a high time to be frugal and wise, the technology is very easy and sometimes free, so let us not idolize and spend our hard earned money for one hell of a smartphone, 2013 will have a variety and choices so better wait.

    Just my two cents.

  199. Iphone 4
    16GB – $850
    32GB – $930.00
    8GB – $750.00

    Iphone 4S
    16GB – $1000
    32GB – $1110
    64GB – $1290

    Singapore price.
    Convert nyo na lang to Peso.

  200. Guys,you should check the iphone 4s price in hongkong and singapore since they offer iphone 4s factory unlocked/openline (no network contract/ties):

    iphone 4s price on HongKong:

    16GB=5,088HKD (28317.72php)
    32GB=5,888HKD (32770.20php)
    64GB=6,688HKD (37222.67php)

    iphone 4s price on Singapore:

    16GB=948SGD (31596.53php)
    32GB=1,088HKD (36262.68php)
    64GB=1,238HKD (41262.13php)

    Average price:


    Now its up to you guys kung paano at saan kayo bibili. Do some research first. Para hindi tayo nagkakaroon ng alitan,magpapasko eh….

    just my two cents…

    -wanbiktor (tinatamad mag log-in)

  201. makabili nga pag tumama ako sa lotto.. hahaha

  202. yes your right

  203. TAMA!!!!! hahaha… bat ba kase pangarapin ang iPhone pde naman iba na lang… mas masarap kumain kesa mangarap ng iPhone! ikain nyo na lang yan para di MATANGA!!!

  204. I just bought iPhone4S 16GB unlocked yesterday, at Apple Store, 3rd Street, Promenade, Santa Monica, Ca for US$710.00 including taxes already…

  205. Eto na ang price ng iphone 4s for prepaid users per globe advisory I got:

    64gb – PHP49,199.00
    32gb – PHP43,399.00
    16gb – PHP37,599.00

    10k less ang price from the Apple Online Store in the USA and Singapore. Ano ba yan. Laki ng tubo.

  206. naka plan yan…pag unblocked iphone 4s mga $599 starting price…

  207. actually i work for a telecommucnications company based in us. the $199 to $399 proce is not about the price pf the iphone 4s but its locked to a 2year plan like 24 months service agreement plus the unlimited plan.. if you’re gonna buy the iphone 4s sa states regular price of it is $649.99 for the 16 gb. $749.99 for the 32gb. and $839.99 for the 64 gg.. regular prices of the iphone 4s without a plan and aa 24m service agreement. GETS?

  208. That’s precisely my point. For the 64gb variant the USA price is US$931.00 inclusive of taxes. At an exchange rate of US$1.00 to PHP43.60 the peso equivalent is PHP40,951.00. Compare that to the pinas price for the 64gb variant, PHP49,199.00. Masyado naman ata ang tubo ng mga telecom companies natin.

    Corporate greed.

  209. @hindi,i agree with what you just said…i inquire at smart, they said it’ll be launch on the 16th…and it will be locked to a 24 mos plan….my problem is where to buy here in Manila, if you are not going to enroll in any plan/agreement with networks like smart and globe…thanks

  210. abangan nyo bukas dec 16 ang launching ng iphone 4s….from globe telecom….

  211. correct.. kaw lang yata ang nakakaalam sa kanila..

  212. tama po kayo.. one time payment lang po yan.. cash out ang tawag at depende na sa plan ang babayaran mo monthly for two years na lock in period po niya.. gandang umaga..

  213. im looking forwadr for that sir!

  214. When was iphone 5 released in Amsterdam????? Are you dreaming??????

  215. sa halip n mgpayabangan, tumulong n lang kau s ms higit n nangangailangan… mgshare kau khit konti s ibang wala halos mkain… hndi importante qng mahal man o cheap ang gamit na cp… mas importante qng panu natin ito gamitin s pkikipag komunikasyon s iba…

  216. Filipinos = trash talks??
    Filipinos = sucks!

  217. hahahaha ang sayang magbasa! syet! ma samsung nalang kayo. anyway mga loser naman lahat nang ngssamsung e

  218. mga tanga lahat ng mga nagsabi ng tanga d2…

  219. hahahahaha e2 lng nakita kong maayos na comments nakakatawa…. proud to be pinoy…….

  220. Apple iPhone 4S Price in the Philippines:

    iPhone 4S Prepaid Price List (Smart):
    iPhone 4S 16GB – Php 33,200.00
    iPhone 4S 32GB – Php 38,200.00
    iPhone 4S 64GB – Php 43,200.00

    iPhone 4S Prepaid Price List (Globe):
    iPhone 4S 16GB – Php 37,599.00
    iPhone 4S 32GB – Php 43,399.00
    iPhone 4S 64GB – Php 49,199.00

  221. How much is it if it’s not prepaid in Globe?

  222. kung makapag salita naman kayo,parang walang makakapag-afford nito. KUNG SINO ANG UNANG NAGSABI NG WORD NA TANGA, E SIYA NA YUN.

  223. 好可怜的菲路斌!!!Who’s that guy from California?!Before bashing people on this thread with your stupid words,check your spelling first!!!Just a point of view ,haha..

  224. korek!!!!!!!!!!

  225. ako my binibenta 16g 33k lng bnew my wranty 1yr

  226. hmmm oo nga 8000 nalang…

  227. anyone know how much is iphone 4s?

  228. hoy mga TANGA!!!
    pag umamin kayo na tanga kayo bibigyan ko kayo ng iPhone4S…
    dali na amin na mga TANGA hahahaha…

  229. plan/contract price yan kya $199..

  230. oo kesa magsabi ka ng tanga sagutin mo na lang ng ayos para kahit kapwa mo tao mahalin ka at matuwa sayo,kayabangan kasi agad ang pinapairal mo kaya ayan marami na tuloy naiinis sa ugali mo.

  231. you all losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. mas mura talaga sa america kung icocompare mo sa philippines. :))

  233. all of you are moreons!!!!!

  234. naku marami na pinoy d2 meron nyan….799euro php45kplus….wlang plan plan basta binili tpos…

  235. open line ba pag prepaid kit bibilhin sa globe? kc sa smart lock lng sa knila eh

  236. iPhone4S 64GB iPhone 4S32GB iPhone4S16 GB
    SR 3659 SR 3229 SR 2799 Black
    SR 3659 SR 3229 SR 2799 White

    Yan latest price ngaun..
    hahaha kakatawa ng mga comments nyo!!!

  237. puro kayo kabobohan ah?!!!1hahaha

  238. puro kabobohan alam ah?!!1hahahaha..

  239. its not 8,000. 199$ ang price sa US kapag planned. Pero kapag FREE PHONE it is 649$!!!
    natural hindi pwede sa PINas ang hindi free phone kaya ung original price ang available sa philippine market.
    8,000 pesos??? In your dreams.
    APPLE wont release their Newest and most awesome phone of the year with an 8,000 pesos crap!! that would be a CHINA iPHONE!! DUh..
    Yung sa mga feeling 8,000 jan gumising gising and get your SOURCES RIGHT!!!

  240. ok gud 34 lng kaya ko!!

  241. Kahit squatter ako me pambili ako ng iphone 4s! Drug pusher yata ‘to.

  242. MGA TANGA KAYO ! TIGILAN NYO NA PAG COCOMENT .. mga bopols.. di naman makakabili..hihi :)) tignan nyo na lng sa t.v TAPOS ! merry christmas ! hohoho !

  243. Dun sa mga nag aaspire na magkaroon ng Iphone, nakakatuwa kyo kc you know how to appreciate hi tech gadgets. Dun naman sa mga nagsasabing, TANGA, STUPID, PATAY GUTOM etc, etc., nakakalungkot kayo coz you’re actually showing other people how your parents brought you up. Yan lang ba ang naituturong words at ugali sa nyo. Nkakaawa, kc bukod sa “kulang ka na sa pansin”, high ka pa ata sa drugs at wala kang kinikilalang DIYOS. Kung marami kang pera, siguraduhin mo lang na madadala mo sya sa impyerno. You’re so pathetic. Sana matutunan mo ang kahulugan ng Christmas sa panahong ito.

  244. grabe k naman kung makatanga! bka ikaw mas tanga! anong pinagsasabi mo n plan ng at&t e un price listed above e price ng smart and smart!!

  245. nagtatanungan pa at naghuhulaan ng presyo, eh nakalagay na sa taas, subukan nyo kayang basahin yung buong article

  246. i’ve got 1 unit for 16g 29k lock in period for 24 months in Globe telecom.

  247. ….ganda naman super…pero mahal na man niyan….ano vah……pero diba gusto natin na magaan sa bulsa ang presyo……..pero mas maganda pa diyan

    –<3 ...nic0le...

  248. mga BOBO!!!! di kayo makuntento kung ano meron kayo… and sa pricing basahin muna at intindihin para di kayo mapahiya sa sarili nio… mga walang kwenta!!!

  249. mas maganda ang samsung galaxy S2

  250. 40k bago ka mabili nang iphone4s

  251. Magso-snow muna sa Pilipinas bago maging P8000 yang lechen iPhone 4s

  252. haha 2 week na sweldo ko lng yang price na 30,000 eh^^

  253. Maganda po iphone 4s. regalo po sakin ng parents ko 🙂 Love you mom and dad ! 🙂

  254. plan 2499 lang nang globe iphone 16gb free na ung unit lock in ng 24 months.

    add on 5000 pesos for iphone 32gb, optional payment, straight or installment

  255. hayy. mga tao talaga ngayon.
    isip muna bago mag-post.

  256. tae kau lahat hahaha

  257. Thank you mga kapatid, I was totally laughing on the comments here lalo na yung “baka bumangon pa si Steve Jobs at paghahampasin kayo ng iPads. XD”

  258. Mag sony ericsson aino nlng ung d mka-afford ng iphone 4s,d nman mgkalayo ang mga features nla.mbuti pa aino mura lng,8.1MP pa.

  259. hoi hangal kng wala kang pambili ng iphone 4s, wag kanang mg.comment…. 2log ka na lng sa pansitan baka mg.kapera ka dun….

  260. why wait?halos ganun din as usual pag latest mahal pa din if you wait till 2013 still latest gadgets are too expensive ah di bumili kna ngayon ganun din naman eh..anu yan wait ka ng wait still you can’t afford???tapoz pag nabili m sa 2013 un gadget naun ng mura eh meron na naman bago naiwan na ng uso un nabili mo..if you can afford now then buy least na experience m un gadget habang latest pa nagsawa ka benta mo… come to think of it there maybe newest technology in the 2013 but remember.. technology and science also invention are endless….so that does mean you also wait endlessly??kc maiicp m may bago nxtyear, so next year na ko bibili and then that year comes nag icip k na naman nxtyear na uli may bago ulit… so in my opinion cguro if you can afford to buy now then buy.!!

  261. youre ryt…

  262. 09165584000

    3 months lng siguro sa vmobile, meron n ako nyan… hehehe

  263. in us, $199 dollars lang yan pero may contract pa na mag babayad ng 60 dollars sa wireless company. sa atin, wala tayo nyan kaya estimated price na yan.

  264. wag n kayung mag away sa presyu mga sir,,,magpalipas lng kayu ng ilang bwuan mura n yan!!!

  265. who knows, bka mglabas cla ng 8k pero ms mbabang klase

  266. i got an 4s 32gb its really about 40K

  267. MAMATAY NA KAYO!! bumili nlng kayo!!!!!! wahahahahahaha

  268. talaga naman kasi tnga kau..price ng plan un..asa pa kayong maging 8k lang un…30+ guaranteed..bopols

  269. No!!!! Mga 30,000 plus yan. yung 200 dollars pang america na price yun… D2 nga sa Singapore pag tiningnan sa peso mga 30,000+ eh

  270. di ako bibili nyan… china phone nlng para pag na-snatch di ako iiyak…. hahaha!!!50k+ pwede n pang down sa lupa un. BE PRACTICAL!!!

  271. kayo lahat mga tanga! wag na kau mangarap… hanggang tingin nalang kau…

  272. saraaap! waapaak!

  273. haha! grabe… di ko napigilang basahin yung thread! ang saya niyo.. haha! parang mga magtotropa lang na nagaasaran at nagyayabangan! haha!

  274. postpaid din po kasi sa u.s kaya mura…2 years din ang contract

  275. D2 64gb php42,000 converted sa peso yan..32,000 naman ang 16gb.. 32gb 37,000..kaso walang tax d2 kya ganun ang price..

  276. 64gb 42,000 converted na sa peso yan.walang tax kya mbaba ang price..

  277. palipasin nyo 3-5 years mura na yan

  278. if bumili ba ako sa jan 2012 ng iphone 4s do u think na bumaba na ang price nyan ?


  280. my dad bought me an iphone 5. he bought it in amsterdam. i dunno if its already available here in the phil. i just payed for the installation of tap tap game because its not installed when i got the package. i just love that game so much, that’s why. hahaha. ndi sinabi ng dad ko kung magkano yung price, sabi nya lang ingatan ko kasi para na din bumili ng brand new motorcycle na pina upgrade pa. its not 40k. un lang. i dunno here in the phil. baka kasi mas mahal lng yung benta sa amsterdam, well its euro. wherein the value is higher than peso.


  281. Iphone lang naman po yan. pnagaawayan nu pa?!

    I just bought a new one.. 40k.. Im sure u wont regret buying it… Nakakatuwa po siang gamitin… HAHAHA..

    Tuwamg tuwa nga po ako when my mom bought that for me… OMG!!!

    *SHARE* 😛

  282. panalo talaga 4s nagmukhang kulangot galaxy s2 ko nang binuksan ko same game sa both phone (ke misis ung 4s)
    napaka crisp ng colors at sobrang pino ng resolution. super amoled my ass.

  283. boo

  284. i bought it at greenhills 4 38000 pesos.

  285. its $199 with a contract and thats a price quoted for US telcos not for phil telcos

  286. hahahaha…hindi tlga kau mgka2intindhan kng puro murahan n lang ang sa2bihin nyo..relax lng kau..

  287. Unahin muna ang edukasyon bago ang luho… ganda nga ng phone wala namang laman ang sikmura kakatipid… bulok! magpakatotoo ka bumili ka ng angkop sa kakayanan mo. Mag-isip, wag magpadala sa uso…

  288. Free sya sa plan 2,500 ng Globe for 24 months
    tpos kung gusto mo plan 1799 (24 months din), mgcacashout ka ng 4,800

  289. daming uguk…. “do you know the difference ng prepaid at postpaid? and prepaid hindi plan yan…. tae.

  290. does it mean po ba na I can have an Iphone at 38k? Thank you..

  291. nextweek my iphone 4s white will arrive.. weeeeeee..
    thanks smart telecom..

  292. mangarap kaung lhat meron n ako! tanga!

  293. ahahhaha

  294. Kung anong mahal ng Mac computer sya namang mahal ng iPhone, buti pang mag-Samsung na lang ako. Tutal paluma na ito at marami nang tatalo sa iPhone.

  295. basta ako kahit anong mangyare bibilhin ko yan 😀

  296. ang daming naman tanga! hahahaha

  297. I am hurt. I just bought an iphone 4s and perhaps you just opened my mind. I should have spent it on better things rather than a phone that was designed in California but made in China o___o

  298. 90 000? OA? Ano yan macbook =))))

  299. Dream phone koh d koh mabili ipon muna 😛

  300. f u hav a frnd in hongkong mgpadala n lng kayo ng pera at don bibli half price lng

  301. jst because of that f**king phone nagkakaganyan na kau..nakakatawa..
    kung meron my sure na nakakaalam, sumagot.. pag meron hndi nakakaalam, wag ng kumontra at magmarunong.
    mga pilipino nga nman.. di bale magutom masunod lng ang ingget at yabang..
    kung meron afford bumili,bumili..
    kung meron hndi wag ng pilitin ang sarili,.
    cge pagbutihan nyo ang pakikipag tangahan..

  302. hay naku…nokia 5110..mas ok pa mura pa dp mananakaw

  303. i think the lowest price is 8,000 something why the price in philippines is to high if you convert dollor tp phillipines try itt 199 dollor equal to 8,000

  304. ndi ahh 10,000 + yan noh

  305. ang talino mo! direct order price ‘yan, hindi outlet’s price, that’s the original price, akala mo naman nakabili ka na as direct buyer…

  306. as of jan 11 2012 price starts at 39+ for 16 gb at sm baguio

  307. ders many choice in 2013 dont dare waste your money in dis cp

  308. mga epal! mga ewan . . bibili aq nyan bukas. .

  309. Wahaha :))

  310. LIKE!

  311. Pautang pls pmbili ng iphone4s,laki namam sweldo mo eh,saan ka work?makapag apply nga din

  312. AGREE :))

  313. mas mura pa sa dollar kaysa sa philippine money….over price naman yan

  314. hahaha,,,,magtangahan na lang oh…1k yan d2 sa amin…haha

  315. the iPhone 4s 8gb in the US is $199 so if i convert it into Philippine peso it would be 8 000…. So im hoping that apple would launch the 8gb here in the philippines! im just 12 yrs old and im dying for an iphone 4s and im asking my mom to buy me but she says she will think about it and ask my dad ( also my graduation gift! ) so im hoping im going to have one!

  316. i luv luv IPHONE!

  317. for sale iphone 4s 32gb white color…….38k

  318. hahaha tawang tawa ako sa comments…korek..kung makatanga ung isa..talagang WAGAS! hahaha

  319. hi,,

  320. hi everyone

    i-phone 4s is the best, but you need to have a micro sim card, no need to buy micro sd memory card. but you can cut your sim card turn into micro sim. i have one i-phone now.

    locoian (philippines)

  321. korek ka dyan kaya kayong mga ungas na panggap mangarap nalang kayo hoyyyyyy….:P

  322. mura na lng iphone 4s, kakabili ko lng sa smart iphone 4s 16GB = 33,200 pesos na lng….

  323. mali yung grammar nung nagcomment above me hahaha #justsayin

  324. agree with you


  326. meron na pong inilabas ang globe plan 2.500 per month for 2 years iphone4 pero depende po kung anong plan ang kukunin nyo..

  327. NGANGA. Meron nako nyan! Mga ulul

  328. weh! may sampung iphone4s pinamigay ko lang last new year! ang pangit kc..

  329. ahm hindi bumaba ang price ng iphone4s????????

  330. mag tyatyaga nlang ako sa iphone 4 ko d na ako mangangarap magka 4s sobrang mahaaaaal

  331. hahahah,.. “ang pagtatanung ay nakakatanga ng panandalian lamang, pero ang hindi pagtatanong ay nakakatanga ng tuluyan”,..


  333. Kakatawa d2. .bka china phone ung iphone 4s n 8k. . mag ipad nlng ako my ginagamit pa naman ako phone. .atleast nakakatawag at nakakatxt..

  334. ,oO nga kung cnagot n lng ng maayos edi sna nag mukang matalino k p eh kso bstos sgot mo eh nag muka k tuloy mas gago! :p

  335. ang mura naman wla bng mas mhal mga 500 million $ buy q hjahahaha


  337. Ung 199$ na price sa america un and naka lock pa yyun sa mga network like verizon, AT&T, etc… kya binabayaran parin un monthly! Hai naku.. .

  338. mas tanga yung nagsabi sa greenbelt na 50K. mas maganda pumunta kau sa mismo bilihan 37 plus ang 8gb ng iphones

  339. puro kayo mga tanga pinagtattalunan nyo gumawa nyan tanga

  340. Hi guys! Im currently working in ayala cor. Paseo TEC Bldg. US Base Co. and we are looking for new batch of business development associates. ahah i was just checking the iphone prices in philippines and i noticed that some of u were saying that only few people can buy that kind of phone. Well, its becoz u are limiting urself guys! Just really want it! there are lots of ways and opportunities just open ur mind and dont just focus on something that makes u do same thing everyday and yet expecting a diff results. To sum it up, we offer above minimum wage $ rate. Open for part time & full time at least college level of any course. Training provided. And working hours of ur choice:) kindly message this number if you are interested or u know anyone who badly needed it

  341. 09178260264 we do have a referral offer as well. Travel incentives all expense paid if ull be able to refer at least 2 people that will hit the target. Tnx much! God bless!:)

  342. agree.. there’s so much more, much better pa po..
    Huwag nio pag awayan yan, lahat ng bagay (all material things) ay nalalaos at naluluma. Grabe mga words nio.

  343. laptop nalang bibilhin ko instead sa iphone 4s na ito. ang OA naman ng price nito after a couple year maluluma rin naman yan… niloloko lang tayo sa manufacturer ng phone na yan. dami rin nagpapaloko para sabihing “IN” sila or pasosyal.

  344. tanga sa itaas ko! hehehe

  345. definitely right

  346. Will it works in the Phillipines? Based on info on apple store that it only works with the plan we choose such at&t, verizon and sprint.

  347. Mahal naman nyan.! Anu ba yan d ako makakabili nyan ihh.!

  348. ang daming tanga tnga na word dito ,bkit d nalng kayo bmli…blhin nyo yung akin 30k nalng

  349. Perfectly true!!

  350. P999.00 lang ang plan ng globe at smart sa iphone 4s, for 2 years yan. nka plan kya ako! ska nsa tv yun! ptalastas ng globe! mga bobo!! xD

  351. Bobo nyo talaga . meaning lang ng mga $199 , $299, $399 . yan ung Price nya sa ibang country ang sabe lang nung isang sender pag kinonvert lang sa peso ung dollar un ung price nya . pero pagdating ng price sa phil. eh mataas ang benta

  352. bka nman 2nd hand yan?..

  353. korek! 🙂

  354. pero di parin kayang pantayan ng iphone 4s ang specs ng samsung galaxy s2…tapos parating narin ang galaxy s3…
    >>> kahit s4 pa yan wlang panama ang samsung sa iphone.. samsung madaling maginit at madaling madischarge ang battery….

    watch niyo comparative users reviews ng iphone v.s samsung… walang panama ang iphone…
    >>> ang lamang lng ng s2 yun processor.

    may drop test narin ginawa…durog ang iphone 4s samantalang ang samsung galaxy s2…may scratch lng
    >>>pano plastic lng ang samsung.. kailan ka ba nakakita ng plastic na nadurog? hahah

  355. what?! I’m having a hard time understanding what you are saying! I was able to understand what you’re saying at some point because I’m a filipino.. still! I pity you tho.. kindly check your sentences first, there are lots of grammar lapses.

  356. No, that’s wrong. You pay that up front. But you have to get into a 2 or 3-year contract with your mobile service. So no, you don’t pay just that to get an iphone. Maling impormasyon po yan.

    Iphones in US & Canada costs around $800-900 with tax.

  357. kung maka kupal nmn jan oh! WAGAS

  358. kasi naman ang galaxy plastic kaya magaan,, ang iphone glass harap at likod kaya mabigat,, so pag binagsak mo un mas malaki ang masisira kasi mabigat

  359. kasi naman plastic lng ang galaxy compare sa iphone na glass saka di hamak na mabigat ang iphone kaya malakas ang impact pag binagsak


  361. i agrre mas ok pa ang samsung (android) kumpara sa iphone saka mas affordable ang android friendly use pa, saka wla nman kinalaman ang price nito nasa tao yan kung pano nya gagamitin

  362. $699 yung cash niya ….16gb

  363. Kung walang “pagkalaki-laking tax” sa Pilipinas, eh di mas mababa sana presyo nyan, tama?

  364. kung 8php bili agad ako 2 ^_^

  365. Gusto ko pa naman magkaroon ng iPhone 4s..
    Kaso sobra namang mahal..

  366. Anonymous says

    umiyak kayung lahat ! hahahaha

  367. Anonymous says

    because its locked thats why its cheaper…but if youll buy that unlocked……the price is almost the same

  368. Anonymous says

    gonna buy that phone :DD excited much,

  369. Anonymous says

    mas mura po ang plan sa globe. mas mura din pagbibili ka dun compare sa smart at makukuha mo kaagad ung phone.

  370. Anonymous says

    actually yung 8,000 plus hindi satin yan. Sa ibang bansa yan. Ang guess what guys mas makakatipid kayo sa plan ng globe. yun yung gamit ko ngayon ee

  371. Anonymous says

    My God. Sometimes i do really think that are we Filipinos always like this? Sometimes i feel disappointment and sometimes i feel happy.

    Yep, kami ito mga Pinoy, maliit na bagay lang pinalalaki pa namin. Siguro it’s in our nature na talaga yung pagiging ganito… but of course, i think we really do need a change.

  372. Anonymous says

    Oh and one more thing.. 90% dito sa comment, puro pagtatalo namin mga Pinoy.
    Well it seems that we Filipinos are barbaric-natives.

  373. Anonymous says

    mahal naman, di ko kayang bilhin yan…

  374. Anonymous says

    nakakatawa ang mga commnet..ASTIG..natatawa ako..hahaha


  376. Cherry mobile nalang ako PAG NA HOLD UP KA O MA SNATCH yan Iiyak ka ng Dugo Malamang naglaho ang 40,000 mo Bwahahahaha

  377. Anonymous says

    one of the traits of the filipino is mapanlait.. tsktsk.. nkkahiya.. net pa nman to.. worldwide nkkabasa.. foul ang language, nkakahiya sa iba..

  378. Xmpre hndi mgiging 8k yan ksi malaki ang binabyran sa customs kya mahal

  379. Anonymous says


  380. Anonymous says

    yung tinutukoy mo na $199 (locked) po yan.di mo yan magagamit sa pilipinas po.i-click mo po yung “unlocked and contract free”..

  381. Anonymous says

    pano kaya aq mgkaka iphone e minimum lang sahod q

  382. Anonymous says

    what a positive comments you have hehe

  383. Anonymous says

    Mas maganda samsung galaxy s 2 jn,mas mura pa,pangalan lng ng c0mpany ba2yaran nyo jn,,

  384. yup!sa akin kasi kuha ko sa smart is 38k

  385. tama…..38k

  386. Anonymous says

    a-10-tion para sa mga tanga:
    -on 25 march 2012,4:00p.m.,there will be a bidding of iphone5 at megamall 4th flr b, mandaluyong city… be there…

  387. Anonymous says

    dami ko tawa sa post mo tumpak na tumpak..wapak..hahahaha

  388. Anonymous says

    wala ako niyan.. hahaha.. pang display lang yan….

  389. hindi naman cguro… 🙂

  390. Mga Pare KO
    Try nyo to
    P3000 per month
    2 yrs lang
    may P60000 or P50000 kayu :))
    ako eto plano ko 2nd yr highschool palang ako :))
    P3000 yung allowance ko per month d ako kakain
    sacrifice lang mga pare XD

  391. Anonymous says

    proofreading needed to the thread posted on December 10,2011 5:36AM

  392. Anonymous says

    hahahaha!!!! sige magtangahan pa kayo!!!! marami kayong napapasaya…hahahaha

  393. Anonymous says

    Magkano po ba talaga? Yung walang plan. Yung mismong phone lang. Ano ba price niya dito sa Pilipinas? Sagot please. -____-

  394. iba yung sim ehh hindi yan ordenaryung sim,, and iphone ay may sariline size nang sim micro sim yan kaya mahal sa america mura lang dahil gumagamit sla ng micro sim doon may ganyan rin ako ehh kaya alam ko………

  395. Anonymous says

    Dats correct I bought 1 here in houston for 650usd and for open line pgdating dyan pinas. Iphone 4s 16gb

  396. Anonymous says

    how much for brandnew for that 16GB

  397. Anonymous says

    saan gawa yang 8k for sure it an imitation

  398. Anonymous says

    ms maganda mg plan nlang,.kaht d ka2yanin ng budget.,hehehe nice tlaga iphone 4s.

  399. Anonymous says

    sa america lang yung price na yan,kapag bumili ba sa america magagamit ba dito with our network

  400. dito kayo pumunta sa boracay 6,000 to 7,000 lang i phone 4s.

  401. dito sa boracay 6,000 to 7,000 lang i phone 4s apple wala lng charger madami dito ginagawa nga lang pamato dito ung i phone 3.

  402. Anonymous says

    my isip kba?whahaha

  403. Anonymous says

    mgtan0ng po sana aq mgkanu poh an iph0ne 4s 16gb sa h0ngk0ng ngy0n? My nkakaalam po b .thnx p0?

  404. Anonymous says

    yang price na nakuha mo, with contract yan sa at&t or verizon.kya gnyan ang price. nagmamagaling ka hindi mo nmn alam.

  405. Anonymous says

    hay naku naman mga feeling na pilipino dito.. lalo na yung mga mahihirap na pilipino.. kahit pa siguro mag ipon kayo ng buong buhay niyo.. hindi niyo ma-aafford ang iphone.. hanggang pangarap lang kayo..

  406. wew!! kung makatanga kala mong d xa nag kakamali..mananga ka kung s tingin m d k ng kakamali at kung s tingin m perpekto kang d nila nkita n PLAN pala un eh..anu b p@ki m!!tsaka msama bng mangarap??ha??

    aq Gustong gusto q dn mag karon nito,pero sa sobrang mahal prang impocble..haha..mapag iipunan sana kung d lng aq nag kasakit pra makapagtrabaho aq kaso sa sakit Q!!!d aq makakabili nyan..hays..Buhay nga nmn..

  407. Anonymous says

    mga tanga kain kau ng tae pra mtauhan kau mga bobo…mtlino p senyo ang lamok eh…

  408. Anonymous says

    Sa dubai na lang kayo bumili,original na mas mura pa compared sa pinas P31,900 lang hulugan pa promise.

  409. Anonymous says

    para matahimik dto may sasabihin ako.. : may iPhone4S po ako.. sa MAC Megamall Branch ko nabili.. For 45k po color white then 16GB.. i bought it just last month..

  410. Anonymous says

    I want that! pls give me one! PLEASE… 😀

  411. mrami sa ukay yan..

  412. grabe namn yung isang post dun n para sa aming mahihirap…kaya naman bilhin eh,,may work naman…kaso…tawag at text lang ang kelangan sa work ko for delivery at bz pa ako sa work…kaya di muna ako bumili nyan kc,,di ko naman magagamit..dual sim lang kelangan sa work ko…kaya naman ng ibang mahihirap bumili ng luhong yan kung gugustuhin…ok ba rich?!

  413. Anonymous says

    next year less than 10 k na lng yan..

  414. Anonymous says


  415. ung inaksaya nyong oras at comment dito sana nilaan nyo nalang sa pag iipon kung gusto nyo talagang maka bili..

    BTW nka bili nadin ako sawakas ng iphone 4s 32GB mahigit isang taon kodin pinag ipunan ung 38 thousand plus,, ,,syempre without helping with my parent baka 2 and a half yrs. bago ko mabili!!


    yan ang ginawa ko! kaya kung gusto nyo talaga puwes pag hirapan at pag paguran nyo muna!!

  416. Anonymous says

    Hahahaha! Natatawa ako. Lahat kayo nagsasabihan ng tanga! XD Hahaha :))) May nagsesermon pa ng pagkain nga walang pambili! iphone pa? XD

  417. Anonymous says

    Lalalalalalalala.punta nlng kau sa lala land buti pa.

  418. Anonymous says

    Meron po kayong 16g lang? how much po

  419. Anonymous says

    y buy such expensive phones… status symbol? di tayo yayaman sa ganyan, sila ang yayaman sa ganyan…
    mabuti pa, ipunin ninyo mga pera ninyo at mag umpisa kayo mag imbento ng sariling phone,
    make your imagination work and be inventive, like what samsung did, korea is now rich because they used their resources wisely..
    hindi lang sila naging consumer, naging PRODUCERS din sila.
    Filipinos must think now, paano mag imbento, paano gumawa ng produkto, hindi lang BILI dito BILI doon, kawawa naman ang pinaghihirapang pera natin, lumalabas lang ng bansa, pinapayaman natin lahat ng celphone companies sa ibang bayan samantalang dito sa Pinas walang mga trabaho,
    sana po pag isipan ang aking suhestyon. salamat.

  420. Anonymous says

    pinipili lang mga komentong ipublish?
    sayang naman, sana wag masyado censor

  421. Anonymous says

    2499 sr

  422. Anonymous says

    i agree with the comment mentioned above.. but its your choice if you want it or not.. its the buyers money.. = P

  423. Anonymous says

    …mmmmmmm wowhhh1 astig n tLaga mga gadgets nGaun..

    lYk it..samDay mgkakaron dn Aq niAn..hahahaha! 😀

  424. Anonymous says

    first and foremost iphone5/ iphone4glte are quite rumors. We better to wait until Apple itself makes an renouncement for it. This is funny why bothering your self with this issues and why not focusing on other things. Geeez

  425. Anonymous says


  426. Anonymous says

    Hahahaha! Ang dming mayaman sa pinas puro iphone!!! Ilang sakong bigas n presyo nyan a!

  427. Anonymous says

    in saudi its 2800 Saudi riyal, but since SAmsung SIII was launch the iphone 4s decrease its 2200 Saudi riyal. This october iphone 5 will be out of the market.

  428. Anonymous says

    lols.. brandnew 4s 16g nasa 24k lng po.. ang 32g 29k.. naka buy na nga ako eh.. cool. noobs..

  429. Anonymous says

    hahaha! ganyan ang pinoy hanggang tanong nalang!

  430. Anonymous says

    ur a person full of wisdom….

  431. Anonymous says

    tao talaga kailangan pang magmura gusto lang magbigay ng paliwanag. Mabuting asal lang pls madami nakakabasa ng post natin!

  432. saken plan to ang mahal pa rin..!!
    14k cash out q tapos 1500 every month..2 years aq magbabayad.pero free internet,call and text nah.!!
    pagbibilhin talga kc 46,000..tapos nabasag pa ang screen ng phone q ang sakit sa dibdib..!!cge lng papalitan nlng ng screen.!!
    mahal tlaga ang maintenance ng iphone..!!!

  433. puro kau satsat jan wala naman kau nian!!!!!tahimik lng kami na meron na samantalang kau satsat ng satsat na wala pa kaung ganyan!!!

  434. hello guys ask ko lang.. magkanu nalng ang iphone 4s 64 gb ngaun?slamat

  435. hello guYS, mgkano nalng po ngaun ang iphone4s 64 gb.?balak ko po sana bumili… 25k hindi pa xa openline..ung friend ko ngbebbnta xa from her work in call center ung boss nya from abroad ung ang ngbebnta,, nakita ko na din ung phone ng friend ko and its original iphone4s..i want to be sure na hindi ako lugi sa 25k?gusto ko lng masure mahirap lang ako sumasahod ng 8k every 15 days.. at auko masayang hehe need advice tnx u 🙂

  436. bat ganun???

  437. Wait tayo kapag lumabas yung iphone5 guys for sure bababa ang price nyan guys….Dapat apple should make it more affordable like samsung…kaya no. 1 ang samsung ehhh

  438. Wait natin iphone5 lower yung price ng iphone4s

  439. HAHHAHAHAHA kakatawa ng mga comment 😀

  440. fake yung 8k lg kaya!lol..mga 30k yah.its depend on sa GB nya.

  441. shut up guys

  442. mag iphone 4s kayo gawa ng china for sure mura hahaah

  443. yehey..meron na ako iphone 4s 16GB sa halagang 41k pesos lang at nka plan ako sa globe..aus diba..astig namn ng iphone 4s.

  444. tamah…..

  445. I wonder why you need to say those words,this is an add,d kayo dapat nag mumura dito,napaka unprofessional nman…uso pah ba ngayn ag respect na wrd?

    Eto totoo na answer to,16g=48,000php,sure yan,ako mismo ang nag bayad sa counter..
    so enough nah ung nonsense arguements..

  446. update dito . . . (^_^) nakaka alis ng bored ang thread na ito.. bwahahaa..

  447. seryoso po 2500 pa open line ng iphone 4s? f iphone 4 po? magkano?

  448. *that
    *really know
    *really tend


  450. Huag kayong mag away away…ang mura lang ng apple bente pesos lang ang isa sa palengke siguro naman may palengke sa inyo…ang tamis pa ng apple…

  451. san pwede mag pa open line ng 4s? galing US d ko alam provide. nagpalit pinsan ko binenta lang sa akin ng $150 🙂

  452. San pwede pa openline ng 4s galing USA? alam nio po ba kung magkano?

  453. mary kielsly says

    magkano na kaya iphone 4s ngaun or iphone4 …bibili kasi aq kasi second lang plssssssssssssssssssssss

  454. cromwell flores says

    any feed back on iphone 4S 64gb?

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