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Amazon Kindle Touch Price in the Philippines, Features, and Other Info: The Kindle Touch is the latest e-Ink reader from Amazon. It features a multi-touch sensitive screen and seems to be the closest one would ever get to having a true digital book. In fact, it is one of the best selling e-readers in the world; an improvement of Amazon’s other successful Kindle devices. The device took its time to come across the US, but it is now available on sale in UK as well for a price of £109 for the Wi-Fi version or £169 for the 3G version. Amazon offers the device in two prices. It only costs $99 “with special offers” (the device shows some advertisements), and $139 for the ad-free version.

Physically, the Amazon Kindle Touch is approximately the size of paperback book, or maybe just a tad wider and over a centimeter deep. Its different configurations are quite similar, except that the 3G version weighs around 7 grams more, while the others only weighs around and average of 212 g. In contrast the Kindle 3 weighs 240 g. However, despite the weight shaved off, the Kindle Touch still comes out thicker than the Kindle 3 by as much as 1.5 mm. However, it is significantly shorter than the Amazon Kindle 3 by 1.8 centimeters, which is quite a big difference. This means that, compared to the older version, the Kindle Touch is somewhat easier to hold and much easier to look at. The most obvious difference between the Kindle Touch and the “Kindle Keyboard” or the Kindle 3 is the removal of page forward and back buttons, and the physical keyboards. In order to flip pages, the Kindle Touch has its multi-touch screen.

All of the Amazon Kindle Touch versions include a total of 4 GB internal storage, which can hold a staggering 3000 electronic books. The front of the device is very stark. It only has a sole control button (represented as four horizontal black lines) located at the center bottom of the screen, and functions as a home screen key. The home part of the device lets the user access various book titles, as well as download new ones from the Kindle store. There is not even the page turning buttons on the sides of the device, instead this function is taken cared of by the touchscreen. On the button is a simple pressable power key, instead of the slide key found in the Kindle 3. The volume buttons were also removed, although there is still the 3.5 mm jack, which means that one can still listen to audio books using the device. Along the bottom edge too is the microUSB for charging and for copying / removing files through a computer.

Flipping on the Amazon Kindle Touch is very intuitive in that one simply swipes from left to right to go forward and back respectively. The control layout of the screen is dedicated mostly to flipping forward, while back flipping is reduced to a narrow strip on the left. If one wished to flip using the other hand, he or she just simply need to swipe on the screen. Multi-touch inputs are also supported by the device. This means that when a user wants to increase or decrease the font of the text, he or she just needs to pinch or unpinch the screen. Looking for a word definition and highlighting quotes are also easy; one just needs to tap on a word, or drag a finger through the quote. The upper part of the screen is dedicated to accessing the menu. Typing on the Kindle Touch is possible through an on-screen keyboard, which is much better looking than that of the Kindle 3 since the buttons have more space between them. One common observation about the touch system though is that it is not as responsive as it is meant to be. While the keyboard has little problem with this regard, the menu buttons and options come out sluggish.

Overall, for those who are fond of reading and are not very particular whether the texts are in a real book or electronic, the Amazon Kindle Touch offers quite a treat. The interface is quite well thought out albeit it might not be the perfect device for speed-reading. In any case, having it around is, overall, a good choice given its portability and convenience.

Amazon Kindle Touch Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 5,000 (Wi-Fi Only version)

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