Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer

Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer Price in the Philippines, Features, and Specs: The Stylus Photo R2000 is one of the least expensive high-end, near-dedicated photo printers from Epson. It carries a lower price mark than both of its kin, the Epson Stylus Photo R2880, and the Epson Stylus Photo R3000. The Stylus Photo R2000 has the speed to complete, quality print outs, and other features that highly cater to the needs of professional photographers and graphics artists alike. Aside from these qualities, it also has a very attractive price, low enough to still get the attention of serious amateurs.

One of the things that a consumer might notice in the Epson Stylus Photo R2000’s technical sheet is that it has the ability to print A4 size photos. However, if one looks closely at the printer, it seems that it has gotten all its proportions relatively compact, considering that A4 printers are not exactly space savvy. So, for serious photographers who do a lot of photo printing but have limited space, the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 makes this dilemma go away. However, there must be an allowance of roughly four inches at the back to make some clearance for the manual front feed.

Overall, the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 measures 8.6 x 24.5 x 12.8 inches when the paper trays are closed, and 16.5 x 24.5 x 31.4 inches with the trays fully open. Both the size and setup of the R2000 is typical for its class of inkjet. The printer itself offers some special ways with which to handle printing; for example, it uses as feeds and outputs what seems to be three stage telescopic paper trays.

The Epson Stylus Photo R2000 offers a lot of ways of feeding papers unto the tray. The tray located on its rear is able to accommodate the conventional 15 x 10 cm papers to up to A3 papers, and even 13 by 44 graphics using a roll paper, and shoots them out of a corresponding output tray. For thicker, textured art papers, a clip-in tray is located behind the normal feed tray. This prevents the papers from getting caught in the machine while printing, and could handle papers up to 1.3 mm thick. For flat feeds, there is a tray at the front. Also on the front is a feed tray for a CD or DVD storage device. This means that the R2000 can print directly into blank photo papers without having these images passed through a computer.

Like the R2880 and the R3000, the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 can also be fed with special fine art papers, which means that it can handle quite a versatile paper stock. The printer also offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi support, particularly Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity. It also has a PictBridge connection that is used for printing files directly from a camera. What it lacks however is compatibility with higher capacity ink cartridges like the ones utilized by R3000. However, it does let the user install black cartridges for both matte and glossy paper at the same time, so that switching papers is not a problem.

As for setting up the printer, it can be easily installed on a computer using the Ethernet port to connect to a network. Software set up and installation is a pretty much straightforward affair from then on.

In terms of printing speed, the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 has virtually the same speed as the R2880 and R3000. In terms of photo quality, even though the R2000 and R3000 use different ink systems, the appearance of the photos from each do not really have much difference, and even if there are differences, these are subtle at best. Overall, the quality for both texts and graphics is better than most standard inkjets but not particularly top notch or the best there is.

Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer Price in the Philippines: Approximately Php 22,000.00

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